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  • That Kirbizia has been one of the most influential people within the beginnings of the Irony Server Community? Having had created the bases for the Dogelore, OkBuddyRetard and Deep Fried Memes servers, aswell as many many more...
  • That Irony Hub was supposed to be a literal Hub of Irony? The original plan being it becoming a hub for all Irony Servers, this though inevitably failed. And with it, IronyHub fell.
  • That back in 2019, the infamous forum KiwiFarms raided Dogelore?
  • That there have been actual crimes committed within Irony Servers that could have resulted in the offenders actually going to jail?
  • That Irony Servers were the actual reasons, or huge forces in the fact that the #RipDrake and #RipDream hashtags went mainstream on the platform Twitter?
  • That there were several games planned for Irony Hub? Such as Ironytale or a Five Nights at Freddy's parody, with Sillytime being the main evil and haunted animatronic?
  • That there were four OkBuddyRetard servers? Only one of them remaining, it being Whenthe which had become it's own thing by now.

Irony Wiki is a wiki dedicated to archiving and saving the long history of "Irony Discord Servers", Discord servers related to "meme culture" oriented communities. Whenever it's Dogelore, Peternity or any other Irony Server, You are free to contribute anything you'd like!

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To get started with editing, create an account on the wiki by simply creating an account(optional), you can also visit the Discord Server for Appeals / Organization for any help, also, remember to follow the Irony Wiki Guidelines!

Into "Irony Server" Culture, and The Hemosphere

Irony servers are a unique family of Discord Servers, originally originating from the official servers of the r/CringeAnarchy and r/DeepFriedMemes subreddits, the entirety of the Irony Hemosphere has nowadays grown into something very large, with hundreds of now inexistant and existant and alive communities related to those two servers atleast in some form or another. (Look at the Irony Server Tree)

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  • The Great Penez Pedo Expose - For a couple years since its inception, the irony community had become a place for many members, usually those being relatively sane and normal people. Many of these members were quite young; most communities had a median age of 15 to 14 years at this point. It was understandable in all honesty: memes, reddit, it all attracts youngsters. But some wanted to use their staff power to exploit that for their own terrible pedophilic desires, and this had already happened before. Constant groomers, pedophiles and so on. There would not be many people that would want to clean this up, besides one well-known member of the community, known as Doctor Penez. Noone would do anything significant for around three years of the Ironysphere's existence, besides Penez. Who on July 10th on his personal discord server would announce that he would start exposing every pedophile within the sphere, Dogelore, Whenthe, OkBuddyRetard, any every single irony meme server, and any other discord server that had strong proof of being infested by pedophilia.

(Oh man...!)

LATEST IRONY SERVER NEWS : 19th of March 2023 [ Irony Server News Log ] Visit for The History Log. (Today is April 17.)

  • 22nd of April 2023 - The OkBuddyRetard server is back, it is it's fifth server.
  • March 2023 - Awesome Planet has had three threads made of it on the popular Soyjak Party Forums. Some raiders happen, similar to the Kiwifarms Dogelore raid.
  • 19th of March 2023 - The OkBuddyHololive Irony Server was almost fully destroyed and nuked.
  • 07th of March 2023 - The Whenthe staff member Hor hor#0767 (859902413644627980) Is demoted from staff for deciding to bring a few of his friends into the server to harass another user in what was essentially a raid, which was completely unacceptable. As such he is no longer a mod in the server.
  • 24th of February 2023 - The Whenthe staff member Afsky Afsky#0333 (925529584286441492) is permanently banned for "heavy association with group of pedophiles, racists, transphobes that were already banned in other servers such as Irony Hub. Requested to join a "goon sesh" where a couple of these users sat in a vc and streamed and posted "Loli Porn"
  • 22nd of February 2023 - Dogelore celebrates it's 4th anniversary, the #birthday-chat is opened to everyone.
  • 21nd of February 2023 - Irony Rumble is rehosted again, celebrating it's second season, with Seiya and Hor as the main hosts of the event in Whenthe.
  • 15th of February 2023 - Dogelore loses it's ownership over the gg/sus URL, instead letting a scam server take it, the URL of Dogelore is now gg/cheems
  • 28th of January 2023 - The ICU also celebrates it's 4th anniversary, with it being their second full year of being an independent server, they hope for a bright new future!