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Dogelore 1 Era[edit | edit source]

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Dogelore originates from OkBR1, little is known about the Pre-Dogelore 2 era, besides that the server was released somewhere in ~November 25th, 2018. The only somewhat active user that still remains on the second discord and was in the first server is Nermal,

The first Dogelore server was simply people from OkBR1 that liked the subreddit / memes.

Dogelore 1 Nuke, Start of Dogelore 2[edit | edit source]

Dogelore 1 as a server, was quite bad. Kirbizia themselves commented on the server. Saying it is awful, With this LunarShadows deleted it, as stupid as it sounds,

NamesAreForTheWeak creates Dogelore 2. Handing the ownership to Kirbizia. Thus begins the terrible era of a DogeLore owned by Kirbizia. Glad you weren't around then.

Kirbizia's Dogelore[edit | edit source]

Nermal's Promotion — 09/03/2019[edit | edit source]

Nermal, a trial moderator from Dogelore 1 was fully promoted to the position of doge mode

KiwiFarms thread — 13/03/2019[edit | edit source]

A thread was made about the Subreddit r/DogeLore on the popular forum Kiwifarms, this lead to the kiwifarm users finding out about the discord.

It caused a lot of chaos and also exposed a ton of strange things about the owner, Kirbizia.

Warzone — 29/04/2019[edit | edit source]

A new set of channels opened, that are still open today. The warzone channels, you could choose between The twinkie role, hamster role, bread role and fuck you fuck role.

LoreMaster — 04/05/2019[edit | edit source]

Users were able to vote for their favorite DogeLore user, the Loremaster. They would receive their elusive vanity role. The winner of the vote was Sloog.

The June Nuke — 10/06/2019[edit | edit source]

A Moderator called ShinjiReacts leaves the DogeLore server, after 4 days an anonymous Impostor joins the server. They receive mod perms and do a mini nuke,

they ping everyone aswell as ban four known users.

Hard R Conflict — 13/06/2019 - 14/06/2019[edit | edit source]

Both versions of the Nword are censored, this results in a massive riot lead by Ralsei, he leaves the server in protest.

As the riots continue, Flat Rat is temporarily demoted, the riot is a success though, with the Nword being unbanned later on.

Dogelore Civil War — 13/06/2019 - 14/06/2019[edit | edit source]

The Dogelore Civil War was a conflict about ownership of the server between the Zeemists and Loyalists,

in the end the winning side were the Loyalists, with the Zeemists going into exile.

HHH's Dogelore[edit | edit source]

Dogelore Discord Album — August - November of 2019[edit | edit source]

First started by doge is financially failing (DIFF) the idea of creating a dogelore discord album was getting quite popular, it was worked on for a few good months by known users but it seemed as interest disappeared over time.

The album was never released, but there exist concepts of the tracklists and lyrics from a single music piece titled "Cropped hentai song" that SpangleMoth revealed.

Dogelore BBQ — 04/07/2019[edit | edit source]

The Dogelore BBQ was one of the strangest events which happened on Dogelore, it was a Mod E-sex and Erp event in which there would be a schedule of different special things happening.

Regular users were also able to attend this event.

DOGELORE BBQ will be held at 8:30pm CST

It will finish at 9:30pm CST

8:30-9:00: guests arrive at TheInfamousDude's house. poop sausages and piss lemonade are served. guests

can join VC if they please, where 10 hour farting sound effects will be played. the attendants will be

roleplaying interactions throughout the barbecue time. no sex is allowed until...

9:00-9:05: the orgy commences. everyone in the chat commences in a giant sex rp with cum, futa cocks,

vore, whatever they can think of

9:05-9:30: ralsei posts intense description of naruto hentai while we all watch and circle jerk.

the BBQ ends at 9:30

please, don't feed cheemsburbger too much. especially around the time of 9:15 to 9:30, that's when he gets


gg/cum Url Change — 02/11/2019[edit | edit source]

Dogelore changes it's custom url to gg/cum, this did bring the playercount up, but at a cost of many of the new users being controversial aswell as many horny edaters...

Natsuki Drawing Competition — 10/12/2019[edit | edit source]

Users would have to draw the character Natsuki, with the ultimate reward being a special vanity role that noone would ever have.

Trollface Gaming Mini Nuke — 29/12/2019[edit | edit source]

A mistake is caused by DIFF, they accidentally gave everyone a role, The TroIIface Gaming. The role is automatically pingable by default for everyone. This meant only one thing, chaos.

The role was pinged a couple of times before being deleted.

The Trollface Times — 15/01/2020[edit | edit source]

The Story of The Trollface Times begins, having written their first article. Though not receiving any special channel yet, that would come a few days later.

The HHH Drama — 14/07/2020 - 19/08/2020[edit | edit source]

The HHH Drama was a mass report of the at that time, owner of Dogelore for supposed accusations of pedophilia. This made hhh give up his ownership and thus give it to Dogevore.

Dogevore's Dogelore[edit | edit source]

The Day of Reckoning — 25/08/2020[edit | edit source]

The moderation team on dogelore had received two discord warning which threatened to delete the server if the TOS breaking wouldn't stop and there was one more successful report.

Mass panic amongst the users begun, General 9 was deleted.

Skateboard Mini Nuke — 21/09/2020[edit | edit source]

Skateboard2 leaves the server and does it with a huge bang, opening mod chats to the public and doing a mini nuke.

The gg/sus URL change — 29/12/2020[edit | edit source]

A controversial new url, gg/sus is set for Dogelore, this would grow the server to unimaginable lenghts.

#RipDream — 04/01/2021[edit | edit source]

After collaborating with multiple irony servers aswell as AverageMcYT's discord server. The communities came along and started a hashtag, #ripdream. Similar to #ripdrake it reached the trending spot and mass chaos amongst the dream stan community.

Joke Closure — 10/01/2021[edit | edit source]

On the tenth day of January 2021, baal pinged @everyone with a funny image of a doge, closing down the entirety of the server in the process for about 14 hours.

1v1 — 20/02/2021[edit | edit source]

SpangleMoth receives temporary ownership of the server for winning a 1v1 in the game Counter Strike Global Offensive with Dogevore.

Couch Project — 20/02/2021[edit | edit source]

Many famous and known users drew their favorite members and friends from Dogelore as part of the doge couch project, compiled by SpangleMoth. Every person who submitted their entry got the "thamks" role.

Second Anniversary — 22/02/2021[edit | edit source]

The dogelore discord celebrates its 2 year anniversary, opening up #birthday chat once again.

Second Warzone Event — 23/02/2021[edit | edit source]

a New warzone event was announced, the winning team would be able to keep a special Vanity role.

General 10 — 23/02/2021[edit | edit source]

General 10 is closed down... The last general chat before the server would explode in popularity.

Aipos Troubles — 08/03/2021[edit | edit source]

Aipos steps down from their mod position, after drama destroys the entire server for multiple hours straight.

BrianLore — 01/04/2021[edit | edit source]

For the 2021 april fools, the server's name is set to r/BrianLore aswell as the general theme of the server being changed to the funny white dog from Family Guy.

Eppe Crisis — 01/04/2021[edit | edit source]

Following Eppe's deletion of a gif with a crying duck on it and a caption "eppe is typing..." on the starboard, many people who thought it was funny kept spamming it. This led to a temporary closure of the Starboard on dogelore.

The Cereal Massacre — 05/05/2021[edit | edit source]

The Cereal Massacre was a massive spamfest, with around 25 users coming together to spam the cereal~2 emote in the casual chat, unfortunately a mod would come, ruining the whole fun.

This also made many users leave the server aswell as be banned.

The Report Crisis — 04/01/2022 - — 12/01/2022[edit | edit source]

Supposedly Caskain mass reported many irony servers, this included Dogelore, the server was forced to archive all of it's older general channels aswell as fully close down for some time due to

some TOS warnings from Discord.