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GrantVsZombies is the current owner of the r/OkBuddyRetard subreddit and its fifth Discord server, as well as the ex-owner of OkBR2, OkBR3 and OkBR4.

User info
Discord tagGrantVsZombies#5575
Discord ID168500689251729408
ServersWhenthe, Dogelore (formerly), OkBuddyRetard,
Reddit nameu/GrantVsZombies
Roleswhenthe survivorformer-ownerex-modimpractical jokersweed squadbluenamepinknamewhitename
Joined serverServer creation
Joined serverJune 18, 2019
RolesSubreddit OwnerAdminReddit BuddiesRet***BuddyOk
Joined serverServer creation
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States

Pre OkBR[edit | edit source]

Before the creation of the OkBuddyRetard it seems as Grant was a staff member of the r/JonTron subreddit, aswell as their discord server. It seems as many of the subreddits members did not like how he acted, calling him a nazi and other mean names due to him using his staff privileges. Since then it seems as Grant has abandoned being a staff member of the subreddit. During an unknown date he would become active on the OkBR subreddit and also become a staff member, also joining it's first discord server, OkBR1.

Grant's Ownership Change and OkBR Drama with Kirbizia[edit | edit source]

GrantVsZombies would become the owner of the r/OkBuddyRetard subreddit after Kirbizia would pass it over to him to take a small mental health break from moderating OkBR, when Kirbizia tried to rejoin the staff team and get ownership back, Grant asked the other moderators of r/OkBR if it would be a good idea, the general consensus was "No", due to the timing and other issues.

Well, I asked as many of them as I could, and the general consensus seemed to be that they do want you back in the future, but not at the moment for a few different reasons.

The main points brought up were that if you were to come back this soon it would devalue your leaving and absence (and anyone's possible future leavings) and that we are trying to get the public to respect us as much as they did you, which is most likely easier when you are on leave. There aren't any hard feelings or anything, most people just think the timing

isnt there yet

Kirbizia would ask Grant and the staff team of OkBR once again after one month of waiting, this has only resulted in once more another essay of words.

The sub is in kind of a tough spot right now. We're getting a lot of users from various outside sources (i.e. /r/dankmemes) and many, many people are complaining about

this. We're figuring out how to handle this, and hopefully we can get it to a more manageable level soon. How this relates to you is this: if we were to bring you back now, users would

likely take notice, and what happens from there is anyone's guess. (It probably wouldn't be great for the team as a whole though) See, there was kind of a cult of personality around

War on Kirbizia

you - or, at least, as much of one as there could be for anyone on Reddit. If you were to return in that way, people would likely think of it as a pseudo-messianic event, like "Kirb is

back to save us from the mods/normies/etc.!" As was shown when you left, some people were somewhat disillusioned about how exactly the sub was run, and were under the

impress all decisions were yours and yours alone. Your return at a time like this would only serve to illegitimatize the other mods in the public eye even further. Of course, none of

this is your fault. It isn't really anyone in particular's fault, but as things stand now, we need to get the public to respect us. Don't take this as we-don't-want-you-back, because that's

not true. We just need to work on our own issues, and how long that will take is uncertain. Whenever we feel the tides have settled enough for you to return, I'll be sure to tell you.

Hopefully the public won't be as big of a thorn in our side for much longer.

Kirbizia would also respond with an essay.

let me make this clear i genuinely care about my subreddit and want to make sure it remains good. okbr is at this point my magnum opuses of a subreddit and i want to do

everything to keep it good. not to be a control freak. i am here asking to be added back to help you guys. i am not insisting that you guys haven't helped moderating, but in the past

year or so for the most part it was me doing alot of the work. i made meme bans, i responded to people in comments about it, i did most of the meme bans that occured i did css,

pinged people about events, planned events and all these things cause i care about it. i just want to be added back to help you guys in the face of a declining sub (at least from the

publics perspective) and if you guys are too prideful to say you need help then so be it. think about how it looks that you aren't letting someone join cause of the "cult of personality"

when if anything that cult would help improve the subreddits image if i came back. I've gotten multiple messages asking me to rejoin as moderator and the only thing I can say is "i

asked but the mods won't let me return". please im asking you let me help you guys

After Kirbizia discovered that content mentioning her and any mentions of her (mentioning u/kirbizia) were getting purged from the subreddit she would make a big reddit announcement, a huge r/OkBR drama would also ensue.

Kirbizia stated that this is completely disrespectful to her considering that it was her who did nearly all the work growing her subreddit, she wished to be put back not because she wanted to have power but because she genuinely wanted to make people laugh,

this drama would escalate even further until Kirbizia gave up, and was also banned from the OkBR discord servers and Dogelore by LunarShadows. The OkBR server would only allow high rank users to talk for a temporary period of time and it's invite link would be deleted off the subreddit for a bit too.

Drama Updates (Reddit)[edit | edit source]

Drama Update 1

Drama Update 2

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • GrantVsZombies is still the owner of the OkBR subreddit to this day.
  • GrantVsZombies has a Youtube Channel on which he would post JonTron shitposts.
  • GrantVsZombies did not actually fight any zombies in his life.