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User info
Discord tagAbraham#9713
Discord ID646700284495527966
ServersWhenthe (formerly), Dogelore (formerly), Irony Hub (formerly)
StatusLeft server
Roles pinkname
Joined serverServer Creation
StatusLeft server
Roles LoL Role , poop doge
Joined server~ Early 2019
Irony Hub
StatusLeft server
Roles Trollsome
Joined serverUnknown
IRL info
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
External linksFollow Twitter @AbruhamLoL (now either deleted/deactivated account; does not exist anymore)

Abraham was a dogelore member and a professional League of Legends circlejerker.

Abraham's Arrival[edit | edit source]

Abraham started talking in dogelore somewhere around early 2019, during its early stages. He would go on to become one of the most circlejerked users on the server, constantly post GIFs and images referencing himself. He had a large addiction to the infamous game League of Legends. The circlejerking would get the attention of the staff, and Abraham would be repeatedly banned. He would garner a record ~30 bans over his time spent on dogelore, no one has yet to beat this record. Not even the infamous user LTC able to break it. His persona as well as profile picture for most of his time spent on dogelore was a Doge with a green hat, which was the hat of a character from LoL named Teemo. A panda scout, infamously known for being somewhat annoying and a hated character by many players of the game. Abraham would also make several other appearances in different servers such as Irony Hub, Bruhmoment or Whenthe. Where he would similarly become hated and beloved by many there.

End of Abraham's Activity[edit | edit source]

Abraham would stop being active on dogelore and other servers around late 2020, though he would sometimes return to the server. As stated before, he would still be growing his cult of personality even with the lack of activity.

Abraham's Disappearance[edit | edit source]

Sometime around very late 2022 Abraham would leave dogelore, and on February 2023 Abraham would deactivate his account. He would also delete all his other social medias like his Twitter account. No one knows what happened, but it could be simply due to Abraham moving on, as during the few times he talked in dogelore after late 2020 he would say that he went to a university and is very busy with life.

Abraham's Impact on Dogelore[edit | edit source]

Abraham would certainly leave a small impact on dogelore, with there still being many users that remember him and probably won't forget about him in the near future, from time to time his circlejerk GIFs and images get sent in the chat, making users remember the user once more.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Abraham will make an appearance in the Irony Dawn mod.
  • Abraham had his own role on dogelore, it being very similar to The Trollface Gaming role. He would be able to give it to anyone he wanted, and it had a slightly yellow-brownish color.
  • Abraham's Twitter account was @abruhamlol, though now it is deleted.
  • Abraham loves the game League of Legends.

References[edit | edit source]

One of many of Abraham's Circlejerk GIFs.