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Kek Zone
Server info
Status Archived
FoundedJune 8th, 2021
DefunctSeptember 24th, 2021

Created on June 8th, 2021, Kek Zone was made by Wry as a replacement for The Federal Troll Agency. It lasted until September 24th, 2021 when it fell victim to mass reporting.

The Original Kek Zone (June 8th, 2021 - June 16th, 2021)[edit | edit source]

The original server that Wry made on June 8th, 2021 only lasted for eight days before being deleted due Wry's account being mass reported by FTA loyalists. An Epic Games collab with Discord was happening during these few days which allowed anyone to get nitro. This led to the server getting over 60 boosts in just eight days. The server also managed to get 300 members in this time, mainly because of the invite being spammed during the June 11 FTA nuke. Bangshakalaka joined and pleaded for admin. Wry wanted to give it to him but he was strictly a man of the people. Bang was berated for how he owned the FTA and ended up leaving not too long after joining.

Many believe it was Ra, an infamous mass reporter and former gondal, who reported Kek Zone which led to the banning of many members off Discord, including Wry. Wry would make a new account and a new Kek Zone almost immediatly which would last for much longer.

Kek Zone 2 (June 16th, 2021 - September 24th, 2021)[edit | edit source]

Just two minutes after being created, the server managed to gain over 100 members which was a new record for FTA history that has yet to be beaten. In just two days, the second Kek Zone would get over 30 boosts meaning it could get its very own vanity link. Kek Zone would try many vanities such as but would eventually end up on, which they would keep for a while. The server experienced steady growth and a very active memberbase. This was largely due to strong leadership by both Wry and his newly appointed co-owner Otto who has been a member in FTA for some time but is only now seeing the light of authority.

Printer being demoted in WhenThe for his actions in Kek Zone (as well as some other things).

Otto led the server to greatness and was liked by almost the entirety of the community. Another important factor the help lended by Moe. He brought many new members which allowed Kek Zone to remain active throughout its entire history, unlike the FTA. Otto's reign wouldn't be completely perfect however. He would constantly argue with one of the new admins known as Dankus. The arguments would sometime's get so heated that Otto would leave for a period of time. This would continue even beyond Kek Zone.

Daeseron (also known as "rrdddddd") was a mod and someone Wry thought he could trust. This would all change on July 27th, 2021 when he would give mod to infamous Kek Zone haters such as Printer and Alan which allowed them to nuke the server. These were members of a server known as Thou Art who saw Kek Zone as one of the most inferior servers of all time.

The Thou Art members caused significant damage to the server's channels and mass pinged thousands of times. Repairs were made post haste but just a few hours later the server was nuked once again by an unknown entity. Someone pretended to be one of the admins at the time named Arby and stated that his old account was deleted and needed admin on his new one. Wry believed them and gave the new account admin which led to the second nuke of the day. The unknown attacker is believed to be either Trollmaster, who has pulled this same stunt in the past, or Cat.png who has been recently wronged by one of Kek Zone's close partners China. The next day on July 28th, 2021, one of the attackers from the Thou Art nuke, Printer, was demoted in WhenThe for previous wrong doings . Upon receiving this news, Printer pleaded for forgiveness from Kek Zone, which he did not recieve. (this might b cap)

Raised comes to Wry saying that Dankus has been locked out of the server.

An idea is being discussed between the three big servers of the time being Kek Zone, China, and Gondal where China and Gondal would nuke their server and migrate all their members to Kek Zone and in return, the owners of those servers would also become owner in Kek Zone. The merger almost occurs but it eventually cancelled last minute due to Theno wanting Gondal to stay independent. This would end up being the right move for all servers involved, especially Kek Zone which was getting more popular by the day. One of the ways Kek Zone was getting so popular was the introduction of stage discovery. Stage discovery allowed any user throughout all of Discord to join a server by looking at the stage discovery panel and joining a stage that they found interesting. Kappy would host a lot of stages with the help of Wry, Zokluke, Joverica, and Jake101. The stages would be quite popular.

The server continued to grow and managed to reclaim their vanity which they had during the FTA. On September 24th, Raised came to Wry saying that his friend Dankus couldn't access the server anymore since it said the server was NSFW. Soon enough, more and more reports came in that the server was marked as NSFW. Wry receievd an email that stated that the server was marked as NSFW and was no longer available for use on IOS devices. Panic ensued and many appeals were sent directly to Discord but they were to no avail. A backup server was created as the admins attempted to figure out what to do. Eventually, Wry contacted WigWav with the idea to make a collaborative server between the two of them. WigWav's server China was struggling to remain active at the time and Kek Zone was pretty much done for so it seemed like the right move. After a bit more discussion between the two and other FTA Discord elites, a new server was constructed with the temporary name of "Greatest Server Ever Made" on September 24th, 2021. The name would end up sticking and wouldn't be changed once throughout the server's entire lifetime. The very next day, Kek Zone was nuked and the members migrated to the Greatest Server Ever Made, or GSEM for short.