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This is a "Blog" page for Irony Wiki, dedicated to posting updates about the wiki![edit | edit source]

Official Release 14.12.2022[edit | edit source]

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After quite a while i decided to fully release Irony Wiki to the public, it was somewhat public before but now i, Myszak will try to fully pursue trying to get this place partnered with all of the major Irony Servers.

Such as Dogelore, Whenthe, Comedy Heaven. Perhaps with some smaller ones too, who knows what the future will bring! Oh yeah, also i've given the main page a relatively festive theme. It looks pretty terrible but hey, atleast it's something. This has been quite a long adventure...

Frankly Insane... 16.12.2022[edit | edit source]

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So, Irony Wiki is now on the official WikiMedia list of "Sites using MediaWiki/en" which is quite big, perhaps. We are on the same page as Incel Wiki, this is a true achievement for the irony hemosphere, anyway we are now fully partnered with Dogelore! Unfortunately, I.C.U has not fully partnered with us, what a tragedy. Whenthe may say yes, and that is something i truly hope for though! That was all.

~ Myszak.