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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/butt
OwnerAlice !!#0052
FoundedJuly 26th 2019
Founderwill h

I.C.U., or the Institution for the Criminally Unfunny (formerly Comedy Heaven), is an irony server with over 6,000 members that has been growing for 2+ years. Its relevance has taken a decline in the irony server community since its rebranding and disconnect from the r/comedyheaven subreddit. As a result, it has a distinct userbase, with most of its active users not overlapping with other irony servers.

History[edit | edit source]

Before The Split[edit | edit source]

ICU was originally founded as the second iteration of the r/comedyheaven discord server. The continuing tensions between omen, the owner of the first Comedy Heaven server (ch1), and many of the server/subreddit mods eventually cause them to officially move to a new server, moving the subreddit association with them. This server, known as ch2, became the server known as ICU that we see today. Will h assumed ownership, and the server officially opened January 24th. Ch1 was eventually archived and its ownership was passed down to various admins until Veridis assumed ownership and ultimately deleted the archived server.

May 1st[edit | edit source]

This month marked a big change for the server and its moderation. Prior to the events of May 1st, will h had transferred ownership of the server to Edge, as the former had largely become inactive. Additionally, on May 1st, a new wave of trial mods, including willyum, sm0nky, nxc (known as bath at the time), over, and Cmaj7b11 were appointed.

Later that day, most of the members of the admin and mod team, as well as most of the older ch1 users, left the discord server following a mass burnout caused largely by drama surrounding the userbase's conflict with Nepu Phobia as well as accusations of mod abuse brought by nxc's leaks of the mod chat. Many of the users who left moved to other servers, some never returning.

After nxc was demoted from trial for aforementioned leaks, most of the team had left the server, and the remaining trial mods were immediately promoted to full mods in their place. What followed was great chaos and a turbulent transformation of the userbase from ch1 users to newer ch2 users. Throughout this chaos, Edge retained his ownership of the server.

By June, the server had mostly recovered and had promoted some new trial mods, one of which was Disco, the current owner.

The Subreddit Split (or The Rapture)[edit | edit source]

Veridis, who had inherited ownership from Edge in July, and most of the subreddit mod team had determined that the discord userbase was unreasonably low quality and almost irredeemable. The r/comedyheaven admins had decided that they would have to disconnect from the discord server. Disco and the discord mod team were given two options: delete the server entirely, or disconnect from the subreddit and rebrand the server, transforming it into a separate entity. The discord mod team chose the latter. Therefore, the server was to be rebranded and would gain users from partnerships and vanity links with the absence of the subreddit. Before Veridis and the rest of the r/comedyheaven mod team left, Veridis nuked the rules channel, the sub channel, the announcement channel and anything else that was related to the subreddit. This was also when Veridis deleted ch1. From here, Disco took ownership and has held the position ever since.

After The Split[edit | edit source]

After the split, known as "The Rapture" in the server, many prominent members left the server: mostly sub-affiliated users and like-minded users like Veridis.

Comedy Heaven was left in a temporary placeholder state, and the discussion channel was open to all users for a time. It was decided through a community vote to go with a sanatorium theme with the server, renaming it "Institution for the Criminally Unfunny" (commonly referred to as ICU or icu). Two more events were hosted to decide on a server icon and vote emotes, ending on February 11th.

The server has since drifted away from affiliation with most other relevant irony servers. The userbase and culture in ICU is unique and vibrant today.

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