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The Whenthe Presidential Elections was a server event hosted between the 13th of December 2021 and 4th of January 2022, with the winners becoming the "president" and "vice president" of the Whenthe server, there was also a second installment hosted during late 2022.

The Elections[edit | edit source]

Any user with the last activity role "Top Retard" could run for president under set conditions. They could also choose another user to run as the vice president, vice presidents could be chosen even if they were an activity role below.

There were three phases during these elections, phase one, two and three.

Phase One[edit | edit source]

Users were tasked with voting for their favorite party, you could only vote for one,[1] the four most popular presidential parties would fight for the status of leading WhenThe, these were the parties that were chosen from the massive poll, during this phase there was also lots of vote rigging, thanks to this many of the parties that tried rigging

the election results were banished from the elections.[2]

Parties which succeeded to gain enough votes and got past the first phase of the elections.

1. THOUSDGH Goofy and Steely // (senator armstrong gif lover became the Campaign Manager)

Anti FFF Propaganda

2. THUG HUNTER Nickb and Evil Mario (Were Really Unactive.)

3. TURKEY LEG GIF pd384 and Beef (Unfortunately disqualified, Taylor and Byssum became the replacement.)

4. FELINE FREEDOM FIGHTERS WindowsXP and Baljeet (Baljeet was replaced with wad)

Phase Two[edit | edit source]

Anti THOUSDGH Propaganda

Presidents and Vice Presidents were tasked with making propaganda in order to promote their parties, users were also allowed to make propaganda for their party,[3] a presidential debate was also planned by the staff of the server, but the idea was scrapped due to timezone and organizational issues.[4]

Phase Three[edit | edit source]

Users had to vote on one of the four parties of their choice on a google doc.[5] The two main parties were the THOUSDGH party and the Feline Freedom Fighters. Many members thought that the winner of these elections would be THOUSDGH, but against all odds, the winning party were the Feline Freedom Fighters led by WindowsXP and wad.[6][7]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The event was a massive success and to this day is remembered very fondly by users of Whenthe, with the FFF winning the elections. Three users also received a special FFF candidate role, being WindowsXP, wad, and Myszak.

WindowsXP also received a unique Whenthe president role, which gave them #aaaa permissions, they were also allowed to send one message in the announcements channel as a prize.[8] A few THOUSDGH users were against the favor of FFF winning the vote, as they thought that the votes could have been potentially rigged.

Second Elections[edit | edit source]

The Second Whenthe Elections were hosted on the 18th of October 2022, this event saw a lot more parties join, the only party that was in the first, original elections was the Feline Freedom Fighters, now calling themselves "The Freedom Party".

The elections officially begun with an announcement from the then owner of the server, Steely. These elections were meant to revive the server in some way, as it had been severely damaged due to it facing many difficulties and challenges thanks to The Report Crisis as well as The July 2022 crisis, with many known members leaving for other places, some had been brought back with these elections. The rules were more loose than those of the first elections.

Welcome to our second presidential election! It is my honor to give the rundown on how this event is going to go.

It is your societal duty as a bluename+ citizen of whenthe to determine our next figurative leader of the server.

Here's how it will go.

Everyone who is interested in becoming president and is IJ+ must dm me with their chosen vice pick who can be any role and a potential presidential team name.

You will have 3 days to determine this. Be sure to talk to each other first as you will have plenty of time to strategize and coordinate your plans.To simplify the rules:

-IJ+ can be president

-Any role except mods can be vice president

-Pick a presidential name!

-DM me your team to enter into the race

-Mods and admins cannot join the race (sorry guys)

-Voting has NOT started yet

-Having a presidential team is perfectly fine and within the rules

-You have 3 days. ~ Steely

Election Results (2nd Elections)

There were significantly more parties running this election, though most of them had not been able to secure many votes or make election changing propaganda. Most users supported the party WOTE, which was heavily influenced by the then loser party, THOUSDGH. WOTE was a coalition party that was led by five very much known members of the server. Finally, on the 13th of November 2022 the winners were decided through democratic elections, WOTE securing a major victory in the Second Whenthe Elections.

References[edit | edit source]