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Fake Owner

It is the 17th of June 2019. Chaos ensues in the Dogelore discord, the Dogelore Civil War begins...

All I hear is unban zeem and emma,

Dogelore civil war I just wanna grill for gods sake!

~ Ace_Skeletonne, 2019.

THE DOGELORE CIVIL WAR ~ (Late May - Mid June, major events happened on the 17th of June and the 18th of June.)

The Dogelore Civil War has many names, such as the June Conflict, (Amongst Loyalists) Fatherland Liberation War, Anti-Zeemist Campaign, June 18th Incident, Second Dogelore War or the Dogeneral Square Massacre.[1]

By many it is seen as one of the most important events in the history of the dogelore Discord server; dogelore would look extremely different if the Zeemists had won the conflict.

The Civil War[edit | edit source]

A recap of the conflict.

The initial start of the conflict dates back to around late May and early June, when hhh, a friend of Zeemgeem, received moderation permissions for helping the development and progress of a few parts of the server. The current owner, Kirbizia, was heavily disliked amongst much of the staff team. This all led to Emma and a few other members of the community asking for an ownership transfer from Kirbizia to Zeemgeem. Kirbizia's inactivity and not doing much in terms of actual moderation gave Emma a few good reasons for the swap The concept of an eventual ownership transfer started gaining steam in the public channels of the server over the course of the week. This upset Kirbizia who on the 17th of June banned Zeemgeem and Emma together with an announcement.

"Zeemgeem and Emma were banned, if they want to make another server let them. Sucks it had to come to this, probably gonna add more mods now though. This is gonna be the last "executive decision". Make from now on this server will be more democratic.

No more advertising by me and I'll become more active I've been a kinda shitty owner tbh

to those wondering what happened, Zeemgeem wanted owner of the server even though she had the head admin role which is identical to owner but she can't delete the server. She insisted on ownership

trying to say I was going rogue and that i would be more likely to delete the server, which is off the goop. They kept trying to get the server and I didn't want to get a LunarShadows type situation so I banned them instead of a demod as they would constantly cause drama and server politics."

In this announcement Kirbizia stated that she was not happy with the position she was in, and admitted that she hadn't been the greatest owner. She also promised that from now on she would be more active. This did not quell the user base fully, as many users were still upset.

Eventually she unbanned Zeemgeem and Emma with the intentions of letting them talk out things with hhh as she passed down ownership of the server to them. This officially brought about the beginning of the Dogelore Civil War.[2]

Sides of the Conflict[edit | edit source]

There were two main sides in this conflict, the Zeemists who were loyal supporters of Zeemgeem receiving ownership of the server and the loyalists who wanted hhh to stay as owner of the server.

Loyalists[edit | edit source]

The Loyalists were led by hhh, considered to be the ones who won the civil war, they remained owner of the server until the eventual hhh drama.


Being corrupt and incompetent, there were also heavy speculations of hhh being an alt account of Kirbizia.[3]

Zeemists[edit | edit source]

Led by Zeemgeem, considered to be the losers of the civil war. Some of the main leaders were banned, others being demoted.

Zeemgeem created her own server called "cum city" that has remained somewhat active to this day.


Members of the Zeemist faction were accused of breaking many rules, such as mass pinging, spamming, and causing general mass havoc amongst the dogelore community.

HHH Rumble[edit | edit source]

After hhh received ownership of the server, many of the staff wanted them to pass it down to Zeemgeem. Instead of passing down ownership, hhh gave her a useless role named "owner" which did nothing. When the moderators started questioning hhh's delay, they stayed silent and didn't respond to any questions.

It upset many of the staff and as time passed, tensions started to build. The staff began to suspect that hhh had no intention of handing down ownership to Zeemgeem and only gave the owner role to somewhat calm down things temporarily. Eventually the conflict slowly started entering the public dogeneral chatroom and an eventual banishment of two known users, Gabe and Flat Rat who spiraled the drama into a gigantic mess that was unable to be controlled by the staff team.

As the conflict escalated, many channels were bombarded with rule breaking imagery, spam, and protests from the Zeemists. Eventually, Ultra pinged @everyone with a copypasta that was posted by Gabe that detailed the toxicity of the moderators. Zeemgeem started posting many invites to a splinter server for the Zeemists called "Cum City". It was an alternative server for dogelore users who disliked hhh's ownership of the server. This led to Zeemgeem being muted and then banned. Dogeneral was temporarily quarantined, and many members of the community decided to leave the server for good.

The Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Everything resulted in Zeemgeem, Ultra and many other members being banned for rule breaking.

Zeemgeem Coping Hard

Emma was de-modded from their position, but Flat Rat was eventually re-modded. The dogelore server and Cum City now exist as separate entities. After the conflict settled down, the remaining staff team released a long post documenting what had happened over the last few days:

"Let’s get to the point. Zeem & Emma are no more. Whichever side you happened to be on during this ordeal, you need to accept this is the reality. They will not be unbanned, ever. Whether you were for or against them, we all share a common interest - preserving this unique and diverse community. We need to stop dividing each other into groups and engaging in tribalism - it’s pointless. This case was a learning point for all of us. It has happened in the past before as well, and we need to make sure this will never happen again. We will update our moderator team selection & closely watch the server in the upcoming weeks. A true democratization process will begin, and anti-corruption policies will be implemented. Hopefully, this will just be a dark place in the Wacky Dog Fandom’s bright and supportive history. Let the past not divide us. Save the wacky. Save the world."

All that happened was for a reason. Below you will find a simple timeline of the events that led to their permanent removal:

"- Zeemgeem was the Head Admin, had every permission except delete server - She and Emma beg for ownership of the server from Kirbizia to the point where they harass her - Kirbizia won't give Zeem ownership, threatens to ban them - Eventually, she is forced to do so - Kirbizia the next day decides the drama, harassment and stress isn't worth it, hands ownership to close friend "Hhh" and leaves the server - This close friend is relentlessly harassed by Zeem and Emma, after they were unbanned out of goodwill, for the same reason: that Hhh should give Zeem ownership - All hell breaks loose, Zeem & Emma let themselves all out in the mod chat, lack of loyalty to the community and selfishness is confirmed - Taxi creates a poll demanding Hhh to resign, only approving votes were from mods and few users, fails - The public poll which was failing is deleted, trying to save face and violating 24h upkeep time - Mod poll is hosted to eliminate democracy, knowing that nearly all mods oppose Hhh - Hhh can't take the emotional manipulation and temporarily goes into hiding, holds off on banning or de-modding Zeem and Emma - Zeem supporters ban four prominent users from the discord for no reason - This finally prompts hhh to take action - Server falls into anarchy"

And remember - it's over. It's all over. As quick as it all happened, it's all over.

"There is no need to be afraid anymore. Zeem & Emma won't be coming back. We know what they've done. You all didn't deserve to be hurt by what transpired. Kirbizia didn't deserve it. hhh didn't deserve it. Nobody did. Not even they deserved what happened to them.

As all this fades into the past, change must come. This change will come in the form of a new moderator team, made up of some of the server's very best, loyal and active users who won't let us down.

Many of you believed their lies. You didn't deserve to be cheated on like that. No more lies. No more of that. The new team of moderators will implement several policies, redesigns and techniques to wash away the anarchy and bring back order. Change is coming. Don't fear it.

You were lied to. Some of you were manipulated. Some even emotionally abused. It's not always easy to recognize the snake in a bountiful garden. We have.

Zeem and Emma made their true nature known today in the mod chat. Where all moderators are supposed to be equal, where honesty should've been expected, where innocent people shouldn't have been sent death threats. No more.

Below is an album full of evidence. This is the side you never saw of those you advocated for."

References[edit | edit source]