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Quipville[edit | edit source]

Quipville banner created by Ford F150

Quipville is a spin-off server of Spurgatory after user [deleted] started being a nazi mod, and eventually abandoned by most of its active users. On the 4th of February, 2021, user DiGiorno created the server Dip Nation which later became inactive and was nuked by users HYP3R and Heister. The server was later rebuilt from the radioactive wasteland that was Dip Nation (then called oughe) by HYP3R at the request of user valadd for a new server for Spurgatory refugees. The server is currently owned by user Ford F150. (Note: more information is available on the Quipville wiki page.)

Cum City[edit | edit source]

Cum City is a split off server from dogelore, originally made in protest by Zeemgeem due to the ownership of the server being given to HHH by Kirbizia. It is still somewhat active to this day.


AltDogelore[edit | edit source]

AltDogelore is a discord server dedicated to the subreddit /r/AltDogelore, the subreddit was made for lower quality posts that would be removed in dogelore. The server was TOS banned many times.

The r/altdogelore subreddit was banned on April 25, 2023 due to "violating Reddit's rule against promoting hate."

JoseCord // XXX Cats In A Tuxedo[edit | edit source]

Josecord is a niche friend server owned by Josemon, with many ex-Dogelore users residing there.

Fren Gamin[edit | edit source]

Fren Gamin was a relatively small friend server where many dogelore users would play video games together, unfortunately it has been deleted due to drama surrounding local dogelore furries.

Furry Irony[edit | edit source]

Furry Irony was a small irony server owned by Systroph and Phantho where many of the furries from the irony community would reside. It is notorious for housing many NUL users from Irony servers inside itself. Such as Systroph. It was created with a purpose to become a big furry server and end association with the irony community as the owners and mod team were heavily against the community. Many events occurred in this server (I will be writing a more in depth explanation soon) and eventually led to its inevitable nuke after the last owners account was banned. While people usually say Furry Irony is gone, it technically still exists as there's no longer a server owner that is able to delete it. Following its nuke, majority of the active members migrated into Gaysex2 (A separate community unrelated to irony servers).

ASDGH[edit | edit source]

ASDGH Was originally a friend server made by 8 people, Steely, Goofy, Woozy, Danny, Jovin, Taji, Harunoe, PD and Squirrel. It quickly grew to a size the original creators didn't expect it to, thanks to the server there was a huge spark in popularity of clash royale in Whenthe, aswell as many circlejerks like the bisexualgolem emote. As of now though it is currently in a very unactive state.

"The name asdgh comes from a user in this server named Timmy waaay back in this server in 2019. It became a small inside joke between me taji and Timmy until the day asdgh started Hiw asdgh started was a bunch of us were randomly in vc together. We were already friends but we weren't as close as we were today. In vc we joked about making a new clan and give it a dumbass name that made no sense and taji suggested asdgh And then after we all put it in our names we made a bunch of funny clash royale themed emote requests And they'd all get so much traction I think a mod caught onto us in vc so we made a gc And then from the gc we made a whole server and it got really big from may going into mid summer Well not big but it was bigger than we expected And at the start we'd make emote requests then ping everyone to vote on them Eventually when that became less funny we started doing other things like we'd play games and shit We had a lot of mc servers We'd VC a lot Despite having like a really bad rep and people thought we were like the next nrwf or some shit we were just doing vc and playing games That's the gist of it"

~ JovinPrime

Irony Circus[edit | edit source]

Irony Circus was a server founded in September 2020 by three OkBR4 Members Rigon , Haram gaming and Craw. At its peak it had about a 100 members and then it was nuked in early 2021 leading to Funny Jungle being made.