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User info
Discord taglibtardthanoscar
LTC#5513 (historical)
Discord ID870065843902496778
694168956117712946 (historical)
ServersAwesome Planet, Dogelore (formerly), OkBuddyRetard, Whenthe (formerly)
Reddit nameu/drpepperdude07
Also known asLTC#0777
Awesome Planet
Roles death row
Joined serverJanuary 2, 2023
Joined server~ 2019
Roles Ok r/
Joined server2018
Joined serverUnknown
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
External linksTikTok

LTC (short for Libtard Thanos Car) is an infamous alter in the Discord irony world.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

LTC was a r/DeepFriedMemes subreddit lurker until eventually she would join it's discord server and from there she joined the OKBR server. She was quickly banned due to mods not understanding humor. She developed a reputation for alting and she later on joined Irony Hub and become staff there. Eventually though the LTC dramas would begin which would begin her terrible downwards spiral.

LTC Drama (IronyHub)[edit | edit source]

LTC was a moderator of Irony Hub during the server's early days, though after she caused a few minor mistakes like giving a user by the name of J1 who was somewhat unrelated to Irony Hub trial moderator, and being somewhat inactive she was demoted. Many see "The Mod Elections" as the start of the LTC Drama, one of the worst times in IronyHub's history, though certainly better than the time when the server was mass reported by Cas during The Report Crisis...

As said before, The Mod Elections, an event in which users would elect other members of the server as new staff members would inevitably lead to the beginning of the LTC Dramas, LTC would not be chosen as a mod and she would not be given permissions back, though stil the truth is that everything stems even further back to her original demotion and the other staff's terrible handling of users harassing her over being a bad moderator. During the drama a lot of rather personal things happened, and everything was handled pretty awfully by both parties, LTC and the staff. The dramas would result in LTC asking people to mass report Irony Hub. Multiple staff members would be ToS banned and the server would almost end up being deleted, the drama would resurface for a bit every now and then until it died off, ever since the drama LTC would use ALT accounts to annoy staff members of Irony Hub and other places, though this was mostly just harmless fun. Things would get resolved for the most part outside of the server, usually in private DMs. September 4, 2020 was the last time LTC and a staff member had a conversation together that was about the drama.

One of LTC alt's quirks was saying bad takes to troll people.
An original LTC "copy pasta".
One of LTC's first alts from OKBR in late 2018.

LTC in other servers[edit | edit source]

LTC would start being a somewhat controversial user in late 2018 then again during 2020 as she'd start ALTing on many Irony Servers, usually those being Dogelore or Irony Hub. She would create uncecessary issues, and usually be banned, then appeal and be unbanned and then be banned again atleast in Dogelore. Where this cycle could be seen. LTC was also NULled on some servers.

Other LTC Moments[edit | edit source]

LTC has been known to do some relatively extraordinary things in order to get unbanned from places such as Dogelore this includes buying doge themed pants, a doge themed facemask, putting dogelore advertisements (gg/sus) next to a cop car during the height of the BLM protests. She also had her own TikTok account and Twitter where she would constantly posts rants and other funny memes about Dogelore.

As of 2023[edit | edit source]

As of 2023, LTC isn't (officially) in very many irony servers due to being permanently banned from most of them. She has deleted her TikTok account,[citation needed] and is on a new Discord account because she was locked out of her original one after losing access to the associated email address.[2]

LTC does still alt, though seemingly to a lesser extent. Now, the only servers she's in under her actual identity are Awesome Planet and OkBuddyRetard 5.

LTC trying to get Irony Hub deleted during the height of The LTC Dramas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The video of "Shake for a Nigga" was made by one of many IronyHub's users (Ears). The user would disappear after posting the video for some reason.
The famous “Shake for a Nigga” video.
  • On her Buzzfeed account, LTC said that she "experiences some occasional telepathy" with her two sisters.
  • LTC Lives in a big mansion and is somewhat wealthy.
  • J1 had a server in which LTC was a staff member that had reached about 900 members until it was nuked by Myszak.
  • LTC is "agefluid", though she is actually in her mid-20s.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This image taken from this tweet LTC made on June 3, 2023. She later tweeted about her birthday, implying she is now 26.
  2. LTC#8216 (January 21, 2023): "AN ACCOUNT THAT IM LOCKED OUT OF !!! 😭😭 I can’t log in because I had a proton mail email or something and I guess they delete inactive emails so that email no longer exists so I can’t log in to my old LTC account that’s boosting hahaha lol 😤😤". Gatocord #announcements. Link