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Discord tagkirbizia#0149
Discord ID145834779663663104
ServersWhenthe (formerly), Dogelore (formerly), OkBuddyRetard (formerly)
StatusLeft server
Joined serverServer Creation
StatusLeft server
RolesI was just following orders
Joined serverServer Creation
StatusLeft server
RolesKing Retard
Joined serverServer Creation
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
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Kirbizia is a Youtuber, former OkBR owner, current moderator of r/4Tran and creator of many infamous Reddit subreddits across the internet, the most important ones being r/OkBuddyRetard, r/BoneHurtingJuice and r/Dogelore.

Pre Irony Server History[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia's first contact with the internet was a "Your Favorite Martian" video, at that time she was in Bangladesh for presumably a holiday, for most of her life she would use 9GAG, at the age of 13 she started using the website 4chan, you can potentially see the impact of this decision to this day. On the 14th of May 2014 Kirbizia created her Reddit account, where she would first create a subreddit to make fun of one of her friends in middle school. Until the age of 14 she would constantly lurk subreddits such as r/4chan. She created her Discord account on February 7, 2016. The first time Kirbizia became truly famous was when she became a moderator for a subreddit known as r/DeepFriedMemes, at that time it was during it's relative prime. Kirbizia asked if she could create a Discord Server for the subreddit, the owner agreed to this, then she also asked them if she could become mod for the subreddit, thanks to her "high-quality memeing." she was accepted. Thus begins the story of the first Irony Server, excluding CringeAnarchy.

Moderating r/DeepFriedMemes[edit | edit source]

From there, Kirbizia would moderate both the subreddit and discord server for r/DeepFriedMemes. Eventually, DFM became somewhat stale, and the staff of the subreddit decided to close it down. During that time, Kirbizia asked if she could start advertising her new subreddit titled "BoneHurtingJuice", which was somewhat similar to the concept of DFM, based on a funny image in similar veins. Instead of funny filters now it would just be very very stupid memes. After this, BHJ took off in popularity, it's growth was somewhat surreal, BoneHurtingJuice was also given an Irony Server, though it has been lost to time since a very very long time ago. Kirbizia's most surreal experience was when there was a literal article written about her subreddit, where they called here a "meme expert"...

Creation of OkBuddyRetard, r/YesCompanionImbecil and r/Dogelore.[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia made OkBuddyRetard with the premise of it being "BHJ but even stupider." The subreddit was advertised on BHJ and the popularity of the subreddit was slowly growing with time. At the time the OkBR subreddit hit about 50,000 users, BHJ had already become a somewhat prominent subreddit, reaching about 200,000 users. The staff had trouble keeping BHJ "quality", and after Kirbizia saw that she was determined to not let those things happen to OkBuddyRetard, she would infamously moderate and keep out overused memes out of the subreddit, and ban users who would not abide by these rules. r/YesCompanionImbecil was also made, a small subreddit that kind of follows OkBR's scheme of things, it is somewhat irrelevant to the story of Kirbizia and her Subreddits as it only was able to reach 41 thousand users. This subreddit was made in order to protest her removal from the staff team of OkBR.

Dogelore[edit | edit source]

As stated many times before, during the time of the first OkBuddyRetard servers' the Doge meme would begin resurging, this would lead to r/Dogelore being created in August 2018. Early OkBR and Dogelore would be practically inseparable, dogelore started evolving into a more story-based and grounded type of meme subreddit, opposed to the absurdist and post-ironic type of humor of OkBuddyRetard, Dogelore would also have it's own discord server, Kirbizia in her Know Her Meme Interview would also state that Dogelore would attract many "gay shitposting goblins", she would also state that almost all early subreddits that she made were crawling with queer and gay people for some otherwordly reason. We can still see this to this day within the Dogelore discord server, as it is certainly filled with many transgenders, gays and other types of queer people, though definetly less than in 2019.

Kirbizia would own many Irony Servers through the year of 2019, though with constant dramas like The Dogelore Civil War, nukes, and other issues she would begin slowly quitting every single discord community she made.[1]

Leaving The Irony Hemosphere[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia would inevitably quit the Irony Server Hemosphere, trying to distance herself from the dramas of all the Discord Servers she created, aswell as the Subreddits that she also somewhat lost control of, she even was kicked off r/OkBuddyRetard and in which the mods tried to purge all mentions of her, as of now the OkBR subreddit has fallen into what she had feared it would fall into, an r/ShitPosting type of subreddit... Normified into the ground, a true tragedy.

Click here to see more information about the r/OkBR Drama.

Post Irony Server History[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia would continue being the owner of r/BoneHurtingJuice, she would also begin focusing on her Youtube channel, aswell as her own discord server. Though this discord server wasn't really affiliated with any Reddit community, it is simply her server. On her youtube channel she posts many transgender oriented videos, videos such as "PROOF that Anime makes you Transgender", "What is a Boymoder?" or "How do you tell if you're Transgender?", this being her most popular video. Reaching over 54 thousand views, Kirbizia would still be relatively remembered within the communities she created, sometimes a joke or two will be made about her, most prominently in places like Dogelore which she owned for a long time and had a big impact on.[2]

r/4Tran[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia would also create another reddit community, focused on the queer people's of the website "4chan", mainly sharing extraordinary screenshots from 4chan’s /lgbt/ board.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

"If only you knew how bad things really are."
  • Kirbizia is a transgender MtF.
  • Kirbizia has had a cum tribute done in her honor.
  • She loves the Anime titled "Serial Experiments Lain"
  • She has been harrassed by the forum KiwiFarms together with the Dogelore discord and subreddit for a very long time, though it has calmed down since 2021.
  • Kirbizia once ejaculated onto an anime figure and posted it to Discord, as well as onto a picture of chppexVEVO's profile picture.

References[edit | edit source]