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The Federal Troll Agency
Server info
Status Nuked
Users6,000+ (peak)
FoundedMay 18, 2020
DefunctJune 11, 2021

The Federal Troll Agency was a server made by Wry on May 18th, 2020, it was largely known to be somewhat removed from the main irony server sphere. FTA is more closely linked to another Discord history known as Theno Lore. The server lasted until June 11th, 2021, after being nuked for a final time by a rival server known as Gondal with the help of various FTA mods such as Zokluke and Wigwav. A new FTA was created on November 13th, 2022 with a lot the same members, suffering many nukes before being suddenly deleted on October 29th, 2023. The history of FTA has been divided into seasons by the admins.

Here is an extensive archive of screenshots and videos from the FTA and its related servers: FTA Archive

Season 1: Early FTA (May 18th, 2020 - June 28th, 2020)[edit | edit source]

The early members of the FTA mainly came from Wry's old server known as Obama's Playhouse. Some members from the Theno Empire also join. The most important thing to happen during this era was Bangshakalaka joining. Bang originally came from OKBR3 but somehow joined FTA mysteriously. With him he brought new humor never before seen by Wry and the rest of the FTA. Wry and Bang would immediately become friends and would continue to be for the years to come. Wry gives him admin the day he joins. Bang uses his connections in OKBR3 to advertise the server and the FTA becomes known as somewhat of an irony server. FTA would take inspiration from OKBR a lot in its early days. They took some of their concepts such as role hierarchies, vanity roles, as well stealing some of their channel names such as Disastrous Comedy which would become a mainstay across all FTA servers to come.

On June 26th, 2020, Wry would pass owner over to Mamba for unknown reasons and just two days later, the server would take a far less laid-back approach on edginess which made a lot of the members who joined from OKBR very angry. This new change forced the community to come up with new and creative ways to be funny which led to a new type of humor never before seen by the eyes of man and often shunned by those who don't understand it.

Season 2: Reformation and the First Gondals (June 28th, 2020 - October 12th, 2020)[edit | edit source]

Even though the server was supposed to be stricter on rules and promoting good behavior, the rest of the server's history would never be as peaceful as it was during Season 1. Nukes and dramas would run rampant throughout the rest of the year or so that the server would live. The first of many nukes would happen when the server received a warning from Discord which led to the admins deleting every channel to destroy all the evidence. During Season 1, a member named Bean joined and later became admin. He was fairly liked by almost everyone. Sadly, one day he made possibly the unfunniest thing in all of FTA history. His "Bean's Reddit Club" sent waves of disappointment through the server. It was deleted by Siper and Bean ended up crying. Since then, rare sightings of Bean have been recorded and he has become somewhat of a legend between the most OG of members.

One of Unspiteful's friends mocking the tragedy that just recently took place. He was banned shortly after sending this message.

Unspiteful is the most crucial member to join from this era. He was very charismatic and became widely regarded as one of the greatest members of the time. He ended up boosting the server around 16 times which amounts to over $55. He gains the trust of basically everyone by this point and becomes admin. However, him and Bangshakalaka would start a beef that would never end. Unspiteful claimed that Bang was unfunny, annoying, and power hungry. They would tolerate each other for now but the beef would only continue to grow.

The first truly successful FTA event takes place during this season. A Minecraft server is opened for a day. Here another very important character named Vixtoriuh is introduced. She joins the VC where the event is taking place. She was around 18 at the time and ends up falling in love with Unspiteful.

Unspiteful's beef with Bangshakalaka would eventually hit a climax on October 12th, 2020, when Unspiteful gathered a group of his friends, including mod at the time and future important character, Heckknok, which all came together to nuke the server. The first part of their plan was getting Heckknok to kick all of the boosters with the limited permissions he had as mod. While the admins of the server worried about inviting the boosters back, Unspiteful's friend crafted their very own nuke bot. With this newfound technology they managed to ban quite a few members and delete all the channels in a very short window of time. Unspiteful had the highest role possible so no one other than Mamba could stop him. This greatly enraged people like Bangshakalaka who started questioning Mamba's ability to run the server. When Mamba got online, he was devastated, and they were all quickly banned. This cemented their spot as the very first FTA antagonists. They would join The Gondal Empire just a few days later expecting it to be another server full of FTA members but would be surprised to find out that they were praised for their actions against the FTA. All of Unspiteful's friend group, especially Heckknok, would continue terrorizing the FTA with the Gondals right by their side. In reality, it would turn out to be almost entirely Heckknok.

Season 3: The Eris Loris Situation (October 12th, 2020 - December 24th, 2020)[edit | edit source]

Bangshakalaka explaining what happened to members who joined through the transgenders vanity.

Shortly after the devastating nuke, the server is rebuilt and all returns to a state of normalcy. A major shift in the server's history would occur when an Among Us hacker named Eris Loris joined hundreds of thousands of games and spammed the link to a server called "Trans Furry Family Hangout" (discord.gg/transgenders). It is unknown whether or not the server had anything to do with the hacking or was just a server Eris wanted to send harassment to. Keep in mind that this is during Among Us' absolute peak meaning up to a hundred thousand Among Us players joining the server in a very rapid succession. The server was deleted about an hour after the hack occurred.

Lul had the idea to take the vanity so FTA could gain a lot of members really quickly which is exactly what happened. The hack was already long over by the time Lul had this idea but a few thousand members still joined. Only a few hundred of them stayed, however. In the second half of this video reporting what happened during the hack, you can see some people joining the FTA and a small look at what the server looked like during this point in time.

The server slowly started dying so Wry, Bang, Dawn, and Almawt had the idea to fake a nuke (a new practice that would be reused many times to come) and blame it on Bjchoyce for apparently zero reason. The nuke did bring some activity to the server for a little bit but people eventually found out it was fake so the server died down again. There were attempts to create replacement servers such as Siper's "LOL ZONE", which Moe_ was very invested in, Wry and Bangshakalaka's "The Official Server", and its short-lived sequel "THE EA". However, none of them worked out for very long.

Season 4: Lul's Reign (December 24th, 2020 - January 26th, 2021)[edit | edit source]

Olivierr shares how upset he is with how Lul is running the FTA.

The server is at its lowest point so Mamba decides he is going to give the server to someone else. On Christmas Eve, Wry nukes again to solidify the new era and ends up getting demoted for the first time in the server's history. The server is eager to see who will get owner next. Rumors start going around but eventually it is revealed that Lul would be the new owner of the FTA.

Lul is criticized by some members for not doing a lot to revive the server. Lul's biggest critic was Olivierr who was one of the new mods appointed by Lul. Olivierr claimed that Lul did nothing to revive the server and instead spent all his time in Irony Hub VC.

Lul would not listen to Olivierr's pleads for owner and would instead end up giving owner to Fishes who was a long time admin and very loyal to the FTA. Under Fishes' rule Wry was repromoted. Upon receiving admin again, Wry is immediately tricked by Gondals to give them mod which they would use to mini nuke. This is an early sign of Wry's unwarranted trust in the Gondals which would be manipulated to cause a lot of drama and eventually be the doom that would cause the end of the FTA.

Season 5: Bangshakalaka's Glory (January 26th, 2021 - March 1st, 2021)[edit | edit source]

The server seems to be on its last leg after a few months of inactivity. Fishes' rule brings very little new to the table and the server remains almost the exact same since Lul's catastrophic ownership. Luckily, it wouldn't last like this for very long. Fishes gets convinced by Bangshakalaka to let him back into the server after being exiled during Lul's ownership. Bang eventually convinces Fishes to give him fake owner so he could lead the server and form it into what he's always wanted it to look like. People were shocked that Fishes would give owner to Bang as Bang was perhaps one of the most hated members of the community. People like Mamba were especially disappointed in Fishes as he truly believed that Fishes would take them out of this dark period.

The prices for the packages available in the Minecraft Community Server.

In the first couple of days of Bang being "owner", Diogo gives Irony Hub's discord.gg/cum vanity to FTA. The vanity was well known to bring unfunny and annoying members which is why Irony Hub was willing to give it up to the FTA, which they saw as inferior. However, Bang's ideology has always been quantity over quality which made this trade perfect for both parties. Even though the vanity brought almost nothing but the most cringeworthy of members, some of the most cherished and memorable members of the community slipped through the cracks. These would come to be known as the "1/1000", an inside joke that Wry and Bangshakalaka made to let each other know that a truly special member has joined. Most of the time however, it was used ironically when a truly awful member would join. The vanity immediately revived the server and activity was no longer an issue that the FTA had to worry about.

On February 17th, the admins discover a server named "Minecraft Community Discord" which was a scam server where you were able to buy ads for up to $200. They were trading vanities with discord.gg/joebiden which FTA admins decided to steal right before the trade was put into effect. The cum vanity was safe with LTC in her server while this robbery was taking place. It turns out that the gg/joebiden server was actually full of professional hackers who were the same people who hacked Sern, the owner of the infamous Obama server which had up to 100k members at its peak. FTA gets a lot of praise from many professional Discord server owners such as Moosh, the former owner of discord.gg/troll, which sent FTA into the mainstream. The admin's relationship with Moosh would come to be of high importance in the near future.

An example of some of the backlash Bangshakalaka recieved upon becoming owner of the Federal Troll Agency.

Bangshakalaka is growing impatient as he waits for Fishes to transfer owner to him officially. On March 1st, Bang, Wry, and R.Thom get in voice chat and come up with a plan: Bang would demand Fishes give him owner and if he refuses, Wry and R.Thom would nuke the server until it is utterly unrecognizable. R.Thom decides to let Fishes know before the plan can be put into action. Wry and Bang are demoted and fury sparks throughout the members of FTA since they were the most popular admins. This event left Fishes with a lot of stress and decided that the FTA needed a new owner at that very moment. A multitude of groupchats are created in order to argue as to who should get owner. It was about to be R.Thom, which would have definitely changed the course of the server into something completely different than what it became. After a lot of pleading from multiple admins, especially Wry, Bangshakalaka would become the new owner of the Federal Troll Agency. An event is hosted to inaugurate Bangshakalaka into office which is hosted in front of up to a hundred people. There are a mix of joy and cries of horror in the voice channel as Bang was and still is a very controversial member. After a bit of stalling from Fishes, Bangshakalaka became the 5th and final owner of the original Federal Troll Agency. He demoted those he didn't like and promoted Wry to co-owner a few seconds after becoming owner.

Season 6: Bored and Mrpie (March 1st, 2021 - May 18th, 2021)[edit | edit source]

The server is the most active it's ever been thanks to Bangshakalaka. On March 15th, the server receives two more strikes from Discord so a new nuke must be conjured up. Coincidentally, this fell just two days before March 17th, which was a prophecy started in The Gondal Empire which stated that on March 17th, every Discord server even loosely involved with the main circle of servers (The Federal Troll Agency and Gondal) would be completely nuked. The admins decided to announce when the nuke was happening and make it a sort of event. Sadly, the infamous nuke bot, THE IRONY STOPS NOW, was malfunctioning which led him to come up with the idea to give every member the permissions to delete and create channels for a bit so they can nuke the server themselves. At this point, the server has about 3,000 members which meant when the permissions were given out, chaos ensued. Immediately, a lot more channels were created rather than deleted, a lot with very inappropriate names. The entire event is recorded and is available to a few to remember what the FTA looked during its peak. It is rumored that the footage will eventually become public. After a bit, the member's permissions are taken away and the server is closed for 6 days while repairs are made, and the server is reimagined to become better than it ever has before. People who paid to boost the server would have access to a secret channel where they could still talk while the server remained on lockdown.

Chessman was someone who has infiltrated almost every irony server with his army of what is believed to be at least a couple thousand alt accounts. After getting shut down in Irony Hub, Chessman would move onto the Federal Troll Agency. He would join and attempt to spam the invite to his server which was full of gore. Zokluke sees this as an opportunity to ban and properly log each and every one of Chessman's alt in order to go up the chain of command. Chessman would continue do this for a couple of days and is eventually revealed to be a very young boy.

A completely unknown user trying to sneak in a Bang Report reference in Awesome Planet general.

For a couple months, Gondal members Unspiteful, Heckknok, and Doctor Theno have had an alt account named "Bored" which they had used to befriend Bangshakalaka. On April 11th, 2021, Bang was drinking a few too many White Claws and began to act weird and sporadic in the server. He would post porn in general chat, something he was very against as it could get the server banned, and other generally odd, out of character behaviors. The Gondals would hear about this through the many spies they had planted in the server and decided it was time to use Bored to fully catfish Bang. They sexted him with help from Unspiteful and eventually get him to give the account admin in the FTA. The server is nuked harder than usual, and the Gondals celebrate after completely humiliating Bang. The very next day, the Bang Report releases which showed off the entire chatlog and gave a few words on the Gondal's thoughts on Bangshakalaka. It is eventually revealed during Bang's short return to Discord on August 29th, 2022, that he was being entirely ironic throughout the entire encounter, but it was far too late. The damage has been done and his reputation would suffer greatly for it, even in faraway lands such as Irony Hub and later Awesome Planet. Bang goes on break for about a week and gives owner to Wry and popular admin Goth gf to tend to the server while he's away. Goth gf gives admin to Trollmaster, an infamous Gondal, for a few seconds as a joke. Despite this, Trollmaster managed to add a nuke bot to the server. The nuke bot belonged to his fellow Gondal, Loric and was called Loric Tron. The bot remained in the server going unnoticed for 2 days. Eventually, Trollmaster lets Loric know that the bot is in the server and Loric activates it leading to another FTA nuke. Wry gets demoted for a little bit and Goth gf gets banned for a day.

A member in distress at the FTA's loss of the cum vanity.

Bangshakalaka and Peternity, a popular meme youtuber, have been discussing a vanity trade for a while. Peternity would get the cum vanity and FTA would get the cock vanity for a bit and each side would decide whether to keep it or give it back. On April 28th, 2021, MrPie, an old friend of Peternity's and failed meme youtuber, hears about this news and decides that he would steal the cum vanity for himself. He pretended to be a middleman between Peternity and FTA and contacted some of FTA's admins telling them it was time to switch the vanity. Most of the FTA admins were skeptical and none of them acted upon his requests, waiting for Bang's permission. This was until Jake101 believed Mrpie completely and gave him the vanity. MrPie took the vanity for himself and put it on his server "Dababy". FTA admins and users raid the server and start using the Carl-bot Method to spam some less than desirable things about MrPie. This would cause the server to lockdown and MrPie to break down in the announcements channel. He talked about how much he hated himself and ended up transferring owner to another person named DaOKI. Lul started a revolution in the server by getting a lot of the members to make fun of MrPie calling him things like "soy". This would bring a great amount of joy to the FTA staff. However, it would turn out that the entire breakdown was just one big act and that this was in fact not the first time MrPie had conned servers out of their vanities and been a general nuisance. The new owner turned the server into "Cum" and later "The Cum Palace". Peternity didn't do anything about the robbery, so FTA went to their friend Moosh for help. Moosh tried talking professionally to the new owner and his admins but it was to no avail. FTA admins convinced one of the mods in Cum named CIA to ban all the boosters and as many members as he could. He ended up banning around 1,000 members and was awarded mod in the FTA. FTA admins believed that, since all of Cum's boosters were gone, they would be able to regain their vanity in just 24 hours. This would end up not being the case and The Cum Palace has had the vanity since. The very next day, MrPie convinced CIA to become loyal to him once again and commands him to nuke the FTA. With the limited permissions he had, CIA was able to kick around 600 of the most active FTA members before being shut down. With the loss of their main member flow and this devastating nuke, it was clear that the downfall of the FTA was imminent.

Season 7: The Fall of the FTA (May 18th, 2021 - June 11th, 2021)[edit | edit source]

The one-year anniversary of the FTA is celebrated by Bang making a channel where users can talk about their favorite moments and where he would make a list of the most important members throughout the server's entire history and write a short message about them. At this point the server has around 4,000 members and is still pretty active despite the events discussed in Season 6. During the anniversary, Shady Bell of Old York returns to Discord for the first time in over 5 months. Her return brought shock over all of Discord as many believed her to be in jail. She was given owner by Bangshakalaka and was told to take care of the server while he's gone for a few hours. She would give admin to a lot of people and ping everyone over 100 times which most found very funny. She was demoted when Bang returned and went offline not too long after. She has been off Discord since.

Bangshakalaka finds some hackers and tells them that he would pay them if they got the vanity back from The Cum Palace. Bang gets R.Thom to gift them a Steam game that helped make Discord bots as payment. It turned out to be a scam and the hacker and his friend made fun of Bang. Bang gave R.Thom the owner role since he felt bad for wasting his money. Someone named Motion raids FTA with a legion of about a hundred bots which the admins found amusing. They told him to send more and pretty soon about a thousand arrived in the FTA. Bang didn't find it funny since botting could get a server banned so he banned Motion. Motion responded by sending around 10,000 bots to the FTA which the admins had to ban one by one. Alch banned almost all of them by himself. Motion would later go on to raid The Cum Palace as well as he thought it was a close affiliate of the FTA.

The final FTA nuke. Streamed live to Gondal by Zokluke.

FTA gets the poop vanity which is what they use to this day. The vanity is pretty good but nowhere near as good as cum. The vanity wouldn't last very long, however. The FTA loses level 3 boosts a few days after and Gondal takes the vanity before anyone else could. Gondal would get deleted not too long after this. Bang makes an attempt to revive the server by cutting down on edginess even harder which backfires completely making the server even more inactive. On June 8th, 2021, Wry makes a new server called Kek Zone without telling Bangshakalaka and gets many of the FTA members to move there.

The server was on a steady decline in activity ever since the loss of the cum vanity. To try to battle this, Bang attempted to make the server more commercial friendly by enforcing rules harder and minimizing mod abuse. This made many of the members annoyed and on June 11th, 2021, it caused the end of the server.

For some time, Zokluke has had some bots in the server that he developed specifically for the FTA, such as Fembot, FTA's custom bot, and a vanity grabber that was supposed to take the cum vanity as soon as The Cum Palace lost it, which obviously never happened. On June 11th, 2021, Zokluke decides it's time for the server to end and uses the bots to nuke with the aid of some Gondals. They are shut down pretty quickly and at the time it seemed just like any other nuke. Later in the day WigWav nukes again and gives admin to a lot of Gondals and together they ban around 3,000 members, leaving a little more than 1,000 left. A lot of FTA admins and mods, including Wry, contribute to the nuke. When Bangshakalaka comes back, they are all banned. At the end of the nuke the only mods loyal to the FTA remaining are Goth gf, Kat, and R.Thom. During the nuke, the invite to Kek Zone and Gondal are spammed thousands of times making almost all the members migrate there. The end of the FTA would cause a split in the memberbase with three main servers carrying on the legacy of the FTA. These being Wry's Kek Zone, Theno's Gondal, and WigWav's China.

Post FTA[edit | edit source]

Bang would continue to try to revive the server for two months but fails without the help of all the old admins. His account is terminated some point in early August. He makes a new account but decides to not return to the FTA and instead becomes active in WhenThe. On August 13th, R.Thom gives the FTA to Wry and all the old admins since Bang is gone. Wry promises to revive the server and have it as a side server to his ever popular Kek Zone which ends up never happening. On August 14th, Bangshakalaka quit discord and wouldn't make an appearance for over a year. Not too long after their acquisition of the server, Wry and the rest of the Kek Zone admins archived the server leaving only one text channel and a channel with the invite to Kek Zone.

A lineage of servers would spawn from the FTA. In chronological order they are Kek Zone, Greatest Server Ever Made, and The Poop Galaxy.

The server that used to be the FTA would continue to be a place where invites to Kek Zone and its following servers would be posted until June 27th, 2022, over a year since the final FTA nuke. On that day yhe server would be tranformed along with Kek Zone and Greatest Server Ever Made in an attempt to revive all three of the original servers. This sadly would never work and the server would instead become largely ignored by its admins and is now an almost entirely inactive server with periodic announcements.

osamason official
Server info
Status Deleted
Users1,000+ (April 2023)
977 (July 6, 2023)
550+ (when deleted)
Owner19dollarfortnite (Wry)
FoundedNovember 13, 2022 (as The Federal Troll Agency)
DefunctOctober 29, 2023
The new FTA’s banner.

Season 8: Gabecord's FTA (November 16th, 2022 - April 20th, 2023)[edit | edit source]

The interaction that changed everything.

After the failure that was the FTA Records server, Wry refused to make any new servers. This would be until November 13th, 2022, when a groupchat was made

with Gabecord and various other members of previous communities. Gabecord had been disconnected from the community for a while now and decided to ask if the FTA was still around. Wry told him it was sadly over and Gabecord asked why he didn’t just make a new one. Wry explained to him that he had done that a multitude of times with various degrees of success. Gabecord told him to try again and promised that this time it would be different, because he would be involved. This changed everything in Wry’s mind which led to him remaking the Federal Troll Agency and inviting Gabecord to help do so.

Together, they constructed the server to make it look exactly how the FTA did during its absolute peak times. They took great care into making the server absolutely perfect and decided that they would open its doors on Wednesday November 16th, 2022. The return of the FTA was advertised in all previous FTA Related servers and even in communities such as Awesome Planet.

The server opened on November 16th as promised. Though numbers were not even close to past servers, many of the most prominent original FTA members showed up to celebrate the return of their favorite server. Many Gondals joined as they have been fiending for a new server to talk in after Gondal's fall. Many of them were eventually banned as the FTA and Gondals rivalry still lived on. In spite of this, some prominent Gondals were allowed to stay as they proved to the admins that they were reformed. These being Ara, Heckknok, and eventually Skumbagg.

Bangshakalaka would make two returns in the server's history, so far. The first of which being on December 12th, 2022. He made an announcement in The Poop Galaxy stating that he would return on said date so he was making good on his promsie. Even though he did return, no one was there to notice it meaning he only came back for a grand total of like 5 minutes. This was very tragic but it would all be made up for when he returned again on January 21st, 2022 and VCed with Wry and PettyWrath.

Wry and Jake's base after it was conquered by Zokluke.

The FTA Minecraft Realm, hosted by The8BitDin0, has been the most memorable event so far. It introduced many new people to the FTA such as Badboomzy, Lil Cole, and more. The realm lasted for a pretty short amount of time but it was enjoyable throughout that entire amount of time. The realm opened on December 13th, 2022 and only had a few players during the first few days. The first people to settle near spawn were Jake101 and Wry who created a massive modern birch house almost directly on spawn. Their first visitor was a pig who they named Neph which would become their first basemate. The first conflict would occur when Zokluke moved right next door. For one reason or another, the two started beefing. In the span of just a few hours, Zokluke geared up and greatly outgunned both Wry and Jake. Although at a disadvantage, Wry and Jake managed to maintain the highground during the final battle of their beef. This was until Wry fell into the very trap that was meant for Zokluke. Zokluke stole all of Wry's loot and Jake was killed not too long after. The battle was over with Zokluke victorious. He took over the spawn base and forced Wry and Jake off the land. They retreated to a dark oak forest across the ocean.

When things seemed at their lowest for Wry and Jake, things got worse. Zokluke and his new partner had kidnapped Neph. Luckily, Wry and Jake managed to find a new companion in the form of a sheep whom they named Unc. Wry and Jake's beef with Zokluke was quickly dropped when they all got a new common enemy. The8BitDin0's raptok friends learned about the realm and were joining by the thousands. At first, all parties were friendly. They joined while Wry and Jake were still stranded in a dark oak forest. Jake asked them if he and Wry could join them and they agreed. However, they sent Jake false coordinates and left him on a wild goose chase. This greatly angered Jake and the beef only escalated from there. What truly fueled the fire was when Zoklukes base was griefed by an unknown party. Assuming it was the raptokers, Zokluke enlisted the help of Peely to find their base and grief it as well. When Zokluke and Peely eventually found the raptoker's base, they stole their most prized possession: The Rizzler. The Rizzler was a horse beloved by the raptokers and when they found out it was stolen, they freaked tf out. The blame was shifted entirely on Peely so relations with the raptokers could remain atleast somewhat good.

Wry, Jake, and Zokluke teamed up and set off to faraway lands to create their new base. They landed on a beautifal jungle island where they created a nice base. Here, isolated from the rest of the world, they would become obsessed with pigs, or "the hogs" as they called them. The raptokers were still very upset at the loss of The Rizzler which led to them vandalizing both Wry and Jake's and Zoklukes old bases. This would force Wry, Jake, and Zokluke, and Peely's hands into conducting the biggest attack in the realm's history. On December 22nd, 2022, Zokluke used evil methods to obtain pig spawn eggs and distributed them to his friends. Together they set off to the raptoker's base and griefed so incredibly hard with the pig spawn eggs and other evil tactics. This event would come to be known as The Hogging by historians. The entire event is documented in this YouTube Video.

On January 16th, 2023, the server was nuked and turned into Kek Zone by request of Zokluke so he could have a dose of nostalgia. The server was changed back just three days later. The server was changed once again on February 27th, 2023 to "pluggnb heaven". The vanity was also changed to discord.gg/twizzy as a way to try to disconnect the server from the type of people who joined from the poop vanity since they were pretty corny. Pluggnb is a genre of underground rap music with the most prominent artists in the genre being Autumn! and Summrs.

Season 9: Myszak and Otto (April 20th, 2023 - July 6th, 2023)[edit | edit source]

Wry was fed up with owning the FTA which led to him to transfer owner to Myszak on April 20th, 2023. Within the following day or two Myszak transformed the server to a more advertiser friendly server going as far as to turn on the Discovery feature. He organized all the roles and channels very meticulously which made it seem like the server was destined for greatness. This was not the case at all since the server would remain very inactive and maybe even less active somehow. On April 23rd, 2023, Otto ever so slightly criticized Myszak for changing the vanity from discord.gg/twizzy, which was pretty good, to discord.gg/bigchungus which was so unbelievably ass. After being criticized Myszak immediatly quit and transferred owner back to Wry and left the server. Wry still did not want owner so he went to the announcements channel and started pinging everyone multiple times asking if anyone wanted the server. Eventually owner was transferred to Otto, savior of Kek Zone.

Upon hearing this news, multiple FTA OGs started chatting such as Sericea, Grevious, Arby, Heckknok, Abby, Deletys, Ara, and more. Other notable people joined when they heard that their favorite server was in good hands such as Phantho, Dankus, John Edgar Hoover, and Kebab. Otto organized the channels and roles to his liking and the server became very active. People began dissing Myszak by calling him things like nerdy and saying that he "got owner, ruined the server, and left". Myszak was banned by Sericea when he laid eyes upon the "crusty ass join message" Myszak added to the welcome channel. On April 24th, 2023, the server got the https://discord.gg/pluggnb vanity. The new server was the most active its ever been and looked more like how the FTA was during early 2021 when it was the most active its ever been in the history of all FTA servers.

On May 10th, 2023 the server was nuked pretty hard but it survived. The membercount of the server has been declining for a while now and NOTHING had been done to fix that. The server celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the FTA's existence on May 18th, 2023 and the server is still pretty active. The vanity was changed to “okbr” on May 25th, 2023, which had previously been used by Awesome Planet before losing Level 3. At some point around this time, Wry became owner of the FTA again.

The message spammed by Tu Dios.

On June 12, 2023, another nuke occurred, this time by caused by Toaster and a bot called "Tu Dios". It deleted and replaced every channel with advertisements for a Discord Server Nuke Bot and their Discord server, called DeadDestroyers, and pinging everyone 858 times. Dozens of roles named ".gg/deaddestroyers" were also created. No mass ban/kick occurred during the nuke.

Another mini-nuke occured after Wry temporarily gave everyone permission to manage channels on July 5, 2023. Because of this, the 3 week-old #general channel among a few others were deleted. The server continued to move forward, standing at 977 members during the next day.

Season 10: Bloono and Osamason (July 6th, 2023 - October 29th, 2023)[edit | edit source]

The immediate aftermath of the Hi-C nuke. The full name of the server was "wry knowingly gave a pedophile admin".

On July 6, 2023, Enzo Gorlami, who was previously banned, rejoined the server and was given the Chirf Keef (admin) role by girlspayformydick. Thinking that it was Wry who gave admin to Enzo, Bloono (on an alt account named hi_c_) completely nuked the server 7 hours later on July 7th over the span of almost 2 hours. No staff members with the right permissions were online to stop the nuke. Every, emoji, invite, all but one sticker, all but two channels, and every role below the admin role was deleted. In addition, every single member below the admin role was banned.

Despite being an event that would normally kill a server for good, a new admin, The, decided to simply try to rebuild the server from the ground up. He temporarily gave his friend Salem admin to help him clear the ban list, and he was allowed to keep the mod role afterwards.

Things aren't looking so good right now. In fact it may seem like it is all over. But we must not forget one thing, we are the FTA. We are a community that has lasted over 3 years and have thrived in and migrated between 8 different servers. When our vanity was stolen, we came back. When Zokluke and the Gondals nuked the FTA, we came back. When Kek Zone was deleted, we came back. When Kek Zone 2 was marked as NSFW, we came back. And after thousands of other devastating events, we always came back. Though things are certainly bleak now, let us look towards the future, the near future. We will come back.

Wry, in the aftermath of the nuke.

Most of the roles, emojis, stickers and channels were quickly restored. However, member regrowth was slow and eventually stopped and slightly reversed in the 80s. Vyxz opened a channel to enter a new FTA member tier list on July 17, 2023. A little over 24 hours later, entries were closed and the new tier list was created. On July 23, 2023, Wry changed the custom invite to “raptok”, which allowed the newly-created The Irony Hub to claim “okbr” the following day.

On July 25, 2023, Wry changed the custom invite once again to "osamason". This would attract a few confused fans of the rapper, including the owner of the "real" OsamaSon Discord server. This led to Wry to change the name of the server to "Osamason" on July 27, claiming it as the official "Osamacord" and banning the other server's owner.[1][2] At the end of July, the server’s member count began growing once again, but activity remains somewhat low. The server’s name was changed again to “Osamason Official Discord” on July 31, 2023, along with the icon being changed to reflect the new name. A few people claim to have reported the server for impersonation, but nothing came from it. At one later point, the name was changed to "osamason official".

On September 24, 2023, Wry was given mod in Awesome Planet by The to aid in his search for a successor to own the FTA. Wry then proceeded to give Zokluke and Almawt mod. Seconds later, Zokluke began the second nuke of Awesome Planet, deleting every channel, banning all of the old mods except The, and banning dozens of its remaining users. A few minutes later, Wry abandoned his idea of giving away the server, claiming that he would own The FTA for the rest of his life. The owner of Awesome Planet, Transam33o, had been missing for over a month by that point, and still didn't do anything at all about the nuke, leaving Awesome Planet to fall into an anarchic state. Transam33o came online the following day and deleted the server, putting an end to the FTA reign of Awesome Planet.

Two days after passing 500 members under the guise of Osamason, the server was changed back to The Federal Troll Agency on October 5, 2023. The change was reversed the following day after it caused a small decline in the member count.

The server was suddenly seemingly deleted on October 29, 2023 with no explanation given, with Wry changing his username around the same time.

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