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In the autumn of 2021, the ownership of Irony Hub changed hands 3 times in a matter of 23 days.

  • Weezor resigns and transfers ownership to cupcake!;🌸.
  • cupcake!;🌸 transfers ownership to exc shortly after general is deleted by Moe Lester.
  • — exc resigns and transfers ownership to Thumper. What's really interesting is that Thumper was once NULed and now he's owner. Gotta appreciate the hustle

Announcements[edit | edit source]

Weezor's resignation[edit | edit source]

@everyone Hello everyone, today I am resigning from owner of this server and handing ownership over to @cupcake!;🌸. Its been fun owning this server for nearly a year and a half and I wouldn't trade it in for anything, I've made great friends and grown a lot as a person from my time here but its time for me to move on. As for why I am resigning, I'm not gonna sugar coat it, This place is toxic as fuck and every week there's a new drama over something stupid and I frankly don't have the time, energy or motivation to deal with retarded arguments between insecure edgelords and power-hungry children anymore. I've barely been active if at all for the last few months and I'm only harming the server by staying as owner and continuing to be inactive. I only wish good things for this servers future and wish all the mods good luck on running this place from now on, but this just isn't for me anymore. Goodbye.

— Weezor

cupcake's resignation[edit | edit source]

@everyone exc is owner (he doesn't know it he'll see when he wakes up lol) but I just want to say after 16 months in this server I have finally reached the point of hating it. fixing this server is impossible because I don't have the pieces to solve this puzzle. I was gonna give owner to the realest person here Deniz, but I'd be a bad friend if I were to stick him with this shithole. I'd also like to thank roomba, corncat, belle, and everyone else that was there for me throughout my time here. id like to say some fuck you's as well. fuck you to moe for being himself, fuck you to the February mod team for promoting me to advisor, fuck you to myszak, fuck anyone else that sucked. if you're not sure what category you fall into, let my messages towards you speak for themselves. I'll still be here, for emotes and out of curiosity to see if you can ever rebuild, but I will not be an active staff member. I hope people in other servers see this message and make fun of me for being the owner for a month and letting the server get nuked, because I want them to say that without ever knowing how much it fucking sucks to own this place. that's why you should admire people like pastor, who seem to genuinely care about their server out of either stupidity or loyalty, I have yet to determine which it is. if exc is a good owner, praise him, if he is a bad owner, forgive him. because at the end of the day most of you need to look in the mirror and realize what a pus filled brain damaged piece of shit you are, and for the rest of you you should look in the mirror and realize that you deserve better and should accomplish better things in life. anyways it's been fun ig, thanks. I'll either be in wt or enjoying a happy life with my gf (she has a bearded dragon soo cute!) but yeah thanks cya

also I'm deleting all the emotes I suggested and I ask that they never be added back because this server is not polite and is not flashy or funky.

-cupcake was here;

— cupcake!;🌸

exc[edit | edit source]

Denial[edit | edit source]


— exc, replying to cupcake's resignation announcement 5 hours later (November 8, 2021 at 10:46 UTC)

Anger[edit | edit source]

also no im not gonna be passing owner anytime soon nor am I gonna be unbanning people simply because specific people are out of the picture

— exc, why you always lying??? (November 8, 2021 at 11:15 UTC)

Bargaining[edit | edit source]

Now that I have total authoritarian power I would like to state a few things I will (hopefully) try to do:

1. Minimalise bias recruitment to staff steam, now of course since this has been said before and never done i'll take one step further, ex-staff will no longer be able to become staff unless specifically allowed by me or the admins (through a vote) (Current ex-staff who are staff are not going to be demoted)

2. Somehow I would like to make this community less toxic, how this will be done depends on how co-operative everyone can be, if needed I will ban individuals in play no questions asked, since others have tried to reduce toxicity I think its about time we go for extreme measures.

3. Thats about all i can think of from eating breakfast, i'll also probably change the modding structure entirely but idk

— exc (November 8, 2021 at 11:29 UTC)

Depression[edit | edit source]

The literal concepts of irony servers is retardation because of the braindead humor we all have

— exc (November 17, 2021 at 18:22 UTC)

Acceptance (exc's resignation)[edit | edit source]

I was given owner out of nowhere, not expecting to have it, I tried too hard and now I'm stuck in a dedication I didn't thoroughly think through enough, I'm sorry, and thank you for the time I had here but as a college student and a 16 year old with dreams I want to move on as I planned to weeks before as admin. I did say I want to make the server last before I leave but I can't do that. It's impossible for me. That's why I'm giving ownership to @Thumper , a long user who I know has the time and will to do what's right for the server

— exc (November 17, 2021 at 21:36 UTC)