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Ironytale is a Undertale mod being developed by Caskain.

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First Iteration[edit | edit source]

The first iteration of the mod began development on June 6, 2020, being published 2 weeks later on June 22. Being made with very poor understanding of Game Maker Studio, the first iteration was very crude, with several graphical errors and little customization of the wording on most strings out of fear of accidentally crashing the game. The first iteration, being stored in Undertale's file, required you to have already purchased Undertale. Only the main characters had been casted at the time.

First Iteration Cast
Undertale Character Irony Hub user
Frisk Nigga (representation of a Whitename)
Flowey/Asriel Typewriter
Toriel CsBongos
Napstablook Wavey Davey
Sans Jafi
Papyrus Moe Lester
Undyne Vivian
Alphys Caskain (Self Insert πŸ˜‚)
Mettaton Candy
Asgore Dkaih35

Second Iteration[edit | edit source]

The second iteration of the mod began development on July 15, 2020, being published one month later on August 10, 2020. This iteration did not require you to have purchased Undertale as the full folder containing the mod was published along with the file on github. All minor characters would be an Irony Hub user in this iteration and very basic spritework was implemented.

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Third Iteration[edit | edit source]

The third iteration technically began progress in November although it was cancelled early because of school :badluck:

Development resumed around January, meaning that this iteration has taken the longest to develop at over 4 months. It has yet to be completed.

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Like Who Are Some Of These Niggas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€”
Third Iteration Cast
Undertale Character Irony Hub user Reasoning behind casting
Frisk Whitename Plot
Flowey //Dkaih35 "Main Villain"
Toriel //Caskain Left and returned a lot, self-insert πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sans //Jafi Argued with Moe, major user.
Papyrus //Moe Lester Argued with Jafi, major user, personal request.
Undyne //LayLasagna Most prominent user in #projects
Alphys //Bullets Rants, major user.
Mettaton //CommieDog Gender ambiguous, major user.
Asgore //Weezor Server owner.
Temmie Pansmith Created the Vendor meme.
Bratty & Catty pettyWrath & Chupa See this gif.
Monster Kid //Ducky Child, easy to make fun of.
Dummy /yellowname Represents the average user.
Froggit HIDEO_KOJIMA First person you meet upon joining.
Whimsun nicoglasses idk how to describe it but they just fit.
Loox Qorty Poland
Vegetoid xero Formerly known as Strawberry Sackboy
Migosp Nununoisy Nerdy ass.
Moldsmal Ekebis Prominent misc user.
Napstablook //CsBongos Similar personalities.
Snowdrake Seiya Prominent casual user.
Icecap Olivierr2 Hats.
Lesser dog I think crocs are cool Prominent casual user.
Chilldrake Brody Seiya's request.
Gyftrot cabboge Casual's punching bag.
Doggo Neo Prominent casual user.
Dogamy Govern Prominent (former) casual user.
Dogaressa Vithra Prominent (former) casual user.
Greater dog Luq Prominent casual user.
Glyde ting giveaway
Jerry *Card I don't like them.
Aaron Deniz Nakamura Muscular man.
Woshua Truck H Rust Prominent misc user.
Moldbygg Del Prominent misc user.
Shyren Cereal & Nuksi Sex
Mad dummy Piss Prominent (angry) misc user.
Muffet spider waifu what the fuck do you think
Vulkin tennille Prominent general user.
Tsunderplane *Zoey Prominent user.
Pyrope *Diogo Prominent (former) user.
So sorry yo mama she's fat.
RG 01 Ford F150 Sex
RG 02 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Sex
Burgerpants Dave-laughing Incel
Madjick Orb Orbs
Knight Knight Pikeman Pikes
Final Froggit Cmonster Mega racist.
Whimsalot Tyingdoughnut4 Literally nico v2.
Astigmatism Roomba Dumbass with vision problems.

*subject to change, //development has begun, /development completed csakain please put me in ironty tale i am cool and good plsease i cool plseasea i am bgegegining you apleplsaplepalplse :pleading_face: