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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/funny
Other linksSubreddit
FoundedDecember 30, 2018 (as OkBuddyRetard)

Whenthe is an ironic meme Discord server. It was originally founded in December 2018 as the second generation of the OkBuddyRetard server (OKBR2). It was rebranded a year later as the official Discord for the r/whenthe, a subreddit about GIF caption memes. The server is no longer in a mutual partnership with the r/Whenthe subreddit, though the staff has expressed that if enough user wish for the partnership to be brought back, a consideration may happen. As stated before though, the discord and subreddit isn't very close in character and many members of the Discord actually hate the subreddit. The server continues to be quite active, and the subreddit has seen enormous growth recently. With it reaching 20 thousand members in 2023.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

In December 2018, the token for Ohtred, Uhtred's bot, was leaked. This allowed a malicious user to log in as the bot, and as the bot had very high permissions, they caused catastrophic damage in all the servers the bot was in, and ultimately a nuke in OKBR1. The bot token was leaked by accident when Uhtred accidentally uploaded it to the bot's GitHub repository without realizing it. The person who hijacked the bot is unknown, nor is their motive. When the bot was nuking OKBR1, there wasn't any staff online with a rank high enough to stop it. The bot would delete messages and channels and ban people. Before banning a user, it would DM them "OWNED BY OWNAGEBOT." By the time someone could stop the bot, the server was in shambles. And so, on December 30, 2018, lunar made OKBR2. OKBR1 remained a remnant of what it once was; it was later deleted. The OkBR2 server is the same server as Whenthe. It has already went through about three renditions in it's four year old history, The OkBR2 era, The Funny Omega era, and The Whenthe era. With the server considerably being at it's lowest during the Funny Omega era, and rising back to the top during the Whenthe era.

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