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For a couple years since its inception, the irony community had become a place for many members, usually those being relatively sane and normal people. Many of these members were quite young; most communities had a median age of 15 to 14 years at this point. It was understandable in all honesty: memes, reddit, it all attracts youngsters. But some wanted to use their staff power to exploit that for their own terrible pedophilic desires, and this had already happened before. Constant groomers, pedophiles and so on. There would not be many people that would want to clean this up, besides one well-known member of the community, known as Doctor Penez. Noone would do anything significant for around three years of the Ironysphere's existence, besides Penez. Who on July 10th on his personal discord server would announce that he would start exposing every pedophile within the sphere, Dogelore, Whenthe, OkBuddyRetard, any every single irony meme server, and any other discord server that had strong proof of being infested by pedophilia.

Every single discord server would have to be cleansed off the evil internet groomers. He would ask members of his community to help with this channel, and to dm him any proof that a member, or staff member of the Ironysphere was a pedophile or groomer. Thus, it all began, some would think that this was a bluff and went about their business. However, on July 11th it would truly occur. It was time for the great 2020 expose to begin. Hundreds would join Penez's livestream to see everything unfold...

Target One - Mason[edit | edit source]

Truly a man of Our Generation.

The first target of the expose was Mason, a former OkBR2 staff member. Mason was not a subreddit staff member, he was not even very interested with the subreddit itself. In fact, he was a "discord mod for hire (by that I mean for free lol)." But as the OKBR2/ Whenthe staff would find out, nothing is EVER for free, and that Mason was in fact spending his life being a discord janitor for the sole purpose of GROOMING and PEDOPHILIA. Mason would be previously banned on different discord servers for "multiple accounts of the defense of Loli Porn, multiple attempts to solicit nudes from random girls, odd comments aimed at girls younger than him, and making other people extremely uncomfortable. Mason would be banned off every single discord server, including Whenthe (old OkBR2). However, this expose was not enough to fully get rid of him, his account is still up, and he would be spotted in Irony Hub around two years ago. He would quickly leave after joining though.

Target Two - HHH[edit | edit source]

The second victim of this expose would be Hhh. When this expose was happening, Hhh was still the owner of Dogelore; he would be made the owner of Dogelore after the events of The Dogelore Civil War. Hhh did not care much about the server and would barely contribute. Hhh would be exposed with leaked snapchat, and discord screenshots. After these screenshots were shown to the entirety of the Ironysphere, Hhh was forced to resign and leave Dogelore forever. He would be mass reported and tried rejoining the server on one occasion, but as of now it seems he is fully gone.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Wholesome JB Waffle Moment!

Target Three - JB[edit | edit source]

The JB-Wafflez Fiasco is a known event in the Whenthe community as it was somewhat major and led to SquidPlumber resigning and them losing hope in the server. It all began with the leaked screenshots of JB and Waffle E-sexting each other and doing other weird things being sent to Penez. JB would become an unregistered sex offender at the age of 17, asking his 15 year old "friend" for his nudes. This would end up with Doctor Penez (whom JB unironically hated for no reason other than everyone else hating him) exposing him for his crimes. According to some unreliable sources, his face would also end up being leaked and he "committed suicide (for those new to the internet, logging off for 2 weeks is considered self-deletion for the terminally online)". This again would lead to SquidPlumber resigning and giving their ownership to Thee_Realist.

Target Four - Miarasu / Gentle Criminal[edit | edit source]

Porn Addiction

The fourth victim of the Penez Expose would be Miarasu, a furry porn addict. Unlike many people his age, Miarasu or "Gentle Criminal" would live to half his name and begin grooming little children and become a sex offender before the age of eighteen! On one occasion he would go into an innocent users' direct messages and ask them "if they know how to masturbate." He would also send loli porn into random people's DMs. According to some people around him, Miarasu also had an obsession with an electric Pokémon called "Shinx". Which pretty much looks like some sort of cub. There was also a screenshot in which he sent a shinx sucking on another Pokémon's MASSIVE penis. According to some of his close friends he was also playing Minecraft with a seven-year-old girl for no reason at all; he sent her gay loli pornography in her DMs and proceeded to brag about it. This manmade creation of derangement, porn addiction, discord addiction, and every single weird thing on the internet would also end up being doxxed and all of his internet degeneracy would be emailed to his mother. His account was promptly deleted, and he has not been heard from since.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Would you consider this a rightful action?

Target Five - Dkaih[edit | edit source]

Dkaih35, the founder of Irony Hub. Beloved by many, but also Penez's main enemy. However, Dkaih had a few issues. He was caught expressing his lust for a 17-year-old anime femboy, and his second problem was that he was caught "rubbing his balls" onto a livestream in front of mostly minor Irony Hub admins whilst discussing the server's next plan of action... All it takes to ruin someone's internet discord career is one ball rub on a livestream... After this incident Dkaih was forced to resign and delete all his social media, although he would eventually rejoin Irony Hub, become a admin, and delete half the server before being FIRED.

Target Six - Onyx[edit | edit source]

When the expose was happening, one of the moderators of Dogelore called Onyx would also be exposed together with Hhh, they really would just be exposed for many weird comments towards a few users and weird e-sex roleplay messages. Onyx was also caught lusting over minors, and was FIRED for continuing the old discord tradition of GROOMING children online.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Imagine another pedophile being horrified about your behavior. Or maybe it's just another case of getting rid of the competition?

Target Seven - Tsumugi (35 Years old)[edit | edit source]

Once more, a Dogelore staff member by the name of Tsumugi. Despite being a 35 year old man, he would say things like "as long as your 16+ it doesn't matter", "I wanted the kid to get r**ped in the car", and generally act like a pedophile, this got to the point where one of the people who were exposed before (onyx) was actually horrified in one of the screenshots sent to Penez.

This man is 35 years old.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the events of the expose the number of pedophiles and groomers definitely decreased, though as of now the amount of groomers in the community is definitely going back up, some would say that it is once more time for an expose like this. This expose would leave both Whenthe and Dogelore in a huge crisis, with Dogelore having a huge chunk of its moderation team being exposed as pedophiles (including the owner resigning), and with Whenthe's owner resigning after the fiasco.

The expose itself was controversial, due to Penez having a small bout of retardation in that he would take ANY submission and/ or claims about pedophilia seriously (no matter how obviously false it was), and

as a result "expose" people who weren't even pedophiles or were just attention-seekers wanting a piece of the action. As a result, many people started stabbing their peers in the back, and planting false evidence/

claims of pedophilia and sexual degeneracy on them just for the smallest smidge of fame. Independent fact-checkers and peer-reviewed papers and journals have compared this to the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and the Red Chinese Cultural Revolution due to the fact that so many friendships and connections were ruined (and still are to this day) in an attempt for attention.

Nonetheless, the Great Penez Expose was considered an overall success by aforementioned independent fact-checkers and peer-reviewed papers and journos, as many pedophiles were forced from their positions of power, and many more fled due to fear of being exposed. In fact, some scientists have claimed that the total number of child grooming incidents has gone down drastically ever since. While the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent children were saved from grooming due to the events of this day.