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WTF Irony
Server info
Status Deleted
Users~400 (1st server)
Founded~ Early 2021
DefunctMay 17, 2021 (2nd server)
The message Dyno would ping you with upon joining WTF Irony.
An ad promoting WTF Irony as a superior and more free server as opposed to Irony Hub

WTF Irony was a small irony server which birthed from Irony Hub, made by Cmonster. The server lived through two renditions. After the first one was nuked only after a week of existing, a second server was made, with a somewhat different staff team than the original.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

The first WTF Irony server was made by Cmonster, a relatively famous individual of the irony community. The server quickly garnered massive popularity aswell as received 30 boosts within just one day. In it's peak the first WTF Irony server had about 400 members, with many chatting in the server actively, the first server was known for housing much of the banned users of Ironyhub and being especially toxic, even more than Ironyhub. Aswell as housing actual zoophiles, besides this every user who joined the server received a message from dyno, with a video of an individual saying a copypaste out loud, this prepared anyone on what the server could be like.

Yo wassup welcome to WTF Irony and the rules are simple, no fellas, no cringe, no gay people, and you must send me normal porn in order to stay in the chat. Glory to China. WILL BE ALLOWED

The server's growth was stopped by a nuke, caused by one of the moderators of the server. Moderators had most of the administrative permissions on the first server, thus making it very easy to get rid of the entire server within minutes.

Second Server[edit | edit source]

A second server was made within a few days after WTF Irony's first nuke, made by Zullarious, with a somewhat different staff team. Unfortunately though, the server did not capture the energy of the first server. It tried to replenish it's membercount through partnerships, aswell as a custom invite which it had for over a month. The server's most biggest partnerships were with servers such as Feminine Irony and Funny Jungle. On May 17, 2021 WTF Irony 2 was nuked once again, this time by an administrator of the server, Myszak. This completely ended the official lineup and made WTF Irony fade into obscurity. Afew unofficial continuations have been made by users, but they have largely been unsuccessful at recapturing the first server's original userbase, aswell as its magic. Awesome Planet has generally been regarded to be a spiritual successor to Irony Hub, OkBR 4 and WTF Irony.

Footage of the second WTF Irony nuke is available on the official Irony Wiki discord server!

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