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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/holotards
Users4,500+ (peak)
1,800+ (present)
Ownerfunny gaming#1717
Other linksr/okbuddyhololive
FoundedJanuary 25th, 2021

The OkBuddyHololive Irony Server is the official discord server of the r/OkBuddyHololive reddit sub-community, which is one of r/OkBuddyRetard's affiliated subreddits, the subreddit is centered on OkBR type V-Tuber shitposting with the description of the subreddit being "An ironic and satirical meme subreddit centered around Hololive and other Hololive-related V-tubers." this Hololive group being "a virtual YouTuber agency owned by Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation." The server was deleted through a huge nuke, however has since been remade.

History and Founding[edit | edit source]

The subreddit was founded on the January 25th 2021, or about three years ago, with the official discord server being created about a year later. On the 25th of January 2021.

The server was mass reported by a user named Tinpot64, and later by another user named Semka, resulting in the deletion of the server by the discord staff on March 19, 2023. Prior to this, the server had over 4,500 members, as of now the server is back with a membercount of about ~1,000 users.

You can view more information about the server's users and history at The FANDOM OKBH WIKI.

Other[edit | edit source]

Clash of Clans Clan[edit | edit source]

The OkBuddyHololive clan is a clan created in Clash of Clans, a mobile game.

Important Members[edit | edit source]

The most important members are:

Historical Events of The Clan[edit | edit source]

On the June 25th 2021, a clan war broke out between OkBuddyHololive and OkBuddyBaka. After days of preparation and a long day of battles, OkBuddyHololive won the war and proved to be the superior clan and server. Since then, OkBuddyBaka have backed down and the OkBuddyHololive clan stands on top as the clear winner.

The OkBH Song Covers[edit | edit source]

The community of OkBuddyHololive has been making many covers of V-Tuber related songs. Most of these were made with the help of one of the server's ex-staff members, Brook. (Not the Whenthe Brook.) Okbuddyhololive has made covers. Most of these are done with the help of brook.

List of Covers[edit | edit source]

OkBH Funny Facts[edit | edit source]

The Irony Wiki does not affiliate with the "OkBH Funny Facts"

  • Reum has fucked his chemistry subject folder.
  • Nexus made and ate a cum toast of his own cum.
  • Ookambot used to post hot artwork until the mods removed the feature.
  • Twig shot cum in his own mouth.
  • Wawan made an actual Aqua cum tribute.
  • Degenerate had sex in a mental asylum.
  • Rattles doxxed himself the most on the server.
  • Zesty is the owner of the subreddit.
  • Are had the idea to add pregnant towa, (A Hololive V-Tuber) to the server.
  • Saiki writes the long text posted by garf on the 25th.
  • Garf got locked out of his bathroom at 3am.
  • Sour has the most infractions on the server.
  • Vinnie (mod which left the server) once muted someone for typing too long.
  • Someone actually made a cum tribute of the meadiao cosplay.
  • ButteredSalmonella got banned by banspeed for "not wanting to fuck the rat".
  • Panda is the server's lore historian.
  • The server was made on the 25th January 2021
  • Kani Sama was the very user to talk on the server .
  • Holo is the oldest member in the server in terms of who joined the earliest.
  • Gwar Guro put Gura hoodies on almost every emote in the server.
  • A big part of the server was nuked because of a Discord TOS investigation and punishment.
  • Slacker (Saiki's alt) is the member with the longest afk from dyno.
  • Safhell (a banned mod) worked for the US marines.
  • Denki, also known as electron, made fubukbot and ookambot.
  • Chromadef and noobpoh donated to Denki to make fubukbot and ookambot stay longer on the server due to Denki not being able to pay to run the bots.
  • #staff-feet-pics is a real channel that only mods can access.
  • Fubukbot won the very first OkBH Hunger games hosted by brook.
  • Saiki once said "Lul" to someone suicidal in #venting.
  • Safhell also posted something very cute and funny and lost his admin and got banned.
  • Fishern plays the sims and makes horny stuff.
  • dudeman45 once managed to attain staff perms as "Local Idiot", almost saw whatever was in the mod chats and almost banned a user called boebag. Admins quickly removed Local Idiot's mod permissions though.
  • Frank once got banned by Garf for not wanting to talk in vc
  • Tristan, the ex-owner of the server almost got his ex girlfriend named 'Chloe' pregnant.
  • TooGreen has doxxed himself in vc with facecam once and got Hsld for it.
  • The very first oshi channel on the server was the kenzoku heaven.
  • Fubukbot used to say random messages randomly in general but now it doesn't do it anymore, the reason of such decision is unknown.
  • At precisely 6:32 AM UTC, Saturn inadvertently kicked off a massive spam event in #general after uttering the phrase "Lol happens sometimes their called weed worms don’t smoke them they’ll compromise your immune system and fuck you for life." Raidsmash decided to ping Ookambot multiple times with the phrase and accidentally conditioned the bot to response with a near identical phrase. Raidsmash (and other people in chat) pinged Ookambot so many times in the spam duration that the bot was behind in responses by over four minutes. The phrase was uttered over 290 times within a timespan of 20 minutes.
  • Yotsuba#2894 got banned for accidentally participating in a raid. He literally didn't know it was a raid.
  • On the 9th December of 2021 hammy was banned for 3 months for posting an IP-grabber disguised as a calli clip.
  • Rayah has watched a horse cum when he was little.
  • DocileSphinx has made a cum tribute of Fishern's feet.
  • Banspeed sometimes bans random members for "trolling".

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