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Irony Servers are a special type of Discord servers, usually linked to a different, related topic. This includes youtubers, subreddits, or any other form of entertainment related to meme culture. Irony servers can also be linked to nothing, such was with servers like IronyHub, which became a refugee for members of the third OkBuddyRetard discord server after it's eventual deletion and nuke, an irony server cannot perhaps be defined in a very simple term, perhaps it is a connection to a meme related subreddit, or a connection to the irony server family tree.

The Original Irony Server (s)?[edit | edit source]

It is known that the first irony servers were CringeAnarchy and DeepFriedMemes. Unfortunately, not much information can be found about these servers anymore, with the second CringeAnarchy server stopping its existence sometime before the creation of DeepFriedMemes 1 by Kirbizia, after she asked the owner of the subreddit if she could make an official Discord server.

Kirbizia is a somewhat important person when discussing the beginnings of The Irony Hemisphere, and community. The creator of many famous Subreddits, those subreddits eventually garnering huge communities, as well as discord servers. The first subreddit which had an actual Irony Server was BoneHurtingJuice, which unfortunately enough has been much lost to time, though do not mistake that server with the second pretty inactive one that still exists to this day. BoneHurtingJuice led to OkBuddyRetard, OkBuddyRetard led to Dogelore, etc.

NEW: Official Discord Server! (r/CringeAnarchy) Subreddit Archive.

So, Irony Servers Now?[edit | edit source]

Over the last 6-ish years, The Irony Hemisphere, and Community have grown massively over the years, from the small beginnings of Reddit, to hundreds of relatively big servers, full with strange oddities and unique lore, as well as insane but also sane people, some servers that were thought of to be everlasting though are gone now. The OkBuddyRetard servers are gone, with the subreddit staff effectively gaining full control over the future of the OkBR discord servers many have moved onto split offs, such as Awesome Planet, some would have perhaps moved into Irony Hub but that was also nuked! But if we compare everything, the Irony Server will absolutely never disappear, even if the platform of Discord disappears, communities disappear and people lose interest, an irony server will exist in some form, somewhere on the internet...!

Or, perhaps the Metaverse. You never know the future of the internet...