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The Julie Crisis is a period in the history of Dogelore during which an unknown individual, also going by the name of Julie began a streak of sending illegal material to the chatrooms of the server. This eventually lead to the server being temporary closed down to the public. The Crisis lasted from the 1st of August 2022, until the 24th of December 2022, after the server lockdown was finally lifted.

Innocent Dogelore Staff

Julie joins i go into logs see auto mod filtered out a message from them with a song or something with the hard r said multiple times with a line that’s just “i get l*li’s free, janny, they’re gaping” holy shit thank you discord support for helping us with this problem wow i love this so much man!

Innocent Dogelore Mod

Julie's Shenanigans[edit | edit source]

Month of August[edit | edit source]

The first logged punishment in the #le-punishment-log which mentioned "Julie" was posted on the 1st of August 2022. This officially marked the beginnings of the Julie Crisis, this individual would attempt to create alts and send illegal material into the chatrooms of the server and attempt to send it to random members through DM's, about four more times in the month of August.

The staff would attempt to take action by reporting Julie to Discord Staff, this did not work. Further attempts at reporting were not successful. Attempts at reporting Julie to The CyberTipline would also not succeed, and Julie would still be around sending terrible content onto Dogelore.

Month of September[edit | edit source]

September was a very active month for Julie, as they would attempt at sending child pornography into Dogelore about five times. Attempts at having Julie arrested, or atleast punished in some way have failed. And the staff decided that locking down the server would be the best decision, this would make it so no users would be able to join, or otherwise rejoin the server. This decision had somewhat reduced the amount of times Julie was able to send illegal materials into the server, unfortunately it also reduced the server's membercount from about 65,000 members, to just 59,000. With many users also celebrating such event.

On the 19th of September Dogevore would send a message into the #info channel of Dogelore, telling members of the server to turn of their DMs so Julie would not have a chance to send terrible things into their private messages.

Dogevore Trying to Help in #Info

Some depraved loser is making alts and sending people cp. TURN. OFF. YOUR. FUCKING. DMS.


Month of October and December[edit | edit source]

Julie would only be able to send illegal contents into Dogelore once during both months, with activity from this individual surging down, chances for Dogelore once more being unlocked were going rapidly high. During the time of these months, a few users would be muted, or otherwise banned for having discussions about Julie. As the staff did not wish to bring any more attention to this person.[1]

Finally, as of December 24th. Dogelore was reopened, with no signs of Julie re-entering the server, hopes are high for a new chapter of Dogelore history.

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