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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkPrivate
Other linksr/bruhmoment (private)
FoundedAugust 2018 (BM1)
March 2, 2019 (BM2)

Bruhmoment is a private irony server, founded in 2018 by Cmonster in protest of Kirbizia's ownership of OkBuddyRetard.

Inception and General History[edit | edit source]

Many of the OkBuddyRetard 1 server users were angry at what the owner, Kirbizia, was doing. This included but was not limited to : posting cum-covered anime figures, streaming herself putting her feet in a piss-filled toilet, etc.

BruhMoment was created by a group of individuals who were disgruntled by this behavior. The first owner of the server was Cmonster.

In its infancy, BruhMoment was a somewhat small friend server for these OkBR users. Many people joined, including most of the mod team at the time besides a few exceptions like Kirbizia herself.

The staff team made a mistake of inviting a junior trial mod, skye, to the server. He fabricated screenshots saying how the OkBR mods who were active users on BruhMoment would nuke OkBR.

Kirbizia panicked and on August 29, 2018, banned everyone from her server who were related to BruhMoment in any way, including 90% of the mod team. Eventually, as more people protested and joined Cmonster's server, up to 50-70 additional people were banned. The server grew up to 200 users over a few months.

On October 13th, 2018, a subreddit was made for the server: r/bruhmoment. This subreddit grew to over 100 thousand subscribers and became quite popular until it was eventually set to private due to lack of interest in moderation. There are plans currently to relaunch the subreddit under new owners.

It should be noted that the current iteration of BruhMoment is its second, the first server was abandoned and is now archived. The first server, however, gains brief spurts of activity in correspondence of special events setup by the staff of the second server.

BruhMoment is colloquially considered the "irony retirement home" as the vast majority of its userbase is comprised of users who were formerly active on other servers within the "ironysphere", and have chosen BruhMoment to "settle down" in.

BruhMoment is the first Discord Server in the "ironyverse" to ever breach the fated covenant of whimsical spells and achieve a totally pure form of ironic specimen with the ability to create a chemically and synthetically perfect form of comedy, which is apparent in much of their antics.

On October 15, 2022, a user known as "K3V1N" (a leetspeek respelling of former owner Kevin) appeared in the admin-only channel to tell them that three ghosts would appear exactly a month later: the ghost of irony past, the ghost of irony present, and the ghost of irony future. If the admins did not change their perspectives based off the ghost's storytelling, their server would reach certain doom. Many users were apprehensive about this unprecedented event and jumped ship accordingly. The Irony Server Wiki team could not reach the BM Admins for any comments about this dire situation, but it is mostly being swept under the rug at the moment. We will update you as more news comes.

Does he know?

Nukebot Incident[edit | edit source]

On December 6th, 2021, an administrator's alt account was hacked and invited a nukebot to the server, banning a majority of its members before it could be stopped. This cut the server member count from over 800 to ~300.

2022 TOS Report[edit | edit source]

On June 9th, 2022, the server's moderation hierarchy temporarily shifted and the server went into an even more closed off state due to a mass TOS report. Unlike other servers, BruhMoment did not lock off all messaging chats or delete text channels, instead opting to delete all instances of certain edgy words, messages, adding additional censors to Dyno to make the server more PG, and kicking all unknown, inactive, or "suspicious" users. By the 26th, the server did not receive any more threats and was "unlocked", with certain policies and changes staying in place out of caution.

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