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iorny heaven CHAPTER 3
Server info
Status Active
Invite link
Users2,600+ (peak)
1,700+ (present)
FoundedJune 3, 2021 (as Fat Nuts Central)

Irony Heaven is a fairly large irony server that was created by the user Rippa as an alternative to Irony Hub, which was later nuked and helped Irony Heaven grow significantly.

History[edit | edit source]

Fat Nuts Central Era[edit | edit source]

Irony Heaven was opened on June 3, 2021 by an ex-Irony Hub user, Rippa. It was first called Fat Nuts Central, but only for two days. This time period in the server's history was significantly short lived, lasting until the server had around 100 members before the name was changed.

ScomoHub Era[edit | edit source]

Afterwards the server was rebranded to ScomoHub, Scomo being an Australian slang for the current prime minister, Scott Morrison. Around this time, the server started gaining much traction, it had already gone from just 100 members to about 600. Within the matter of only a week, the ScomoHub era is also when the server finally reached the goal of 1000 members.

Irony Heaven Era[edit | edit source]

Irony Heaven’s server icon from September 2021 to October 2022.

Only after about a month, the server rebranded once more to its current form, "Irony Heaven". Rippa had an idea to make the server's mascot a unique doge image, which is in its icon. Irony Heaven takes inspiration from many larger irony servers, such as Comedy Heaven, whenthe, and the now nuked Irony Hub. Since then, the server grew and flourished into its own unique atmosphere, reaching a member count of over 2,000 members. However, starting around April 2022, activity on the server began to decline drastically, though the server continued to grow until September of that year.

Chapters 2 and 3[edit | edit source]

On October 14, 2022, Rippa rebranded the server into Irony Heaven Chapter 2, presumably in an attempt to bring new life to the server. This included changes such as a new icon, archiving unused channels, and bringing an end to the role heirarchy. However, this did not give him the results he hoped for. In 2023, the server only recieves between 1000-2000 messages per month, and the member count has declined into the 1,800s.

On May 28, 2023, Rippa transferred ownership of the server to the head admin travelmydog. Interestingly, this was just 7 hours after the Irony Server Wiki reclassified the server as "Inactive", though wether this was purely coincidental or not remains unknown. After a recommendation by Realm, Travelmydog changed the icon again on June 26, 2023, his first major change to the server since becoming owner.

Cannedpasta was made an admin on September 18, starting the server's "Chapter 3" moments later. A new channel, named #chipchap, and a forum were created, as well as howie's #litterbox being reopened.

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