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Original Tumblr Post

Sillytime was the second mascot of IronyHub until it's eventual nuke in late 2021, the source of the image originates from a Tumblr post related to how you can see the exact moment cats switch to their "Silly Zone™", since IronyHub's adoption of sillytime it has been affiliated with Ironyhub. The server's users have also adopted many unique fanmade versions of this icon, this includes Silly-Chan made by Lucie, aswell as the Sillytime femboy made by LayLasagna. The image is also related to another somewhat famous ragecomic meme called "Peach Time", since IronyHub's initial nuke sillytime has become the first thing many users of the irony server community think of when someone brings up IronyHub. Nowadays it is somewhat impossible to split these two from eachother.