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In March of 2023, a post was made on the forum, also commonly known as "Sharty", about Awesome Planet, a successor to places like the fourth r/okbuddyretard server and Irony Hub.

In total, three raid threads were made for Awesome Planet.

Hidden sharty server with possible janny connections


First Thread (/soy/)[edit | edit source]

On March 16, 2023, the first thread would be made, telling users to bully a certain active user by the name of Vicey. The users would quickly realize that, in some form or another, Awesome Planet is connected to their own forum as Awesome Planet has a somewhat large amount of people who specialise in spreading "Sharty" culture through the Irony Hemisphere, sending somewhat mentally deprived Soyjak memes, and other things related to The spread of what is known as "Sharty Culture" really only began in early 2023, when a lot of users began discovering the "revival" of Soyjak memes. Though some members of Irony Hub did actually discover this renaissance a bit earlier in 2022.

Users would first discover that content such as Ongezellig, a Dutch cartoon series by Studio Massa, is actually quite popular in Awesome Planet. Characters from the show are often reposted on the Sharty, much to many users' dismay. They found that a few users had Ongezellig characters as their profile picture, as well as some who had theirs as soyjaks. They would also find out that the place is connected to OkBuddyRetard. A few minutes later, someone searched "sharty" and "zellig" within the discord searchbox, having 53 and 41 results respectively. After this incredible discovery a few users would raid Awesome Planet, however this wouldn't end up going anywhere at all and didn't leave much besides a few bans.

The thread would be deleted for not going by the rules, and using the forums' /soy/ board to use it as a place to "discuss Discord drama".

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Second Thread (/raid/)[edit | edit source]

The second thread would be made shortly after the first one was deleted. The few raiders that joined would ask questions to the mods, if the server is somehow connected to "Sharty Culture" and so on, an admin of the server, truckmonth would deny it all, stating that "It's not" connected to the forums in any way.

Afterwards though, the thread would be deleted because the OP said that they didn't want to give the server more members. How generous.

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Third Thread (/raid/ → /incel/)[edit | edit source]

The third thread was created moments after the second thread was deleted. A janny moved the thread to /incel/, causing some interest to disappear. A few days later, Awesome Planet would end up losing the gg/okbr invite, thus making it impossible for the 'teens to join the server. One of the users would actually almost fully be able to solve the "puzzle of the irony hemisphere", learning that the server is connected to servers such as OkBR, Irony Hub, and so forth.

"Quick Rundown"

A few days after this thread was made, a new rule was added to the site banning threads that promote Discord servers which are harmful to the site. However, the thread managed to stay open and was revived a few times after the creation of this article. It was finally deleted in early June 2023, likely due to being slided.

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Later Threads[edit | edit source]

Another thread was created on April 1, 2023, when the site became Discord-themed for April Fools' day. Unlike the previous threads, this was mainly Irony Hub users talking about the now-deleted server and its mods. By the following day, it was removed.

lego diddles kids


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