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Server info
Status Active
Invite link
Users64,000+ (peak)
51,000+ (present)
Other linksr/dogelore
Founded2018 (DL1)
February 22, 2019 (DL2)
FounderPostNames#6541 (DL2)

Dogelore is a subreddit dedicated exclusively to memes about Doge and related dog characters within the so-called "Doge lore" such as Walter, Perro, Cheems, Swole Doge and others. Created by /r/okbuddyretard founder Kirbizia in 2018, the subreddit accumulated over 400,000 subscribers in it's 5 years of existance and is one of the biggest hubs of Doge memes on the internet. It's semi-official discord server is also one of the biggest Irony Servers within the hemisphere, reaching a staggering 64,000 thousand members during it's "golden age" and peak.

Due to a recent huge boom in the server's userbase during the quarantine period of the server's existence, it is now one of the largest irony servers on the platform, reaching well over 64,000 thousand members by August 2022. However, Dogelore's growth has stagnated in recent times, due in part to the user Julie using alt accounts to send child pornography into the server and in users' DMs, as well as the discord losing its popular vanities, these being "cum" and "sus". These reasons have decreased the member count from around 65,000 to under 52,000. Despite this, the almost four year old community still stands strong with multiple off-shoot servers.

Subreddit History[edit | edit source]

On August 15th, 2018, Kirbizia, founder of popular subreddits /r/bonehurtingjuice, /r/okbuddyretard and others such as r/yescompanionimbecil, created /r/dogelore. The purpose of the subreddit was to redirect Doge memes dominating the /r/okbuddyretard subreddit at the time to another subreddit in an attempt to diversify /r/obr's content.

Since its creation and in the following years, the /r/dogelore subreddit formed the titular "Doge lore," introducing new dog meme characters, both original and borrowed elsewhere, and establishing certain relationships between them, both non-canon and canon within the Doge lore. Some of the earliest introduced Doge lore characters besides Doge are Walter and Perro (also known as Quieres). While initially focused on ironic memes featuring exlusively Doge, more dog meme characters were introduced starting in 2018, including Walter, Perro, Lil' Bro, Karen Doge, Swole Dog, Cheems and many others. In addition to the staple "wacky dog does uncharacteristic thing" ironic Doge format, /r/dogelore has been adopting popular meme formats from /r/okbuddyretard, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and iFunny, recreating viral memes and commenting on current affairs with Doge lore characters.

Explosion in Popularity[edit | edit source]

In four months following its creation, /r/dogelore had accumulated 1,000 subscribers by November 13th, 2018. The subreddit experienced rapid growth during 2019, reaching 30,000 subscriber milestone on April 14th, 2019, 50,000 subscribers by June 10th and 100,000 subscribers by November 14th, 2019. In late June 2020, /r/dogelore reached the 200,000 subscribers mark. The /r/dogelore Discord server had over 13,400 members at that time. Dogelore memes are still popular in many internet communities around the world, especially in the polish and spanish speaking world. Dogelore memes are still especially popular on Spanish and Polish speaking Facebook.

Indefinite Shutdown[edit | edit source]

On June 11th 2023 the subreddit mods of r/dogelore would announce that as per the API protest, r/dogelore would "permanently shutdown", many would send their sad remarks about this shutdown, fortunately enough the subreddit would return 18 days later, with the announcement also announcing a new discord server for further discussion, this server only has around 200 members but is more r/dogelore oriented than it's bigger brother, with there being more subreddit discussions and more dogelore culture and memes being shared around the chats.

So, after that abysmal AMA hosted by the god overlord ceo mr spez, where they refused to answer anything or make any compromise and actively shat on the apollo dev, we are going dark indefinitely starting 12:00AM June 12th. For initial context check these two posts


Discord History[edit | edit source]

Dogelore 1[edit | edit source]

The history of the first dogelore Discord server dates back to 2018; this server was not an official one. It was instead created by the users of the first OkBuddyRetard server who actively used the r/dogelore subreddit. The server was nuked somewhere around February of 2019. Not much is remembered from the first server, and only a handful of original members of that community remain. Not much has been saved from the first server, thus it is forgotten by many users. There is a special role for members who were in the first server in the current dogelore.

Dogelore 2[edit | edit source]

The second r/dogelore server is the current one, and the most commonly talked about. The server's beginnings date back to February 22, 2019 (February 21 in the Americas). When the first server was nuked, a user by the name of Names are for the Weak created the second server, giving ownership to Kirbizia after only a day of being owner. The server has seen many changes over the years, with there being countless events in its history that severely changed its course. The server's most well-known historical events are The Day of Reckoning, The Dogelore Civil War and The HHH Drama. The server has had many owners, from Kirbizia to hhh to the current owner, teerunaa.

Infamy[edit | edit source]

The server has been known for housing many users who were banned for especially degenerate reasons, including not only pedophilia, but also zoophilia, a stereotype has grown over the years which posits the average dogelore member as an internet groomer.

This stereotype is certainly untrue, as there have been very few cases of actual pedophiles and zoophiles, and usually all of them are immediately banned by staff when their actions become known. It is also likely that if someone were to add up all of the prominent cases of zoophilia and pedophilia over the years, dogelore would be the server with the most cases. With that being said, this could be attributed to the large member count, and not necessarily how the server is managed.

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