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User info
Discord tagJosemon#4616
Discord ID549966121839755264
ServersWhenthe, Dogelore
RolesTop Retard
Joined serverApril 26, 2020
RolesPoop Doge 💬
Joined serverMarch 31, 2020
Cats in a Tuxedo
Joined serverServer Creation

Josemon is the creator of Josecord, and was an active member of Dogelore, Irony Hub and Whenthe.

Josemon's Tale[edit | edit source]

Josemon would join Dogelore on the 31st of March 2020, where he would shortly start talking on the server. Josemon's first message would be a combination of the Twinkie doge emotes from The Warzone, he would quickly start being known as the person with the "Fatass Cat in a Tuxedo" profile picture, Josemon would also create his server, Josecord or also XXX (XXX being a changing number) Cats in a Tuxedo a few months later after his arrival in Dogelore. Compared to other Circlejekers Josemon would not become hated, instead developing quite a good reputation in many Irony Servers, opposed to people like Abraham or Doctor Penez who certainly over the years wouldn't develop a reputation better than Josemon, instead perhaps a mixed one. Josemon would also be known for usually only responding with emotes, usually combinations of his own sona emotes, Emotiguy emotes, and vanilla Discord emotes. Though sometimes he did actually respond with a text message, nowadays he seems to have somewhat switched things up, sometimes sending an image, sometimes a text message or sometimes an emote combination. On Dogelore to this day he still has his own emotes of his sona, the fat cat in a tuxedo.

XXX Cats in a Tuxedo[edit | edit source]

Josemon's server would find quite a following amongst Dogelore refugees and alike, many known, and influential members would move out of Dogelore and start talking in Josecord, most of the times the reasoning behind those decisions being an unjustful ban, Dogelore staff bias or any other unrelated reasons. As of now the server has ammased over 455 members, and is constantly growing into a bigger and bigger community, with it's unique type of humor and a mix between Dogelore users, Unrelated members and many many more.

Josemon's Adventures in other Servers[edit | edit source]

Josemon isn't only known on Dogelore, he would join many other servers and become somewhat beloved in them too, the most relevant servers to this topic are probably Irony Hub and Whenthe, on both servers he would reach the top activity roles, and even get emotes of himself added there, they are still on Whenthe, though not anymore on IronyHub as with it's nuke everything was gone. You can still probably find the emote in the Emote Archives on the Main Page. Besides a relatively old false Whenthe ban, Josemon stayed as an innocent and quality Irony Hemosphere member.

Origins of The Fatass Cat[edit | edit source]

The original image of Josemon's Persona comes from a relatively famous r/Chonkers Reddit post where a girl took a photo of her cat while it was watching oatmeal in the microwave, it actually looks somewhat uncanny.[1]

Naked and Nude
Wearing a Fancy Attire

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Josemon has a constantly updating Archive of Irony Server Chatrooms.
  • Do not mistake Josemon with Josemom2, they were a completely different user.
  • Josemon has an Emote Server.
  • The Josemon Cat is actually a She.
  • Josemon has now been in hiatus for 2 months.

References[edit | edit source]