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I Survived the OkBR 2020 Split

The OkBR2 Subreddit Split was a plan to make OkBuddyRetard 2 its own independent server, making a new fresh subreddit to gain members from in the process, and passing ownership to the head admin, Harmonic.

History of the Split[edit | edit source]

This plan dates to early 2019, when it was leaked. It was made due to a growing discontent and division between the subreddit of r/OkBuddyRetard and the discord server. A few other key factors also contributed, such as many of the OkBR subreddit moderators being banned from the discord server.

It would take some time for the plan to become official, effectively being introduced in early 2020.

The Great Subreddit Split of 2020[edit | edit source]

The idea of this split was largely discussed by both subreddit staff and discord staff. It was decided that the server would be finally splitting off the subreddit, with the subreddit moderators fully losing all permissions on the discord and OkBR2 losing its main way to gain members.

The server's future was extremely uncertain, and everything was finalized on the 17th of January 2020, with GrantVsZombies resigning from their position of owner on the server and passing it down to SquidPlumber. A name competition also began that would choose the server's new name, users would have to vote and choose their favorite names that were also made by other members of the community.

End Of The Name Competition

It was finally decided that Prod's name, Funny Omega would become the server's official name.[1] Only a day later after the split, the server had its first partnership with 404, r/dankmemes' old discord server.[2]

The split finally concluded after SquidPlumber posted an invite to the third OkBuddyRetard discord server.[3]

After the failed attempt at creating a new subreddit called r/RageBased, r/whenthe was born, creating a great future path for the server.[4]

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