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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/ragecomics
ID501310750074077215 (OkBR2)
611402758871973888 (OkBR3)
716815039151079456 (OkBR4)
1042560991206068295 (OkBR5)
Users4,300+ (OkBR2)
8,100+ (OkBR3; peak)
7,100+ (OkBR3; when nuked)
8,000+ (OkBR4)
900+ (OkBR5)
OwnerNumber 15#9555
FoundedJanuary 3, 2018 (OkBR1)
December 30, 2018 (OkBR2)
January 17, 2020 (OkBR3)
Late July 2020 (OkBR4)
April 21, 2023 (OkBR5)
DefunctDecember 30, 2018 (OkBR1)
January 17, 2020 (OkBR2)
May 31, 2020 (OkBR3)
April 7, 2022 (OkBR4)

OkBuddyRetard, the official server of the r/OkBuddyRetard subreddit, what's considered to be the five server lineup of OkBR1, Whenthe (Formerly OkBR2), OkBR3, OkBR4, and OkBR5, is perchance the most influencial irony server in the hemisphere, giving birth to many other servers that would in some cases even overtake OkBR in it's membercount.

The previous server (OKBR4) was put down by the subreddit's staff on the 7th of April 2022, and it truly seemed that a fifth entry of the OkBR servers wouldn’t be made anytime soon. However, on the 21st of April 2023 there was a sudden announcement about a brand new OkBR server and thus, OKBR 5 was born on this day.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

The first Discord server, created in the few months following the creation of the subreddit, is known for inspiring the creation of many now very popular offshoot servers, such as Dogelore 1, Whenthe, aswell as many more. It was made by active members of the r/BoneHurtingJuice Discord, including Kirbizia. Unfortunately, OkBR1 was nuked in December of 2018.

Afterwards, LunarShadows created a new server. This server, also known as "OkBR2", is now known as whenthe.

Later, after the OkBR2 splitoff, and it eventually becoming Whenthe, OkBR3 was created. This server also led to the creation of Irony Hub.

Eventually, drama ensued, and OkBR3 was nuked, bringing OkBR4 to life. OkBR4 paled in comparison to any of the previous servers, and its activity and community represented a fraction of its former glory.

In mid to late March of 2022, Doctor Penez invited several subreddit moderators to OkBR4, including Redyards. On April 7th 2022, Redyards nuked OkBR4, which marked the possible end of the OkBR legacy. As a result, many accuse Doctor Penez of paving the way for OkBR's downfall.

After the OkBR4 Nuke, the moderators gave up. It was thought that there was no chance of an OkBR5, but despite that, OkBR 5 would be made a year later on April 21st 2023 and it would be owned by GrantVsZombies and Irony server wiki owner Myszak.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Although OkBuddyRetard's former glory may never be reached again, its influence on irony is the most profound out of any subreddit or discord. Most of the servers and users listed on this wiki would have had very different lives if it were not for the creation of this subreddit and discord server.

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