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There has to be rules on the Irony Wiki so this place won't be a total anarchyfest. Violation of rules may result in your account being blocked.

  1. Don't do anything illegal. Duh.
  2. No harassment. Don't attack, harass, disparage, defame, threaten, etc. other people, whether you're talking about a wiki user or not.
  3. Don't get too crazy. You can joke around a little and have some fun, it is "irony" after all. But don't be spamming pages with racial slurs. You can put a few jokes in articles, but don't ruin articles.
  4. Stay (sort of) on topic. Don't add a bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with irony servers. I only have so much disk space. This also includes promoting anything that is unrelated to the scope of the wiki.
  5. No NSFW. I don't want to see your fart porn collection
  6. Contribute to the wiki, don't hurt it. In other words, don't spam, don't vandalize, don't blank articles, etc. Just don't be disruptive.
  7. This is a wiki. A wiki is all about collaboration. Don't be like "NOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT CHANGE MY ARTICLE :rage::rage::rage:". You don't "own" any articles. It's a wiki. Don't gatekeep articles. That said, if there's something you want to change, remove, or add to an article, don't be afraid to edit it.
  8. Use common sense. These rules don't cover everything that is considered wrong. If something goes against common sense, you probably shouldn't do it.