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OkBR Era[edit | edit source]

OkBR1 Nuke, Beginning of OkBR2 — 30/12/2018[edit | edit source]

In December 2018, the token for Ohtred, Uhtred's bot, was leaked. This allowed a malicious user to log in as the bot, and as the bot had very high permissions, they caused catastrophic damage in all the servers the bot was in, and ultimately a nuke in OKBR1. The bot token was leaked by accident when Uhtred accidentally uploaded it to the bot's GitHub repository without realizing it. The person who hijacked the bot is unknown, nor is their motive. When the bot was nuking OKBR1, there wasn't any staff online with a rank high enough to stop it. The bot would delete messages and channels and ban people. Before banning a user, it would DM them "OWNED BY OWNAGEBOT." By the time someone could stop the bot, the server was in shambles. And so, on December 30, 2018, [[LunarShadows]|Lunar] made OKBR2. OKBR1 remained a remnant of what it once was; it was later deleted.

Creation of Whiskers, World's Cutest Utility Kitty Cat. — 24/02/2019[edit | edit source]

An announcement has been made about the creation of the bot whiskers, made by uhtred (now judy.) the bot functioned as a multitool. It helped with verification, moderation, multiserver communication and also proposals and voting.

LunarShadows Drama — 01/04/2019 - 06/04/2019[edit | edit source]

The results of the MMV (Mega Mod Vote) held on the 5th April, with the majority voting for Lunar to be demodded.

On the 1st April 2019, April Fools Day, Lunar purged a large amount of the mod team without consulting anyone else and enforcing that he had the authority to do so. A lot of the old moderation team that disagreed with the decision and/or his apparent disregard for the traditional method of altering the mod team, the monthly Mega Mod Votes, left the server in protest. He opened mod apps for around a day and recruited a bunch of new people. A new server was created by the admin Dun called #1 People, a refuge of sorts for the exiled mods to discuss the current situation. He eventually conceded when Grant got involved and told him to step down, and Lunar's changes to the moderation team were undone. However, many of the old moderators chose to resign after this, including Venomi, Dun, Koolguy, and Squidplumber. Lunar became inactive following this incident.

Tobias Nuke — 26/04/2019[edit | edit source]

Tobias deletes mod chat. And also pings pinkname in announcements with a video of an awfully edited video with FNAF music over it. Afterwards leaving.

SpaceMace's Resignation — 26/04/2019[edit | edit source]

Spacemace, at that time an administrator on the server, resigned from Head Retard because of personal reasons. Following their resignation a few mods were also promoted.

Doge Squad — 22/05/2019[edit | edit source]

The Then Doge Squad Becomes a new role, nowadays it is the Impractical Jokers role.

Retardcraft —27/05/2019[edit | edit source]

A minecraft server for OKBR2, Retardcraft, was launched and hosted by tacotoaster. The download link for the world files can be found here.

Penez Circlejerk Rule — 02/06/2019[edit | edit source]

All Doctor Penez memes get put under the circlejerk rule, penez himself also declares that such memes are unfunny and stale.

Mets' Downfall — 05/06/2019 - 06/06/2019[edit | edit source]

Mets was demoted to an Advisor position after an agreement by the mod team, due to an overall lack of contribution and "disregard for procedure regarding punishments" After one day, he sent a message in announcement taking his leave. This was due to personal issues in his life.

Howiecraft — 01/08/2019[edit | edit source]

Retardcraft was wiped, updated, and renamed Howiecraft, which had its own subreddit r/howiecraft. There was a controversy regarding the server going whitelisted after it was raided and griefed when the IP had been shared outside of the server. The download link for the world files can be found here.

3 Thousand — 28/06/2019[edit | edit source]

Okbr2 Reaches 3000 Members.

R/OkbrDiscord — 01/07/2019[edit | edit source]

A Subreddit For the OKBR discord is made, now being kind of defunct...

Subreddit Link

The First Vanity — 15/09/2019[edit | edit source]

A new custom url is made, it being discord.gg/okbr

Harmonic, And The SPLIT IDEA — 31/10/2019 - 01/11/2019[edit | edit source]

The plan of the split was to make OkBR it's own Independent server was leaked early.

Giving ownership to Harmonic as well as making a new Subreddit for the server. It dates to early 2019. It was made due to a growing divide between the subreddit and discord. The fact that many of the OkBR subreddit moderators were banned on the Discord did not help at all.

The Big Chungus Circlejerk Fiasco — 13/12/2019[edit | edit source]

An announcement was made regarding a removal of the big Chungus emote and a ban on "circlejerking" it. During the one day of its ban many users were dumbassed and the change was made with much negative backlash. Squidplumber (at that time the owner) apologized for the entire situation and the emote was removed as well as the big Chungus Circlejerk rule being abolished.

Funny Omega Era[edit | edit source]

Okbr2 Subreddit Split — 01/01/2020 - 17/01/2020[edit | edit source]

The Ideas of a split between the server and subreddit have been going for a long time now, but it was finally done. Everything was finalized on January 17th. Grant resigned from ownership. Giving it to Squidplumber. There was a competition for a new server name, Which became "FUNNY OMEGA"

Partnership With 404 — 18/01/2020[edit | edit source]

Only a day after the split, Funny omega partnered with 404. (Old name for r/dankmemes Server.)

JB-Wafflez Fiasco, Ownership Change — 18/02/2020 - 21/02/2020[edit | edit source]

JB, who was a notorious user at the time, and wafflez who was a relatively active user were exposed as esexers and their dms were exposed to the mod team, it had been revealed they sent nudes to each other, breaking Discord TOS and getting them banned in Funny Omega, this drove SquidPlumber to leave and to pass ownership of the server to thee realist, they fully stepped down. And thus begins the Realist era.

R/RageBased — 22/02/2020[edit | edit source]

In order to put a bit more life into the server and some stable growth the moderation of funny omega decides to make r/Ragebased. A subreddit for rage comic related memes and content. This subreddit only grew to around 6 members.

Third Minecraft Server — 04/03/2020[edit | edit source]

A now third server under funny omega ownership was made.

Return Of The Squid — 20/03/2020[edit | edit source]

Dawa and Squidplumber returned to funny omega and were banned for spamming a person's face without their consent or knowledge as well as being annoying.

Whenthe Era[edit | edit source]

When The — 25/03/2020[edit | edit source]

Prod Announces a new name of the discord, "WHENTHE" , they also announce a role name competition so the role names wouldn't be related to the old OkBR2 server.

Thee Realist Everyone ping — 01/04/2020[edit | edit source]

Thee_Realist pings Everyone with an image of pickle rick and a caption,

"Tag a friend so they have to open their phone and look at this pickle...

...for absolutely no reason."

Angel Role — 09/06/2020[edit | edit source]

The Angel role was made,

"@Angel users are those select few heavenly users who are too good for this server and therefor have been restricted to their own little corner of #angel-chat, free from the shackles of this mortal world. In order to keep track of these users we will also be implementing another system you may remember known as NUL, which we have retaken and coined now as NUJ or Never UnJail list. Keep coping brainlets!"

The First Great Role Purge — 02/08/2020[edit | edit source]

The Mods Decided To Ruin everyone's day and demote every inactive weed squad and impractical joker, though Ex moderators were given immunity except for the "Really really dead ones."

WhenTwo — 10/11/2020[edit | edit source]

The first WhenTwo server was made, used as a backup server, an archive and also for appeals. It later was deleted for some reason. There was also this strange court system but it didn't work out, everyone kind of just forgot about it. It was basically a mock up court type system, there would be appeals open to anyone, anyone who felt as their ban was unfair could get a lawyer to represent them. A random IJ+ Would be chosen as the jury. A moderator would also be the opposing lawyer. After much discussion a verdict would be decided.

Introducing Whentwo, our brand new second server that will be used to compile, appeals, ban appeals, hearings, lore, old tags/pins and many more. You are not required to join this server, however if you are summoned for jury duty you'd have to join anyways :clueless~3:. Please understand that this is a brand new server and we are still working very hard on polishing and designing it. If you have any suggestions, critiques, or feedback please do not hesitate to contact a staff member. This server will be used to host Whenthe court. In which the google doc below will explain!! 

~ Windows XP

Rip Drake — 15/11/2020[edit | edit source]

Definetly one of the biggest achivements of the irony community as a whole. On the 15th of November starting with whenthe a message was sent in announcement, telling everyone to post the #RipDrake hashtag on twitter. And to also spread the word about it, eventually it was also posted in ironyhub and dogelore. The movement picked up speed, and with the help of many servers. It reached the trending spot as well as an official statement from twitter, that Drake. Is not actually dead.

Meme Server Lore — 02/12/2020[edit | edit source]

A shared lore server is made, whenthe gets a spot on it. Unfortunately, it just did not work out. And the server was deleted a few months after it was announced.

WhenTwo 1 Is Deleted — 07/12/2020[edit | edit source]

The first WhenTwo server gets deleted, the moderators were just unhappy with how it worked. And it was just left there to die. Unfortunate.

You guys may have noticed that whentwo was deleted today. The reason this happened was because the moderator team felt like it was just kind of not working very well for our vision of the server, as well as having to check two servers just was not working too well for us, and whentwo was kind of just left to die on its own. So instead of slowly letting the fetus bleed out until it fades from our memories, we decided to instead put it out of its misery as respectfully as possible. Let me know if you have any questions about it but yeah

NRWF Drama — 22/07/2020 - 23/07/2020[edit | edit source]

NRWF was banned for being a really problematic user who broke rules often, this would start a series of events that lead to a lot of drama. A day later on 23/07/20, Profuse, Corno and Goofy were all ascended for “plotting” stuff on another server in retaliation of nrwf getting banned, there were raid thoughts but they were instantly scrapped and Profuse, Corno and Goofy were later banned for causing chaos, drama, and alting.

Whenthe Reaches 10 Thousand Members — 03/01/2021[edit | edit source]

After celebrating new years, 2 days later the whenthe discord reaches it's 10,000th Member.  

At 14:57 EST today we got our 10,000th member. Then they left 30 seconds later. At 15:01 EST we got out 2nd 10,000th member. 2 years and 5 days ago on December 30th, 2018, this server became OKBR's official discord after the original one was nuked by a bot who's token was leaked. During that time we have seen the ownership change 3 times, a server rebrand 4 times, and many staff mass leaves. Even through all of that the server is as healthy as ever and you can see this by us getting 3k new members in the last season of 2020. We started off 2020 with our split from OKBR where we had a negative trend with our member count that only turned around in April-May when we changed the vanity to discord.gg/funny. At that lowest point we were around 4,500 members, and today, 7 months later, with the help of the vanity, you guys, and our recent discovery feature, we have made a 5500 man increase in membership, more than double what we had in April and more than this server has ever had even in its OKBR days. This only goes to show that this community is far from dead and it contradicts what many thought at the beginning of this year. We are looking forward to 2021.

Welcome to the Pastorarchy. — 10/04/2021[edit | edit source]

thee_realist passes ownership to pastor, and leaves. Saying he would return in Summer.

Whenthe Archive — 06/05/2021[edit | edit source]

A server is made with the intentions of archiving old emotes, banners and icons.

The Server Invite

The Alan Drama — 29/05/2021[edit | edit source]

Alan, a very respected Admin at that time was charged for plotting to nuke the server, releasing all of the angels, pinging everyone, leaking modchat.

This caused huge unrest in the whenthe community and general was in chaos for a few days after Alan's demotion.

Wurzt Retires — 01/07/2021[edit | edit source]

Wurzt Retires, on the day whenthe reaches 15 thousand members, this being due to a speculated "doxxing".

<im gonna keep the actual part of this pretty short cuz u get the idea but im leaving for good deleting this account. i have shit to do and discord is kinda a distraction. i dont want to keep contact w most people here, not because i dont like you all but because that defeats the whole purpose of removing myself from discord in the first place. if you really need to contact me you can always just try to message me through steam or roblox but i cant garuntee itll reach me or that i will respond.

with that out of the way i just want to say a few things before i leave. there are a lot of people i should apologize to and i am just going to say sorry here without naming any one specifically. im sure they know who they are and im sorry for a lot of the stupid shit ive done. aswell as that, there are a lot of people who do not like me! it is warranted and i am not going to start some sort of shit throwing contest after i leave so please dont bother me after im gone. i am not going to try to mess with y'all after i am gone so i would appreciate if you did the same. if you do, the only reaction you will get is a malicious one if any at all and i dont think it's in your best interest. you can shittalk me all you want but i ask you keep it to a minimum.

with all that said i am deleting this account in like an hour feel free to dm me anything you want now my dms are open and i unblocked all people i had blocked. you can ask questions or tell me to kil lmyself idgaf lol

@ here we hit 15k members btw so hi online ones

WOID — 05/07/2021[edit | edit source]

Four Irony servers (IH,WT,OKBR,DL) made an effort in order to make a huge minecraft cross-server. The server was hugely popular and a huge success, with the official WOID discord server reaching 500 users.

Going Back — 16/07/2021[edit | edit source]

Whenthe temporarily changed their server to look like it was April 2019 again, edgier jokes were also allowed.

Booster vanities were made invisible and the banner was removed due to them not existing during April 2019.

The Whenthe Awards — 18/10/2021 - 21/10/2021[edit | edit source]

For the server's 3 year anniversary there was an award show hosted. Many users voted on everything from the best user, to the most hated, kindest.

The results came on the 21st of october.

The Whenthe Elections — 13/12/2021 - — 04/01/2022[edit | edit source]

Any TR could run for president, and any IJ+ could become the vice president of the Party, users would vote for the best presidential party. With the Freedom Feline Fighters winning.

The Report Crisis — 04/01/2022 - — 12/01/2022[edit | edit source]

Many Irony servers were suddenly reported by supposedly cas. Of course whenthe wasn't safe, it was reported for "discriminating / dehumanizing content" the server was in chaos and temporarily closed. A new Whentwo server was also made as a place to go if the main server would ever get deleted. Fortunately, pastor successfuly appealed. and the server was safe.

Hello, Discord. I am the owner of the account The Pastor#4868. Recently, it has come to our attention from a bot message that our server came into conflict with the TOS and my account as well as the entire WhenThe server is at risk of deletion. The server has been passed down for 3 years, and a lot has changed on the server. However, I wish to address what I and the rest of the staff have percieved this, and a potential solution to this. We recently witnessed a "sister server" get deleted over being reported for discriminatory and dehumanizing content as well. After seeing this, we increased moderation against slurs and other discriminatory content via bots that will detect and delete these terms as well as any attempts to bypass the term. We are to believe that we, as well as the aforementioned sister server, have been mass reported by angry ex-members as many other members have mentioned. We have tried our best to keep our chat safe and friendly, even implementing a mod mail bot where users can report bad behavior to us, to which we respond to quickly. We have tried to put every precaution possible to keep the server from being targeted and reported, yet here we are. We 100% want to cooperate with these server reports, however, the warnings received regarding the reports are too vague; and result in the staff team being confused as to what we need to do to "fix" the situation without deleting all 3 years of the servers history to flashbang all previous actions taken by 3 years worth of people. As previously stated, we try our best to keep the server fun and safe for everyone. Our server has 17,000 members with an average if 15,000 messages daily. While we as staff try to keep an eye on chat and moderate it appropriately, we simply cannot have eyes on every single member in every channel at any given moment. We have recently been working to fix this with new moderators on the way, so we have more eyes on the chat. Additionally, since the warning, we have been deleting potentially problematic parts of our server. Back to the topic of the content in which we were reported for, as previously stated, we implemented bots capable of censorship as well as a way for members to contact staff in regards to any discriminatory content or harassment that occur in the server. Bots can only do so much, and if members fail to utilize contacting staff regarding issues, then there is not much we can do. We have a punishment logging channel as well, in which there are plenty of instances where we punished for toxic behavior, harassment, and use of derogatory language. Recently, we banned one of our Ex-Mods for Transphobic remarks. We banned someone accused of grooming and predation today as well with haste. Please, Discord Trust and Safety. We have been trying here, but we have no idea what it is specifically we can do unless you assist us. We fear that with the loss of WhenThe, there will become a power vaccuum that leads to the creation to newer and less professionally moderated communities that are not as hard as we are in terms of Anti-Discrimination. We take Anti-Discrimination with utmost importance and seriousness, and we work to make a welcoming, diverse, and populous environment in which everybody can get along in. I myself am known to be very against forms of discrimination and the active members universally support my behavior as an owner of the server in my ability to reasonably work with people. I want to work this out with Discord Trust and Safety, and I will cooperate with Discord Trust and Safety, and will go down with the server that I love and put so much care into after I inherited the server in April. I strongly feel that this can be worked out, even if I am unsure what it is that I have done wrong, but I am open to work with Discord in creating the environment in which it wants us to create. We hope this appeal reaches a human that can read this with some amount of sympathy, especially when years of server history, as well as - more importantly - staff accounts, are on the line over this situation. We understand the severity of the situation, and wish to solve the problem so that we may keep our community together. We need a bit more help from Discord staff in regards to what specifically we need to "fix", as well as how we should appropriately go about this. Thank you.

Osiris Drama — 03/02/2022[edit | edit source]

Osiris was a mod on whenthe who was later demoted due to toxicity. He would later be banned for partaking in illegal behavior, bringing users into a groupchat without their consent and making them feel uncomfortable, his friends encouraged others to send nudes. This is also a criminal offense. Rather Funny.

New Mods — 02/05/2022[edit | edit source]

Provinjime ,Roomba, Amanda, jati and Yote were all put into the position of Moderator on Whenthe.

A Goofy Resignation — 11/05/2022[edit | edit source]

Goofy, at that time an admin of the server who certainly impacted the server for the better, resigns due to personal issues. Truly, a national tragedy for whenthe.

Mod Secret Leak — 22/06/2022[edit | edit source]

The Mod Secrets chat gets leaked in a mini nuke, Yote resigns but shortly rejoins.

Sunday Nuke — 17/07/2022[edit | edit source]

MMV was coming up and jati, a resigned mod was included in the vote. Provinjime wanted to rig his vote so he got jati back as mod, who gave Woozy mod. After getting in call and giving Goofy mod as well, they played among us. After an imposter win and getting bored they joked about mass pinging until Provin actually made whitename pingable and all hell broke loose. Zarney watched the chaos unfold, already intending to resign. Woozy banned a bunch of people. Eventually in the chaos, explicit messages where shared exposing Pastor, the owner of the server and his views on age-gaps in marriage among other suspect things.

Steely's Whenthe[edit | edit source]

Pastor Crisis, the Steelyarchy Begins. — 17/07/2022 - 28/07/2022[edit | edit source]

Due to much drama and the Pedophilia accusations which many believe to be untrue, people started mass reporting whenthe unless The Pastor left the server and hands over his ownership to someone else, this someone else was Steely.

The mass reports also made the staff of the server delete four years of history in the #general chat, #casual chat and #serious chat.

General Deletion? - 1/5/2023[edit | edit source]

The staff team would temporarily disable the ability to see the #general channel to regular users, this would worry many, some even thought that the channel was deleted.