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OkBR 1 And 2[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Kirbizia created r/OKBR and several other subreddits to store memes she found funny, and others began to join in. This was around late 2017.

The mods mainly consisted of people she knew off r/bonehurtingjuice (seannerz, netwiderogue, pizza)

OKBR1 was created somewhere around may of 2018. It was sort of an anarchy server, with a series of regular users who would have normal conversations to a backdrop of ‘degenerate meme spam’ as Uhtred put it.

There were lots of prolific users on the server at this time, one of which being a Brazillian Integralist (unironic fascist) called Skeleton, who used to rant about exterminating the unclean.

Kirbizia was the owner or ‘Queen Buddy’, and the roles were ‘Ok Retard’, ‘Ok Buddy’, ‘King Retard’ and ‘King Buddy’, those last 2 being mod and admin. She used to be relatively chill, but started troll-banning people and clearing music queues. She went inactive for a while at one point

All of okbr1 moderators at the time were old friends off bhj and Kirbizia’s girlfriend (garfieldkart/ava) The bhj mods didn’t really care at the time, so the server was ran by her and Ava.

The first user to get admin outside of Kirbizia’s friends was a person called Vati, who modded for a while but was in a car crash and quit the server. The new moderation staff told Kirbizia to get rid of the BHJ mods because they were all relatively inactive on server and Kirbizia agreed. Pizza added them all back acting like a head admin, but they were quickly demoted and Pizza never spoke on server again

Modding was very unstructured at this time, mods could not ping everyone in mod channels so mod votes went unoticed Venomi began to integrate a lot of stuff from other meme servers, the dumbass role, modvotes, mod apps and the wiab chat, which were stolen from the deepfriedmemes discord (all staples of the modern whenthe experience, thanks to Venomi) This also included the inclusion of the Shapiro Squad, Doge Squad and Garfield Gang roles, which would all become their modern equivalents Garfield Gang was shortlived and died very quickly

Roles were originally given based on messages sent, but this sucked, so it was changed to actual quality and time spent on server, despite there still being a remaining issue on what makes.

Bruhmoment Troubles[edit | edit source]

Around this time, while the server was at 500 members, Cmonster made an offshoot server, which would become BruhMoment

There were a lot of jokes in it about raiding and nuking OKBR, this made a user tell this to kirbizia.

Kirbizia's reaction was to ban every single person from cmonsters server off of OKBR, including around half the mod team and active users

Venomi tried to stop Kirbizia from committing server suicide by telling her to unban all the users People stayed on BruhMoment and continued to talk there.

LunarShadow's OkBR1[edit | edit source]

With all that had happened, Kirbizia was bullied off the server and subreddit and Lunar became the discord owner and Grant became the subreddit owner.

Kirbizia would go on to apologize to Venomi and CMonster for some of the stuff that happened (in a now long forgotten tweet)

Lunar, who was a relatively new user, unbanned all of the Bruhmoment users as the new owner.

He was made admin early during his stay on server and its suspected that he was given owner in an attempt to kill the server by Kirbizia.

He was also revealed to be a very big degenerate, as most irony server owners. He began hitting on LTC, i think that's all i've got to say on that matter.

Kirbizia would use this to accuse Lunar of sexually harassing LTC and she used 3 reddit threads to do this. This failed, LunarShadows continued to own the server and Kirbizia finally gave up to pursue her own youtube career.

OkBR1 Nuke[edit | edit source]

After this point, Ohtred, the ‘Other Uhtred’, (which would become Whiskers) became hacked and was replaced by a scrapper bot.

This was catastrophic, as it was second only to the owner of the server. Noone with the right permissions to stop the nuke was online, leaving the OkBR1 server in shambles.

After the server was destroyed, the appeal server became a refuge for several members.

Doctor Penez and Veemo attempted to make an unofficial OkBR2 server, but a new one that was linked to the subreddit was created and they were kicked out.

LunarShadow Fucks Up OkBR1[edit | edit source]

When he took a break from being a moderator, he gave his alt a role above all the others with full admin, and fucked about with the server. This made people mad and caused unneeded chaos,

Eventually, Lunar decided that democracy had gotten too slow and him and a user called Tobias made the admin and mod roles useless.

A large majority of people decided to quit the server around this time, and Lunar and Tobias became the sole admins of OKBR1

GrantVsZombies Saves The Day[edit | edit source]

Lunar locked the server when he went to sleep and after a while, Grant took over and immediately banned him. Tobias remained head admin.

Tobias would later sucumb to his strange urges, deleting the mod chat history and pinging everyone with a very bad ‘you was at the club fnaf’ meme.

GrantVsZombies' OkBR2[edit | edit source]

Grant's OkBR2 was quite quiet, with his main interactions being an attempt to bring the discord server and subreddit closer together, this was catastrophic and

would eventually lead to the Okbr2 Subreddit Split and the birth of FunnyOmega, the short lived name for now, Whenthe.

For OkBR2's / WhenThe's history check out Whenthe Timeline.

OkBR 3 And 4[edit | edit source]

Early OkBR3 History[edit | edit source]

After the eventual split of OkBR2 from the subreddit, and it eventually becoming Whenthe a new OkBR discord appeared, the "unnukable" one, this is also the server that birthed Irony Hub.

When OkBR3 was created, the ban list was completely wiped. Many infamous banned users from OKBR2 such as Doctor Penez and LTC rejoined the community. Superiority over role supremacy was quite prevalent. OKBR3 had an extremely active vc, with very common community game nights, mostly jackbox. During times of rising tension against mods, they would often be an annoyance, such as frequently dragging/disconnecting people at random from the vc, the vc and no mic text channels were almost entirely unmoderated. Pornographic content being streamed in vc and posted in the no mic channel wasn't uncommon. There were a few small spinoff servers based off of the activities of the VC community, such as an OkBR terraria discord server and Pansmith's temmie village server/

Doctor Penez's Shenanigans[edit | edit source]

With many moderation failings, a very angry elite userbase. And much tension between the users and moderators. A cold war started. The main figureheads of the Cold War include


Doctor Penez,GrantVsZombies,Moderation Team


Dkaih35,Moe Lester,Gamer, Other Active Users

Things stay relatively sane, until Dr.Penez, the insane troller he was, is fed up with the OkBR3 Elitism. He decides to ping everyone and let all members into the meta talk. From now on the chat was free use, this resulted in the sacret chat of #meta-talk being infested with CRINGE normies.

This made much of the Elite mad, as expected. three users, Dkaih35, Moe Lester aswell as Gamers would create three separate discord servers. Spin offs only for the elites of OkBR3, flourishing with peace.

With Penez Further destroying the server and pissing off more and more of the elite things got even worse, a new command being introduced that had a bug. It allowed everyone to mention any role, this of course led to some unforseen consequences. 400+ Pings and 25+ Bans, this had resulted in another spike in the OkBR3 Cold War, though the server had end of the year exams, which definetly led to a drop in the user activity, reducing the tension of the cold war. But with new moderator applications coming, Hell would arise! Upon discovering that the new moderators were randoms who joined just month ago, and that it was to fight "elitism". As you may know, the elites were furious. If things couldn't get worse, one of the new moderators had a discord anime girl profile picture, it was also Doctor Penez's alt account. Oh the humanity!

The Mets Nuke - 4/24/2020[edit | edit source]

The OkBR Brackets, in the weeks leading to 4/24 in which users would be able to vote for their favorite OkBR discord user, in the morning of that day the final brackets were held. Jafi against the infamous Moe Lester. He was losing by a couple of votes, and so he decided to ping the buddy role in order to get people to vote for him. This was around 500 people. This led to the Staff's decision to ban moe from OkBR3. This leads to long riots that would lead to hundreds of people being muted. Aswell as one moderator taking a temporary leave, but moe was unbanned. And all was temporarily good. Until, one longtime mod, Mets, is prompted to make a new role. He accidentally gives this role to every single user. This role had administrative abilities, at first people didn't realize that they had this role. But when they did, chaos arose from the ground. People started pinging @everyone and this attracted around 8 Thousand users, at this point the mod channels were revealed, thousands of N words, channel deletions, bans. many bots that were the brain of the server were kicked, people who never talked in the server decide to post their porn folders full of degenerate and hardcore abhorrent porn in every text channel they could find. People also changed the server icon to insane stuff. At this point all hope was honestly lost. Until one person deleted the new role, an unknown hero. Effectively ending the nuke and all of the chaos, there was still fallout to deal with, people learned that it was Mets who did this devious deed, he told everyone that it was an accident and resigned from his poisition in shame. The staff did their best to restore the server, but it was nearly impossible as most of the channels were deleted, many users left the server aswell as a few mods quit. Kronik, a server moderator, gets a huge list of people who deleted channels, posted porn, pinged everyone, etc. and banned all of them, leading to about 100 users being permabanned. In order to prevent spam the staff only allows a handful of users to post messages, by the time the clock hit 12 AM most of the spam and chaos had been contained and when the morning of 4/25 rolled around, most users were allowed to post.

Users Destroying OkBR3 During the Mets Nuke

The Infamous Mets Nuke Caused :

2 Longtime moderators resigning

1 Moderator eventually being banned

Hundreds of tags, emotes and channel history being lost.

First IronyHub Banner

Tons of Popular Users Leaving, 2 thousand in general leaving the server.

Dozens of People Being Banned

IronyHub - OkBR3's Greatest Enemy - 5/25/2020[edit | edit source]

Just a month after the infamous Mets nuke, the worst day in OkBR History emerged. 3 well known users, Moe Lester, Gamer and Dkaih35 left due to constant mod abuse in the discord. Many of the active users symphatized with the others for doing so. Really fed up with the abuse several members of the elite combined their respective discord servers into one, big server called Irony Hub. The crossroads between worlds, the greatest creation of the Human Civilizations yet.

The community was created so users could have a mod abuse, gay pornography and drama free OkBResque experience. As the server was still in infant stage. Some dogelore mods seeing the Irony Hub potential partnered with the server. This gave the server a good member boost aswell as some nitro boosters.

Dkaih35 then openly declared war on the OkBR Admins, He needed to FUEL the users' anger against the staff menace. And how to do that better than a speech?  Thus, Dkaih35, unleashed perhaps one of the most beautiful essays yet.

"I have a message  for us all today. The time has come for a new place for people     to congregate. Okbuddyretard has just become a shithole  , and we're gonna make this better  . Mods will no longer have power to do everything and will receive punishments  for screwing  up. We will not have childish   circlejerks that only have  stupid people continue because they are   brainless. I  left the server tonight because I'm done with moderator abuse    screwing up my community     that I've loved for so long. I'm taking it in my own  hands. I enjoy talking  to everybody on the server who's worth having [???]. We need people  who are willing to stick with us to make a change for the better. No moderators  will be allowed to do things like making an alt account   and deleting all the mods from the server, uh, spam pinging everybody  multiple times, or even nuking the server. Nobody's gonna be allowed to do that without  repercussions. I highly recommend  leaving OKBR3 to send a message to the moderators that their behaviour  is not ok, and we're not gonna tolerate it. Thanks to everybody who plans to stick around with us for the new future, and a higher quality community. Welcome to the future.    "

But this only led to controversy and relentless mockery in the entire irony community, Whenthe,Dogelore,Bruhmoment. Dkaih became a laughing stock and now his only safe space was Irony Hub. This was a point of no return.

The original idea was to make Irony Hub a hub between all irony servers, if only...

The Death Of OkBR - 5/31/2020[edit | edit source]

With the tiredom of the OkBR3 moderators, that they had to deal for years now. Constant grooming, pedophile allegations and other strange scandals, raids and nukes. They figured that they would have to end it all and begin a new server, on 5/31 the moderators completely erased the server, GrantVsZombies had no choice. Deleting OkBR3 from existence, and so he did.

Alas, the end of OkBR3. And the eventual rise of IronyHub has begun.

Inter Limbo Period And OkBR4[edit | edit source]

The Inter Limbo Period describes an era in which there was no official OkBR server, it lasted around a month. With many small clique servers rising during this time there were two that managed to take the most users in. The Doctor Penez Dimension aswell as Irony Hub.

After a long wait a fourth server was made somewhere during late July, the server lacked many things such as activity roles, proper channels, and other things that were generally thought of when thinking of an OkBR server.

This also helped the future rise of Irony Hub. As users missed what the old OkBR was and seeked that experience again.

End Of OkBR4 - 4/07/2022[edit | edit source]

Many users who were not satisfied with the fourth server left for IronyHub, this left a discord server with almost no active users and constant rule breaks, it was decided that the server's future would be decided with a mod vote, the only user who voted against the decision to delete the server was Doctor Penez. He then invited multiple subreddit mods, made them admin, and demoted the admin to mod. At first the mods were just trolling, but then the server got nuked. Then it was deleted on the 7th of April 2022.


Video of the nuke

Post OkBR 4 Era[edit | edit source]

Awesome Planet[edit | edit source]

A bit before OkBR4 was deleted. transam33o made a server as a splitoff to OkBR4 because of the sub mods, multiple active users leaving, and to make a better server. It gained around 80 members in the day of opening and it currently has 500 members and is decently active.

OkBR 5[edit | edit source]

Many have thought that OkBR 4 would be the last OkBR due to the events that took place that caused the downfall of OkBR 4. However, on April 21st 2023, a sudden announcement was made about the brand new OkBR server. Since the server is still brand new not much has actually happened and the server count is currently at 150+ with a steady flow of new users coming.