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Awesome Planet
Server info
Status Nuked
Invite link
Users744 (peak)
200+ (present)
Ownerminema_jefferson (transam33o)
FoundedApril 4, 2022 (as Troll Terminal)
DefunctSeptember 24, 2023[note 1]
Awesome Planet’s banner.

Awesome Planet was an irony server created by transam33o right before the OkBR4 server was nuked by their subreddit's staff. This server was planned to act as a new home for most of the former OkBR4 members, and to create a much healthier community. The server stood with a member count of over 700 before being nuked in August 2023, bringing it down to around 430 members. It was nuked again in September, bringing it down to the 200s, with the server now only having one channel.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

Awesome Planet was made by Transam33o, a former OkBR4 moderator, as a means of salvaging the remaining pieces of the devastated OkBR4. The server was created on April 4, 2022 as Troll Terminal. The name was changed to Chungus World on April 8, then to Chungus Planet on April 10, and finally to Awesome Planet on April 11. Upon its creation, its member count quickly rose into the hundreds. In the meantime, it also gained many former Irony Hub users who tried to find a new home, as the server was somewhat similar to what they once had.

The first mods were Nisshie, Treyshawn, Deez.Nutz.Irony.Hoodstatus348, Truckmonth and Polk. However, the first three have been demoted due to being considered unfit for moderation of the server.

In the year that Awesome Planet has existed, there has been relatively a low amount of drama amongst the users and staff team. This is, of course, besides the incident where the famed user r drank bleach, almost dying in the process while giving a play-by-play in #general. The server also has had multiple 4chan raids. Other than those two "small" incidents, the server has been relatively calm in comparison to the drama of other irony servers.

In the end, Awesome Planet has become more of a new-age renaissance more than anything, as it strays away from OkBR and the corruption that came with it. The server can be described as if a small portion of every side of OkBR was amalgamated together; but early Irony Hub (coupled with motifs of popular irony/shitposting subreddits r/hoodironycentral and r/wordington) is the main inspiration here.

Awesome Planet had some quite interesting characters.

February 2023 Mass Pings[edit | edit source]

During mid-February 2023, more mass pinging was happening than usual. The users most commonly mass pinging at this time were LTC, Trollface Gaming, Big Chungus, lego2003, and James Wordington. These could happen as much as 2-4 times a day, but usually swift punishment was given to the users (mute, ban, etc). Since then, however, the mass pinging has gone down significantly.

Nuke[edit | edit source]

In late July 2023, much of Awesome Planet's active userbase moved to The Irony Hub after its creation, causing AP's activity to decline substantially. The server was nuked on August 12, 2023,[note 2] minutes after ZRKZ rejoined and re-promoted to mod by Truckmonth. Immediately, many everyone pings were made, and people quickly began spamming and posting porn. Debra was given mod minutes later. Then, Pacficic (Int) deleted the #general channel, and Truckmonth simply decided to end it all. Every channel, every sticker, and a few emojis were deleted along with over 300 members being banned or leaving within 2 hours.

During the nuke, Transam33o was offline. After several hours of no changes or announcement from him, he and the remaining mods decided to try rebuilding the server.

Post-Nuke[edit | edit source]

Due to the ban wave during the nuke, Polk brought up the idea of unbanning everyone, including those from before the nuke. Its implementation caused infamous users such as Gun Mario, John Edgar Hoover, and Phantho, who was re-banned 4 days later, to rejoin. The server is even less active than it was in the weeks before the nuke, but a few holdouts remained.

Second Nuke[edit | edit source]

On September 24, 2023, in order to aid Wry in his search for a successor to own The FTA, The decided to give him mod for the lulz. An @everyone ping occurs, and Mr. Electric demotes Wry, but The demotes Mr. Electric and re-promotes Wry. Afterwards, Wry gives mod to Zokluke and Almawt, deciding that he'll keep ownership for the rest of his life, and Zokluke demotes every mod from before that day using Dyno commands. Every channel is deleted once again, and around 70 users are banned, bringing the member count below the 350s. The server ended up in an anarchic state for a few hours while the new mods were asleep.

Several hours later, Wry and Zokluke returned, sending more pings and banning around 70 more people before the server was suddenly blanked and the new mods gone. A new #general appeared a few hours later.

Sharty Culture Presence[edit | edit source]

Awesome Planet has had an increasing amount of Soyjak posting, mentions of the "Soyjak Party" forum, and a few threads on that forum describing the server, commonly known as the Sharty Raids. It is apparent that "Sharty Culture" is growing within the irony server sphere quite quickly, and with each day there's atleast some form of Sharty culture mention.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Date of the second nuke.
  2. August 11 in the Americas