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Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/budbak
Other linksr/okbhaibudbak
FoundedMay 27, 2020 (subreddit)
January 30, 2021 (server)
FounderALLU ARJUN (subreddit)
KALLU KALIA (server)

r/OkBhaiBudbak is an Indian discord server for a subreddit with the same name, the r/OkBhaiBudbak subreddit is an Indian spin-off of the the famous r/okbuddyretard subreddit, the subreddit is dedicated to share indian ironic memes and jokes which are intentionally nonsensical and absurd. With over 20,000 members it is one of the bigger ironic meme pages on Indian internet.

Subreddit History[edit | edit source]

On July 2020, Masakali(a fucking nigger) decided to create an Indian okbr sub called r/okbuddyindian, which was banned within a few days for "recreating a banned subreddit". This was not the case, however. Attempts were made at repealing the ban, which did not prove to be fruitful.

Fast forward to October 2020, when he met Agent 178, the only other Indian person in the Romanian OkBR server who knew about okbuddyindian, and wanted to create an Indian okbr sub (Agent 178 would soon become an admin on the okbb discord and mod on the subreddit).

In December 2020, he then met mittro70 on the r/redditmoment server, who was a mod on r/ihaveihaveihavereddit. When he informed him about okbuddyindian, mittro told him about a subreddit called OkBhaiBudbak, which was dead, but had potential for growth. mittro70 later suggested him to apply for the role of a mod on that subreddit. Although Masakali was on board with the idea, he wanted to wait a while longer, hoping that he would eventually get r/okbuddyindian. However, in January 2021, he lost hope, and messaged Sixtixx#0012 for mod on OkBhaiBudbak. Initially, he thought that he wouldn't be given the position, because of his history as a powermod. Surprisingly, he was given the position. From then on, Masakali worked on the subreddit, growing it to what it is (even today).

Later, on January 30th 2021, the discord server was created, and the IQ of India went down significantly.

Server Timeline[edit | edit source]

2021[edit | edit source]

Early Server[edit | edit source]

This was the starting year of the server. Some of the earliest members were responsible for creating some of the first in-jokes, such as "anyone PES", "didn't ask lolz!", "My GF" etc. In the early months the discord was kept alive by around 10-15 members, but that didn't mean that there wasn't "fun" lurking around at every corner.

The First IndianDankMemes Raid[edit | edit source]

In October or November 2021, OkBhaiBudbak saw its first big wave of users due to a raid from the r/IndianDankMemes discord server. (The sub is the most popular meme subreddit in India but it is also very unfunny.) The server became much more active than it was before.

An active IDM user named 'itiswhatitis' posted an invite to OkBhaiBudbak in IDM. The link was autodeleted but Gaumata, who was an IDM mod then, asked him for the invite in dms. Itiswhatitis gave it to him and he pinned it in IDM general, to raid OKBB. (IDM members did not plan to post gore or cp or anything like that in OKBB, unlike many other discord raids.) During the raid, OKBB mods were not hostile to IDM members, and a lot of the raiders liked that, so they decided to stay, including Gaumata. This meant that a lot of active IDM members were lost to OKBB, so IDM became much less active. Because of this, Ved, who owned IDM at the time, told Gaumata to call everyone back, which he did, but he himself stayed, so Ved removed his mod. After this, there was a cold war, where the word OkBhaiBudbak and OKBB was censored in IDM and IndianDankMemes and IDM was censored in OkBhaiBudbak. IDM mods except Gaumata were banned from OKBB. The cold war ended when IDM was nuked.

The Introduction of Thug[edit | edit source]

,This year, Thug, meaning gay porn of black people, became popular in the server. At first, it was not welcome. A war was fought where users such as Indian Emperor, Gaumata, Swarit and Grim would post thug and the mods, especially Agent 178 and Masakali, would mute for long periods of time. But eventually, thug was accepted and even the owner started to be fond of it. After that, other users, including the owner, also posted or spammed it sometimes. Thug is now very common.

2022[edit | edit source]

This year was the most chaotic for the server as many important events occurred. Many notable memes and server inside jokes were created like ration, allu arjun, genesis and etc.

Fard vs Gaumata[edit | edit source]

Fard and Gaumata, two active (at the time) users didn't like each other and insulted each other in chat. They decided to argue in the vc. Sixtixx decided the date of the argument to be June 1 and recorded the event. During the argument, Fard told Gaumata to insert a knife in his asshole then take it out and lick the shit and blood on the knife; and then to cut his testicles off and suck the semen from them. This became a famous phrase. They eventually agreed to hate on Noida instead of fighting in a second argument which happened on 27 June. The anniversary of this event was celebrated next year.

The Deletion of #whatsapp-group-chat (general)[edit | edit source]

The most important thing which happened this year was the deletion of the general chat (RIP #whatsapp-group-chat). The former mod Himanshu was the culprit. He said that he meant to delete a different channel but accidentally deleted general; Though most people still suspect there to be another reason for it, it is still not clear what was his intention.

Masakali leaves[edit | edit source]

This year was also the year in which the person who made OkBhaiBudbak what it is today (Masakali) left, though, he would join the server again the next year.

2023[edit | edit source]

Retards of India raid[edit | edit source]

In March and April, members of the discord server 'Retards of India' raided OkBhaiBudbak by spamming child pornography in the general chat. (CP, doxxing and raiding is very common in ROI.) This was done because members of that server did not like OKBB, and OKBB had rejected their partnership request. This mainly done only by 2-3 users, using many alt accounts. This went on for a long time. The mods turned on explicit image filter and required phone number verification to use the server, to prevent cp spam and raids. The terms 'ROI' and 'Retards of India' were censored in OKBB. Some members of OKBB went to ROI to spy on them, so, many users and most mods of OKBB were banned from ROI. Some ROI users were spying on OKBB too. ROI still does not like OKBB, though they share many users.

Non_Neutral "leaves"[edit | edit source]

On May 7, non_neutral, the Assistant Owner, said that he would leave the server if his message got 100 stars. In 3 days, the message received 100 stars after many @everyone pings. After coming back from school, he pinged everyone again and left. But he did not leave forever. He pulled a Caskain and rejoined in an hour. He was banned but got unbanned 5 minutes later, and he immediately rejoined. He then said that he is a changed man and professed his love for the server.

The Nuke[edit | edit source]

On July 12, the server was nuked. Every public channel was deleted. This nuke was done solely by the user Faggotslayer Suriya. Suriya asked for the role hacker boy because he liked the colour and Non_Neutral gave the role to him, without realising that the role had Manage Channels permissions. After a few hours, Suriya realised that he was able to mess with channels, and proceeded to delete every channel he could see. Indian Emperor saw the server right after Suriya deleted all the channels and thought it was just a glitch. The mods soon restored most of the channels and the server went on as normal, but much history was lost.

Staff Members[edit | edit source]

Current Staff[edit | edit source]

Profile Picture Username Position Date of promotion to staff Status
sexxsuxx🤣🤣🤣🤣 Owner of the server, Founder January 30, 2021 Active
kaali Co Owner, Discord Server Founder January 30, 2021 Active
agent 178#5364 Co Owner January 30, 2021 Inactive
non_neutral Assistant Owner, Head Admin May 16, 2022 Active
nigger Admin July 17, 2022 Active
brokencamel4 Admin, Reddit Mod October 10, 2022 Active
indianemperor Discord Mod, Wiki Mod May 18, 2023 Active
Gau Mata Discord Mod TBD Active
nigger_0002 Discord Mod TBD Active
goofy Latrine Discord Mod TBD Inactive
crater101 Discord Mod, Reddit Mod TBD Active

(same person as crater101)

Discord Mod, Reddit Mod TBD Active
big nigger Discord Mod, Reddit Mod TBD Active
DaBabu Discord Mod TBD Active
speedyrogue29 Reddit Mod TBD Active
nigger Reddit Mod TBD Inactive

Former Staff[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Profile Picture Username Former Position Date and Reason of demotion Status
pythonp Admin Left the server just before his job was about to begin (June 2022) Left server
ceo_of_india Discord Mod, Subreddit Mod 29 June, 2021

Was banned as a joke by Masakali but never rejoined as he already planned to leave to focus on his exams, and he did not like how chat was filled with politics at the time because of Salad. When he tried to rejoin, he was banned by Josh.

Left server
gnocky2 Discord Mod, Subreddit Mod TBD Inactive
space.jesus. Discord Mod TBD Left server
jub007, previously jub#6293 TBD Left server
ashdis Discord Mod 24 August, 2022

Deleted general (#whatsapp-group-chaat)

techsupport_scammer Discord Mod, Subreddit Mod He didn't like how chats were filled with politics due to price Left server

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