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Status Active
OwnerQuixotic, AziPloua, 6 others
FoundedAugust 6th, 2020
FounderQuixotic, AziPloua
OKPR Discord
Server info
Status Active
Invite linkhttps://discord.gg/bEsZHMdgxV
ID1013121756766142555 (OKPR v3)
FoundedNovember 2020 (v1)
May 15th, 2021 (v2)
August 27th, 2022 (v3)
Founderunknown (v1)
Quixotic (v2)
Delu (v3)

OKPR is the official Irony Server of the r/OkPrietenRetardat subreddit. It is one of the few servers in the irony space that is based on a language other than English. Even though it had many server deletions and reboots, it is still active, and a small hub of quality Romanian shitposts and unfunnies, featuring a tight knit community.

Timeline Summary[edit | edit source]

OKPR v1[edit | edit source]

Founded during November of 2020, OKPR v1 was the first edition of the server, and gave the subreddit's community a chance to connect with eachother. Originally, it was created by another person while the subreddit had 900 members, with the purpose of celebrating the next milestone of one thousand Reddit members. Quixotic, the founder of the subreddit, was invited, and server ownership was transferred to him. Messages on Reddit related to v1's creation are all deleted, so, presently, the original server creator and v1's exact creation date are unknown.[1]

OKPR v2[edit | edit source]

Founded on May 15th, 2021, on the same day as v1's deletion, OKPR v2 was the second edition of the server.[2]

OKPR v3[edit | edit source]

Founded on August 27th, 2022, OKPR v3 is the third and current edition of the server.

Liga Mulatra[edit | edit source]

On June 26th, 2023, multiple members revolted against the state of the server, and because of the situation with Gagaunci and his DMs of child pornography.

Popular memes/trends[edit | edit source]

Buci Mesi[edit | edit source]

Messi Cheeks

The term buci mesi (English translation, Messi Cheeks) was coined by Hiss27, when he captioned the image of Lionel Messi showing his ass. It became a long term mascot for the subreddit and the Discord itself.

Relu's Lego Ferrari[edit | edit source]

Relu's Lego F40

One day during v2, Relu said that he ordered his own Lego Ferrari. This, for him, was a dream that finally became true. Some members stated that it won't arrive at his destination. But, after 4 months of waiting and spamming and crying like an annoying retard, his dream car arrived, and, after assembling it, he started spamming pictures and making unfunny memes with it in #bucuresti-general.

Thugposting in general[edit | edit source]

Thugposting was a trend in OKPR which involved posting NSFW content of black men (also known as thugs) in lewd poses, including media of DreamyBullXXX and Nude Barber, and deleting them after a few seconds if a moderator was around. Usually those materials were posted during midnight, in order to not be seen by a large audience, which instead made the trend become more and more recognizable.

Some members found thugposting funny, but some did not. After some time, some people were getting tired of the incessant thugs in general chat, and thought that it got 'unfunny and repetitive', instigating a conflict. Even some of the staff members such as OrthoSB, Mihailul and Razvan5576 thought it was beginning to get unfunny. Since then, OrthoSB made a decision, and added the rule that thugposting is now banned. Some members argued about this new rule, while others stated that it made the server a better place. Thugposting is still banned to this day.

Relujak[edit | edit source]

Stop posting about Relujak

Relujak is an inside joke started by user Grug, which is based on one of the many profile pictures that Relu has possessed on his Discord account. This one in particular depicts one of the main characters from the video game Hotline Miami, Biker[3], whose helmet is worn by a soyjak. The image encapsulates both Relu's (often ironic) suicidal tendencies, as he was frequently and jokingly saying on chat that he wants to kill himself, and also his passion for the Hotline Miami game series.

Eventually, the joke became one of OKPR's symbols, being more recognizable thanks to a video meme made by Edward.[4] There was also a not-quite-the-right moment when a member from OKPR made a reference about relujak on a Romanian Youtuber's Discord server while another user from that server confessed that she was dissatisfied with her life.

Sunt cu mașina[edit | edit source]

"Sunt cu mașina" (English rough translation, I am with the car), means that the user is currently driving, or inside an automobile.

The joke originally started on the OKPR v2 server and was made by user Razvan5576, who had a driving license at the time (and still do). Shortly after obtaining his driver license, Mihailul also adopted the joke and started using often on his Discord status, eventually helping popularizing it among OKPR's server members.

Basically, this phrase meant that the user who said it was currently driving, but the joke can also be used ironically by users who do not have a driving license.

OKPR army[edit | edit source]

The OKPR army started after Netflix's son wanted to see the smallest tank in the world. After finding a mini tank used by SWAT teams to breach buildings, he called it "Tancul OKPR", and made a post on the subreddit claiming that, if everyone paid 10 lei, OKPR could buy a tank. He continued finding goofy looking military equipment and claiming they are a part of the OKPR army. After a short amount of time many other users started doing the same thing. This trend continued until the deletion of v2.

Toma Poponaru[edit | edit source]

"Toma Poponaru" is a very rough romanian translation of the nickname "Gay Tony", belonging to one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto 4 - The Ballad of Gay Tony. The translation was coined as a joke by HeliasC, while over at szailor's house. Szailor then went ahead and changed his profile picture to Gay Tony's face and his username to "Toma Poponaru", and started spamming "Bună! Mă numesc Toma Poponaru" ("Hello! My name is Gay Tony") in OKPR's general channel. HeliasC, seeing this, jokingly called szailor out on stealing his meme in the chat, and similarly changed his name to Toma Poponaru. Several more users also changed their names, joining in on the meme. This meme started in December 2022 (on V3) and is still brought up.

sunt negru coaie[edit | edit source]

Members spamming the "sunt negru coaie" image

"sunt negru coaie" (I'm black bruh) was a mass spam event on the server on July 11th, 2023, after Bogdan posted the following message:[5]

if some retard comes and edits "I'm not black bruh" but erases "not" I'll come and hit him against all the walls

Right away, RT used Inspect Element and made a photo of exactly what Bogdan advised against; a message from his account reading "I'm black bruh". Six members starred the message, and a few moments later, members started spamming the image.

This lasted a few minutes, up until the chat was locked. Some people moved over to the #polska-gurom-general channel and continued spamming. The general chat got unlocked, and people continued to spam inside it. RomanianMemer mentioned @everyone, and more people joined in. The spamming lasted a total of ten minutes, and amassed over 500 messages of the "sunt negru coaie" image.

The spam continued on July 20, 2023 out of the blue on #bucurești-general and #polska-gurom-general, now with new memes and GIFs that contain the famous quote written by bogdan.[6]

Penis cu legume[edit | edit source]

"Penis cu legume" (Penis with vegetables) was a posting trend on the server during September 2023. It consisted of using a Discord bot command (with NotSoBot) which displays the Google Images results of user queries.

On September 6th, 2023, Gelujak sent the message ".img penis cu legume" in #bucuresti-general[7], to which the bot replied with an image of vegetable dish with chicken meat made to resemble a penis (NSFW).

The image was published in 2013 on a WordPress blog hosted by a man named Dan Caragea.[8] The blog is about a Chinese woman who cannot live without seeing the male genital organ, even in her food. That's why she decided to open a restaurant where all food served contains meat resembling the organ. It is said she models them manually using a special matrice.

Due to the comedic value many members found in the image, it has started to be rapidly appreciated by the community and accordingly nearly spam-posted across the server. This eventually led to server admin RT banning the posting of the image in any way and handing out timeouts to the disobeyers of this rule. The keyword ".img penis" was banned, but variations weren't considered, which led to the discovery of other similar images, like "penis cu paine" (penis with bread), likewise posted on Dan Caragea's blog.

On September 29 2023, a new channel #dan-caragea-fan-club was added to the server, with the purpose of holding the above-mentioned images.[9]

The Chainsaw Man Craze[edit | edit source]

The Chainsaw Man craze has taken hold of some of the members of OKPR v3, but it's a divisive phenomenon. Originating from the series' popularity, this trend involves the excessive use of Chainsaw Man-related content. However, it has not been met with universal approval. What started as an innocent expression of enthusiasm soon transformed into an overwhelming flood of memes. Members, eager to share their love for the series, have inundated the server with a seemingly endless stream of Chainsaw Man humor.

Certain members have started creating Chainsaw Man memes in Romanian, but they are usually met with mixed receptions. Some think that the memes often fall flat, lacking humor and originality while some find them really funny and are spamming them in #bucuresti-general regularly. Many members that are fans of the series have also adopted Chainsaw Man characters as their profile pictures. Some fan art and fanfiction inspired by Chainsaw Man have also emerged.

Some members dislike this trend and believe that the issue with the meme onslaught is not just the quantity, but also the quality of the content. Many members believe that a significant portion of Chainsaw Man memes are not funny, particularly as many have not seen the anime nor read the manga and are thus unfamiliar with the references made in the memes. For them, these memes lack meaning and rely on overused and unamusing jokes.

On August 27th, 2023, Gelujak created OkPrietenMakima (OkFriendMakima), an OKPR-adjacent Chainsaw Man meme server.

"I am offering private geography lessons" copypasta[edit | edit source]

This spamposting trend started at around 10:30 PM EEST (GMT+3) on September 16th, 2023. It all started when OKPR V3 member Glowk posted the following message[10]

@Useless ping I am offering private geography lessons, the asking price is 75 lei[11] per session, and 5 lei bread money. My name is Professor Doctor Engineer Glowk, I am offering reparations, private lessons and cardiology surgeries for a modest sum, and if you're at least 18 years old you will receive a candy from me in person. Signed: Professor Doctor Engineer Glowk

It holds comedic value due to it resembling private lessons advertisement posts on various platforms, amplified by the popularity of private lessons among high schoolers. The members olduser and potaie almost immediately started spam posting this message, with slight changes (i.e. maths instead of geography and a different name). More members caught up to it and eventually admin Szailor locked #bucuresti-general, to no avail as members just started spamming into a different channel. Over the next half an hour, the messages which were being spammed changed from the original "private lessons", to images from bots or supplied by the users themselves, messages saying that Szailor deserves to be owner and simply empty messages.

Almost all of the messages spammed were accompanied by the ping inutil role mention, which is a role that anyone can grab and anyone can mention. At the time of the event occurrence, 109 members had this role.

Translation trend[edit | edit source]

This is an ongoing, but subtle, habit around a handful of server members to translate English messages and media to Romanian or viceversa. Most are literal, word-by-word translations, which hold humorous value due to the differences in grammar in the two languages.

On December 15, 2023, the ping traduceri (translations mention) role was created, which can be mentioned by anyone when an image or message appears which could be funny if translated.

Some notable examples:

OKPR members Wojak[edit | edit source]

On December 2023, a trend was born, in which OKPR members, whose real faces were posted on the server, were redrawn in a Wojak style. Those people depicted in the pictures are notable members of the server, such as OrthoSB and szailor. Originally, although not related, there was a picture posted by Mihailul with his real face during the OKPR v2 era in 2022, that was redrawn by Grug in a Wojak style.

Some notable examples are:

Notable channels[edit | edit source]

Flamanzenii de sus general [you know who else watches bucuresti-general?][edit | edit source]

#flamanzenii-de-sus-general (the flemish from above) (former #bucurești-general) is the name of the general chat, started around v1 of the server. This is where most of the shitposting happens.

Gulag/Vorkuta[edit | edit source]

Vorkuta is a 'jail' channel, first started in OKPR v3, for members who broke the rules. Prisoners stay temporarily or permanently, or pay the tax stated in the #sentinte channel by farming trollcoins from UnbelievaBoat and paying either the staff member that jailed them, or Mihai3, who has the Comisar de Afaceri Interne role (Commissioner of Internal Affairs).

Întrebărea zilei [întrebări ale zilei lol][edit | edit source]

"would you rather poop bears or have all of the world's bears transform into gigantic masses of poop?"

Since v2, întrebarea-zilei (Question of the day) is a channel where admins, mods and people with the Întrebător al zilei role can ask the community random questions they can answer. Iubesc întrebările zilei!!! is pinged for each question.

Many times, asinine questions are asked, such as "Do you prefer poop or piss?". Relu is a master of this technique.

Pariuri / Book of RT[edit | edit source]

PARIUL ANIVERSAR OKPR🎂🎂🎂 NU SE POATE!!! 60.000 XP! WTF? CA DE OBICEI!! DACĂ NU AI ÎNCREDERE ÎN ECHIPA TA, PIERDEȚI!! DE DATA ASTA, PIERZĂTORII IAU TIMEOUT DOUĂ SĂPTĂMÂNI!! NOROC!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🧯🧯🧯🧯🧯 Alegeți echipa apăsând unul dintre butoanele de mai jos pentru a participa. Câștigătorii primesc 60.000 XP!! Pierzătorii primesc Timeout timp de 336h! Rezultat ⬛ Echipa neagră a câștigat. Participanți (55)
The OKPR Anniversary Bet

The #pariuri channel (bets) is used to host bets which are organized in two teams, where the winning team gets rewarded bot currency (TrollCoins) or XP, and the losing team gets a timeout from the server. The philosophy behind the bets (according to RT) is that, the more you believe in your team, the higher your chances of winning.[12] This got the nickname of Book of RT (a play of words on Book of Ra, a popular slots game), coined by olduser.[13]

The first large scale bet, hosted on August 9th, 2023, involved a 24 hour timeout, and a 3.000 XP reward.[14] Due to its positive reception and RT's desire to continue the bets frequently, he programmed an open source bot named August, which handles bet participants, picks winning and losing teams, and applies timeouts.

On August 27th, 2023, for the occasion of OKPR v3's anniversary of one year without server deletion, RT hosted the Anniversary OKPR Bet (Pariul aniversar OKPR), which featured ridiculous rewards and punishments - 60.000 XP for the winners (which meant a completely new user would reach the first page of the leaderboard), and an entire two week timeout from the server for losers.[15] 55 people participated, and were awarded the Parior aniversarea OKPR 2023 role. The XP rewards had received criticism at this point, as they were making the leaderboard worthless. This was the last time XP was rewarded for an OKPR bet. Items were added to Unbelievaboat the shop, and the economy was reformed (with changes such as 12h cooldowns for money commands).[16]

Bets have continued ever since, and they are a daily event nowadays (usually for 800 TrollCoins/12h timeout).

The fall and rise of the August bot[edit | edit source]

Around November 2023, RT (the sole developer and host of the bot) had his account disabled by Discord, and later on February 8th, 2024, it got deleted. With that, the bot got deleted as well. Shortly after being informed of the incident, RT's twin brother, TR, joined the OKPR Discord guild and made a new bot named Februarie (February), keeping the same source code and data, thus no changes regarding functionality had taken place.

Copypasta [un fel de 4chan romanesc de buget][edit | edit source]

The copypasta channel

As the name suggests, this is where users post copypastas from around the internet, usually funny quotes or translated hood irony posts.

Example of a daily bet, on the processor of the August bot named Februarie

Related projects[edit | edit source]

Rietenpetardat[edit | edit source]

Ortobebop/rietenpetardat is an AI chat bot in OKPR that replicates members' style of talking among other features.

Community servers[edit | edit source]

OKPR has many smaller, community made, servers. These include:

Statistics[edit | edit source]

OKPR v3 member milestones
Members Date first reached
100 September 2022
150 September 19, 2022
200 September 21, 2022 [note 1]
250 December 17, 2022 [note 2]
300 February 21, 2023 [note 3]
350 April 15, 2023
400 May 16, 2023
450 June 10, 2023
500 June 18, 2023 [note 4]
550 August 2, 2023
600 September 12, 2023
650 September 27, 2023
700 October 15, 2023
750 November 9, 2023
800 November 26, 2023 [note 5]
950 April 29, 2024


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See also[edit | edit source]

Create another page about the server:

References[edit | edit source]

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