Can win with great friends

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Can win with great friends
Server info
Status Active
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FoundedNovember 26, 2023

Can win with great friends is a small irony server. A splinter community of OkBuddyRetard 5, the server was created by Bazzy just a few hours after The's mini-nuke occurred. While many did not expect it to survive at first, CWWGF remained more active than OkBR5, reaching 150 members as well as Level 3 in the month after its creation.

Originally, the server was created as a group chat for notable OkBR 5 members to play games like fortnite, stumble guys and lethal company together, but was quickly turned into an irony server just a few days later. Many OkBR 5 members migrated to the newly created server following the events that had happened leading into the decline of the server and frequent advertising of CWWGF in discord.

There's speculation as to why the servers behavior towards OkBR5 was hostile. But from what is known, it has to do with an internal incident within OkBR5, dubbed the "Maple incident", involving unjust treatment from staff and false screenshots etc.

After OkBR5 lost the 3rd level of boosting CWWGF took the ragecomics vanity link, catching users clicking on existing links on the r/OkBR subreddit and the OkBR5 discord server.

History/Arcs[edit | edit source]

New Aqquaintances Arc[edit | edit source]

The first few months of the servers life were for the most part uneventful. This time is where much of the server was established. Channels, roles were created, mods were enlisted, and hierarchy of those most active was established. In the early days of the server, former member Iam.mad would often be the rule breaker of the server as well as post borderline spam into the server of random memes. A channel dedicated to his nonsense was eventually created but his repeated offences led to him earning the retard role which limited his activity and ability to view other channels permanently. He soon left the server after this. Apart from this, CWWGF would continue to prosper, rising far beyond OKBR5.

Nasty Enemies Arc[edit | edit source]

No irony server is safe from retarded ass drama. Can win with great friends is not an exception to this. In January of 2024, a series of events happened that left the server forever changed. The events of this incident saw mods banned and splinter servers created. Most details of the incident will remain unmentioned. Partially, due to some info not being available, other info isn't entirely clear, with different sides telling different stories, and others reasons for missing info is to protect the privacy of those involved.

Crazy Allies Arc[edit | edit source]

Since the the nasty enemies arc, joins and activity in the server have slightly slowed. It could be debated over why this has happened. Maybe its a direct result of the drama, maybe the server has simply finished basking in its 15 minutes of fame. A few days after the incident, recurring antagonist, Iam.mad was welcomed back into the server. It's unknown why Bazzy made this decision but regardless Iam.mad ended up leaving the server again after only a few days after more disputes and minor drama.

In February, 2024, CWWGF mod, Aubbie joined the splinter server created from the nasty enemies drama, Crazy Irony. At first, her intention was simply just to see what the server was like. However, she later made the decision to attempt to bring peace between the servers. After suggesting peace to Crazy Irony and offering to be an ambassador, Aubbie became a messenger for the servers, relaying messages back and forth until eventually, the two main individuals involved in the drama agreed to put an end to the drama for now, though tensions still stand between the two.

What will happen from here is unknown. Maybe the two servers will officially declare peace and maybe even a partnership, or maybe they will simply continue moving along their own paths.

List of admins and mods[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

GM[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date Notes
Meoziac January 2024

Based God[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date Notes
BAZZY November 26, 2023 Server owner.

BAZZY's ballsacks (Admins)[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date Notes
Amino ???
Fortnite ???
Gnoza ???

My pookies (Moderators)[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date Notes
Aubbie January 17, 2024 (Unofficial) Server Ambassador
Nizoani ???
Shxhxrr ???

Former[edit | edit source]

BAZZY's ballsacks[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date End date Notes
bartweird November 2023 January 24, 2024 Banned after being accused of plotting against the server.
Sussy Baka ??? January 2024 Demoted to moderator. Deleted his account on February 7, 2024.

My pookies[edit | edit source]

Avatar User Start date End date Notes
The November 2023 January 7, 2024 Demoted for not being "of mod quality". Remained as Advisor until he was banned on January 19, 2024 due to personal drama.