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User info
Discord taghornymemelover
Discord ID955229594842185758
ServersAwesome Planet, Bruhmoment, Irony Hub (formerly), OkBuddyRetard, WTF Irony (formerly) Dogelore (formerly)
Reddit nameu/Cmonster109
Also known asCmonster#8157
Irony Hub
StatusLeft server
RolesWas It Worth It?
Left serverAugust 1, 2021
Awesome Planet
Joined serverJune 13, 2022
RolesCmonster role The Trollface Times Media Broadcaster 📙 r/
Joined server2018

Cmonster, also known as hornymemelover, was the creator of Bruhmoment, as well as WTF Irony. He is commonly known for posting his cat in various Irony Servers. Ironically enough, Cmonster would be later banned off Bruhmoment, which he founded.

Cmonster's Cat[edit | edit source]

The actual story of Cmonster's cat is relatively unknown by many members of the Irony Hemisphere. Cmonster Cat's name is actually Jack; He was born in 2011, and as Cmonster puts it, he is a pretty basic cat. This doesn't really mean much though, as Cmonster's Cat will always have a special place within our hearts. Jack is also a Domestic Shorthair, from which he adopted from a local animal shelter.

Founding of Bruhmoment[edit | edit source]

Last Moments of Cmonster's WTF Irony

Bruhmoment is a private irony server which was founded by Cmonster. In it's infancy it functioned as a small friend server for disgruntled OkBR users who were against what Kirbizia would constantly do (posting pictures of cum covered figurines, her own toilet, or just generally act very weird). A lot of OkBR1's members would end up joining Bruhmoment, and it would be that many of the original members would still stay in Bruhmoment to this day. Ironically enough though, Cmonster would later be banned from Bruhmoment.

It's been literal years i have no idea what its like right now lmao all ive heard is that its full of gay people and theyre closed borders israel style and they hate me because i am too funny


WTF Irony[edit | edit source]

WTF Irony was a small irony server which birthed from Irony Hub, made by Cmonster himself. The server lived through two/three renditions (clarification needed). After the first one was nuked only after a week of existing, a second server was made, with a somewhat different staff team than the original, including users Zonally and HYP3R (Quipville admin). The server quickly garnered massive popularity as well as receiving 30 boosts within just one day. In its peak, the first WTF Irony server had about 400 members, with many active users. The first server was known for housing many users banned from Ironyhub and being a bit more toxic than many other Irony Servers.

IronyHub Departure[edit | edit source]

Cmonster would also leave Ironyhub and send this as his final message, this famous quote shall be remembered for centuries.

Bye everyone im becoming mentally ill thanks to this server. I hve a job and friends now so i dont need to be here lmfao. Fuck faggots .

Cmonster upon his departure from Irony Hub.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite popular belief, Cmonster's cat name is not Connor.