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Gay Spider Brothel
Server info
Status Active
Invite link
OwnerKetsu (ketsu.__.)
Temi (temiii) (former)
Svertfin (former)
Jesse (former)
Cheesecake (former)
rainer#7471 (former)
FoundedFebruary 2021

Ratatouille 18+ Roleplay, also known as Gay Spider Brothel and Ratsex, is the official discord server previously for r/GaySpiderBrothel (GSB) and currently for r/RodentIntercourse. r/RodentIntercourse is the direct successor of r/GaySpiderBrothel, which was banned. The Founder of r/GaySpiderBrothel Svertfin made the subreddit being inspired by r/fishcumdumpster after it was banned. He came up with the name after watching Hazbin Hotel half drunk, the name being inspired by the character Angel Dust.

Subreddit History[edit | edit source]

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

The subreddit was made by u/svertfin after getting his previous sub r/fishcumdumster banned by the reddit administration. The sub slowly grow with four moderators. At around 500 members, u/Catl0rd27 and u/Not_Cheese_cake joined the mod team. At around 3,000-5,000 members a certain folk named u/wiryparsley made a meme with renderforest asking for mod. The mods gave him a challenge to have the sub grow to 25,000 members in a week to become a moderator. Him and the mods at the time used renderforest memes to make announcements about the challenge for u/wiryparsley to attract new members. At the end of the challenge, the sub had gained 20,000 members. Although he technically failed the challenge, he was still made mod because of his hard work. The mods had to then ban the use of renderforest since it was a dead joke at that point. After the huge jump in members, the mods worked harder to improve the sub. This included making new flairs and enforcing the rules more. After this point, there was a fight between to people to get mod. The next event near 30,000-35,000 members was u/svertfin being banned after posting an anti furry meme. After this u/technogameroff aka Tech1e became the head mod of the subreddit.

The Ending[edit | edit source]

The reddit admin u/Chtorrr was abusing his admin powers to place pixels faster than regular users could, and banned users who happened to cover up a pixel he placed or those who posted about his admin abuse. u/Chtorrr was also the admin who banned r/2Balkan4You. These two things pissed Cheesecake off. He doxxed u/Chtorrr and his parents' name, location, hometown, address and phone number. The mods then locked the sub and didn't let anyone post. Soon, the subreddit was banned by u/Chtorrr. Two replacement servers were made after the ban, r/not_cheesecake and r/rodentintercourse.

A New Beginning[edit | edit source]

Two replacement subreddits were made after the lockdown and ban of r/GaySpiderBrothel: r/not_cheesecake and r/rodentintercourse. r/rodentintercourse prevailed and has a higher member count and higher activity, while r/not_cheesecake is completely inactive. r/not_cheese was for shitposting related to Cheesecake and their future projects, but it became inactive after Cheesecake deleted their account. The server partnered with r/rodentintercourse up until Ketsu took over the server in June of 2023, the majority of the mods on the subreddit wanted to distance themselves from the server because of bad blood; As of now r/rodentintercourse operates independently from the server.

Server History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

The server was originally a gambling server for Cheesecake's friends, but they then made it the discord server for the subreddit r/GaySpiderBrothel. Tech1e played a prank and changed the server name to Ratatouille 18+ Roleplay. Someone made a meme of the server and posted it on reddit, which caused some growth. Most of the early members were either from the official subreddit or horny weebs. The horny weebs were there because of all the nsfw channels, which helped attract new members early on. The nsfw channels would be removed much later because of the growing number of minors and the lack of interest for those channels.

Silly's Request[edit | edit source]

In April 2021, Silly made a joke requesting a channel for him in vc. Sauce Remover obliged with the request and chaos unfolded. The channel was flooded by furry porn. The channel was removed and brought back within one day. Sauce Remover recommended to Silly that he should create a server to contain the chaos and it worked for the time being. The server was mostly full of femboy porn from Silly and memes, but it only had the people who were in vc during the request so it died after 2 months after its creation.

Minecraft Server[edit | edit source]

In early June 2021, an official Minecraft server was started. Everyone originally stayed at a nice little island off a bay in the server. But ultimately it was griefed and everyone went away from spawn and made their own little factions. Eventually people got bored of the server and it died out. You might still be able to join the server if the server client is still running.

On 12 April 2022, Svertfin opened a new Minecraft server. Unlike the first server, the new server wasn't cracked thus leaving out a few members from the previous server. There was a cracked union but it was small and is nothing like the official server. This server also eventually died.

The Svertfin Taliban[edit | edit source]

The Svertfin Taliban was originally started on 17 August 2021. It was made to "protest" the past owners of the server, because Svertfin wanted Co ownership. When Cheesecake took a break, the channel which was normally for shitposting was dedicated to Svertfin. Eventually CheeseCake left and Svertfin got owner.

The Ketsu Mafia[edit | edit source]

The Ketsu Mafia started by Ketsu who wanted to make his own Taliban in early July 2021. Ketsu was well known because of posting edgy memes, so, it soon grew to 800 members. With his new found influence, he threatened Kaede and Kohai with a ban, because in his own words, "it was funny”.. After a while more important figures joined the Ketsu mafia, like Svertfin, as of late August of 2021. When Kohai started abusing her admin role, Ketsu used his influence to take the server from her and back to CheeseCake before they left in a week and Svertfin finally became the server's owner.  

Server Themes[edit | edit source]

There has been a few times where the server adopts a theme for a while. Normally this is for holidays, like Christmas, Halloween, etc. Two notable themes not related to holiday’s were the Mexican phase, which started in early September and lasted until mid-November. Almost all the mods had Mexican themed pfp and names. Another minor theme was the Imperial Ministry of Ratopia from started by Hampty<3 on 11 November 2021. It wasn't as big as the Mexican theme since only a small amount of people did the gimmick, and it only lasted a little under a few weeks.

Owner Changes[edit | edit source]

When Cheesecake was moved from Syria to Ukraine during service for the Russian Army, they were thinking of deleting the server as they didn't find it fun anymore and then would have been a good time. Svertfin convinced Cheesecake not to delete it and to give him full owner, and so Svertfin became the owner. On May 27 2022, Svertfin retired as Owner and passed it to Temi.

Benjigate[edit | edit source]

Benji was an admin on the server. On 18 July 2022, Benji's dick pick was leaked by Milgy (who got it from Zankuro) in a vc. Said dick pic has been likened to “Neapolitan Icecream”, in reference to the color scheme of Benji’s weenie. Dumbar sent it to Benji, and in rage, Benji posted nudes he thought was of Zankuro for revenge in a Signal group chat (Zankru was catfshing Benji). Since Zankuro was 17, and Benji tried to leak nudes, Benji (who was 21) was in trouble. With the amount of trouble he got in and a secret GC consisting of @GayGriffin, @8BitSatyr, @Deadnaught, @thenutdealer, @shitfuck_4, @JolliusCrusader, and @angelfish who were the first GSB users to have the pictures shown to them first hand started calling the whole situation "benjigate" as a reference to the infamous "watergate" and secretly made benjis pedophilia famous throughout GSB. After the news was broken, Benji had no choice but to leave. Benji had also groomed Athenaiscoolest (who was 16) and had sent dick pics to many members of the server at the time. Benji soon rejoined with a new account called 'Haram Infidel' and he told only a few people that he was Benji. It was discovered that Haram Infidel was Benji when he revealed it while trying to get nudes from Sawaya (who was 15 at the time) but he fell for Sawaya's trick of being his 'friend' for a while and Sawaya waited until the truth unfolded in the server, and he was banned again. There were rumors that Haram Infidel gotten unbanned by Dumbar as a last chance/trying to lure him back to the server but he decided to post cp the moment he got unbanned, although this is not fact checked.

ShitFuck Incident[edit | edit source]

On 9 August 2022, a member called selplacei committed suicide in a server voice channel by ingesting Sodium Phosphide. This was after user ShitFuck_4 replied "you won't lol" after selplacei talked about suicide; although selplacei was already very suicidal so this may not have changed much. Many believe this event to be why the server was later nuked.

The Nuking of the First Server[edit | edit source]

Note: This event has conflicting information from different sources.

The event[edit | edit source]

Sometime after Temi got owner, Cheesecake (named Venomcake then) joined and quickly got admin. Cheesecake did not like how people did not care about the suicide so they decided to destroy the server (according to Ketsu). Ketsu planned to elevate Cheesecake into a high role without suspicion, after which Cheesecake would use a bot to nuke the server. After Cheesecake got admin, they started deleting the channels. (There may or may not have been a group involved; Ketsu will not speak on this matter as he says he has sworn to secrecy, and Cheesecake has not responded to my DMs about if it it really true that there was a group.) The other mods and some regular members got in a VC to see what he is doing, but eventually got bored and started playing jackbox. When they looked at the channels again, they were filled with cbt and gore. The mods started deleting the channels that had a lot of gore spammed in them. Whenever they recreated a channel, it got filled with such obscenities again. The mods then just decided to delete the server and start over in the backup server, which is the current server. The deletion of the server took place on 12 August 2022.

Conflicting information[edit | edit source]

Cheesecake claims that they were not Venomcake, and that it was actually someone they met in a furry server who was part of a group planning to destroy the server. Cheesecake claims that they then gave Venomcake a pfp made by themself, so that Venomcake could pretend to be Cheesecake, and Cheesecake says they came up with this. Cheesecake also claims that Ketsu came up with the idea of destroying the server and that Ketsu knew Venomcake before them, and that Ketsu made a video where he thanked all the participants.

Ketsu says that Venomcake was Cheesecake and that Cheesecake is lying about it not being them. Ketsu is not willing to speak about the validity of the claim that there was a whole group involve not originally consisting of Cheesecake or Ketsu.

The manner in which Cheesecake speaks about this situation and the fact that they have said that they want to spread misinformation about these events and won't tell the truth leads me to believe that these claims are largely false. The validity of the claim that there was a separate group involved is unclear; as Cheesecake speaks strangely about the topic as if they are making it up, Ketsu is unwilling to speak about it, and Cheesecake wants to spread misinformation, according to themself. Also, Ketsu speaks as if there was a group.

The Creation of the Second Server[edit | edit source]

Birb had saved a template of the server using the bot Xenon. He, along with Raylei, preyingg, mista t and others, recreated the server.

The Great Ratsex Raid/Crisis[edit | edit source]

On January 15th, 2023 at 6:00 pm. a date which will live in infamy, the Ratsex server was suddenly and deliberately attacked by bots and different users of members who defected against the server who wanted to destroy it. The Ratsex Server was at peace at the time and with the solicitation of former members who got bullied and/or banned, was still in conversation with some of our mods and its high ranking members looking toward the deletion and hellfire of the server. Indeed, 30 minutes after the bots had commenced gore bombing in ratsex channel of General chat, the Main leaders against this attack sent a clear message to the Ratsex mods and their colleagues to delete the server. And while this message stated that it seemed useless to continue keeping the server active, it contained no real threat of the server deleting after mods fixed everything.

Background of the attack[edit | edit source]

A long while back in the summer of 2022, a group of people in the vc decided to make the servers own private raid server. This was where users would plan and carry out raids on subreddits and discord servers. This server was called the Paul Allen Raid Server. The server started off raiding subreddits and discord servers that had fandoms or users which would be seen as cringe, (FNF, DreamSMP, Eddsworld, etc.) when the users had access to these places they would use cursed images, slander the community, thug porn, and on rare occasions gore. Eventually, everyone decided that this server would be used as an anti-pedophile/abusers raiding server. Here they would target and harass servers and subreddits with either pedophilic users or sexualization of minors posted. Since these were pedophile servers they were raiding, the raiders wouldn't be as kind like previous servers had. Instead, they would spam and post very demented stuff before reporting the server and leaving. Over time, the raid server became less active before being completely abandoned.

One of the most notable users from both the Paul Allen server and ratsex were Cancer Lord and Duff Crusader, some of whom were directly behind the attack.

Duff Crusader: Duff crusader was a very frequent user on Paul Allen server and would plan a lot of the raiding. At this time Duff Crusader was really hated (and still is) on ratsex which led to him being bullied and banned multiple times on the server. With this and his severely declining mental health in real life, its safe to say he was starting to get concerning with the raiding. He would start doxxing and attacking people who shouldn't be raided, for example he raided a zoom call of a funeral with dreamybull and asked people to spam gore in a therapy server as well as telling everybody there to KYS. As the Paul Allen server went along, the raiding led to duff being exposed and more interested in gore which led to him getting a little crazy. Duff Crusader also helped raid ratsex, though after the raid, Dumbar logged into many of his social media accounts, and posted them in the Announcements channel.

Cancer Lord: Cancer Lord was considered a boogeyman/legend in ratsex, he would bully, hack, doxx, swat, as well as spam gore to people he didn't like, you wouldn't want to offend him I'll just say that. Everybody on ratsex was low key terrified of Cancer Lord, nobody fully knows how much gore and thug porn he has in his gallery but we do know that its too much. There's not much to say about him since he's either currently inactive on the server or banned but I don't want anything to happen to me so I'll stop right here.

The Attack[edit | edit source]

On January 15th 2023, Cancer Lord, Duff Crusader, probablyadudenamedjay, AKA "Jay(transformers)", who was a moderator or admin at the time, etc. were in a GC and started planning their attack on ratsex, first they gotten a bot called "Trident" which would spam ping everyone the trident discord server fast enough to the point where your phone would be vibrating as if you were getting a call from someone, they also gotten bots which would spam gore and thug porn rapidly. With the amount of harassment these users experienced as well as just hating the server in general, they wanted their revenge to go perfectly. Right before the attack, they used the inactive Paul Allen Server as a staging ground to make sure all the bots worked, it did of course but this did raise some suspicions from the users who were still in the Paul Allen server but duff crusader said to keep quiet and not worry about it. In the final preparations, Cancer Lord somehow obtained a token from a moderator named Sunn1e which would grant the bots free verification to post in the server even if they were new members.

The first attack hit hard and fast, the trident was used first to spam @everyone the trident discord server which attracted basically everyone to become active in the server to go see why their phones are violently vibrating. With the mods being overrun with trying to delete 99+ discord invites in every single channel, the second attack then followed with the gore bots which would spammed degloved faces, decapitated babies, cartel executions etc. At this time, an emergency GC meeting was created outside of the ratsex server so it wouldn't get raided, the members in the GC consisted of important members and moderators to discuss how to fix the disaster unfolding in the server. All the mods decided to ban any and all bots and alts of the bots, delete every public channel except for the vc, ban anybody associated with the attack, and remake every server. This worked and the server narrowly avoided getting deleted and it was slowly recovering, the mods decided to make a live stage in the vc called "Server Deletion part 4" which had the most members I've seen in a vc in this server. People really thought the server was getting deleted but thankfully it didn't.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Lots of people who were well known was associated with the attack and had to be banned. With the deletion and remaking of all the servers channels, a lot of unrecorded lore/history of the server was burned and unrecoverable. Even though this was probably one of the biggest events to happen in the current ratsex server, not a lot of people remember it happening, but I personally, would call this the 9/11 of ratsex.

There were plans to raid the trident server as a form of retaliation but this never went through.

Mod Purge[edit | edit source]

On 24 June, 2023, Cheesecake demoted most mods, to stop mod corruption (which is when mods unban or unmute people they like or mute or ban people they dislike). Cheesecake deleted the roles Co-Owner, Legal Advisor, Designer, and Ratatouille Detective Agency; and only kept Midtern, Moderator, Headass Mod, Admin and The Yone. Most of the mods were demoted to Midtern while some were given Moderator or Admin.

Ketsu becomes owner[edit | edit source]

On June 28, 2023, Temi transferred ownership to Ketsu because of a conversation the two had at the time after the mod purge, the conversation mainly dealt with a signal GC (Like discord but more private and not in the hands of glowies) that Ketsu was in with cheesecake and a few others that had cheese describe how they planned on hacking or getting into temi’s account to transfer ownership to themself. After the mod purge happened ketsu was in a vc with people that said it would be hilarious if he got owner and asked if ketsu could ask temi to give ketsu owner. Ketsu used the GC he was in realizing how dangerous it could possibly lead to point out cheesecake couldn't be trusted and that temi was in danger of getting hacked or even blackmail doxxed if he didn't give up owner.Happily temi was already happy to give ownership to a long friend like ketsu since he was starting to become inactive and not care even saying to ketsu that he was already looking for a successor and ketsu was one of the candidates, so after the conversation ketsu gained ownership a few hours after thus stopping the mod purge and restoring ratsex for the time being

Server Nuked Once Again[edit | edit source]

On 9/3/2023, High ranking mods decided to unban Duff Crusader (you know whats gonna happen) and decide to mess with him in #marination-chamber which is a time out chat for users who aren't allowed to use regular general chat. @Shit_Fuck4 who was an admin seems to have plotted a scheme with Duff Crusader and cancer lord along with other members from a rival server called "silly star" and gave them the "designer" role which is a admin level role that overlooks the whole infrastructure of the server. They then install a bot into the server which spammed all of the chats with a link to some random ass server/website of the bot or something, then they started to mass ban everyone but luckily @Ketsu made a backup copy of the server in which banned people went to wait for them to get unbanned in the original server. The whole nuke lasted for 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the mods recovered the serverand fixed almost everything. The nuke was weak and pathetic so they really didn't do anything.

The people behind this nuking then decided to boast about it on silly star (even though they did not do anything and we do not care in the long run) but they're ego proceeds them with them saying "viva la revolucion" "ashes to ashes" "I'm happy with my legacy" and other dumb corny shit. They then proceed to ping GSB mods to taunt them about their very pathetic nuking attempt, just shows how starved of attention that they want people to acknowledge that they raided us. Absolutely embarrassing of them.

Faction Wars[edit | edit source]

This section is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Assflute[edit | edit source]

How it started:[edit | edit source]

assflute.mp4 is a video of a man falling down, and then having a flute (or recorder) land in his ass after rolling off a table. This video was first posted by discord user -MISS_K8- (known as the Queen of Assflute Republic) in 2022. The video gained popularity, leading to many others posting the same video. On January 18th, 2023, the assflute role was created, and as of today, it has over 300 members.

The Ratsex Faction War of 2023:[edit | edit source]

The Assflute Republic was also involved in a faction war, but lost. The assflute role remains though.

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