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/r/ComedyHomicide is a meme subreddit related to ComedyCemetery, it was created on the 4th of September, 2017 by u/pititnatole. It's gimmic and purpose is for memes that are good, but are ruined by terrible captions.

What Fits into The Subreddit[edit | edit source]

Memes that are otherwise good if you cut off the caption, the captions can be anything, ranging from popular meme images, to just bland text.

Top 5 Posts[edit | edit source]

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • 1. All posts must be a 'comedy homicide', it is when an good meme is ruined by a shitty caption. If the caption adds to the meme or is part of the meme, it doesn't, even if the meme is shit.
  • 2. No satire, if your post is clearly satire, and looks like it would fit in at r/okbuddyretard or r/comedyheaven, it isn't fit for this sub.
  • 3. No reposts. Please don't post anything that's been posted in the last few days or weeks, or are one of the all-time top posts.
  • 4. No personal info. If your post contains any identifiable information, names, or usernames, it will be removed. Please make sure that all personal info is blocked or blurred out. However, if the person is a well-known public figure, it's fine.
  • 5. No targeted harassment or witchhunting. Do not link to a person's profile or encourage witch hunting against someone, or otherwise target / bully any person. This includes encouraging vote brigading to other subreddits
  • 6. No hate speech. Insults aimed at any group will not be tolerated. Any racism, sexism, etc.
  • 7. Don't be a dick.

Subreddit History[edit | edit source]

The Original

Subreddit Creation[edit | edit source]

The subreddit would be created on September 4th, 2017 by user u/pititnatole as stated before. It would take inspiration from the already existing setup of r/ComedyCemetery and mismash it for memes that are good but have bad and unfunny captions. The creation of the subreddit was inspired by one of the comments within a post on r/ComedyCemetery by user u/Galle_.


That describes half the sub, honestly. Like, to the point that I'm starting to wonder if we should have a sub specifically dedicated to mildly amusing jokes that have been killed by the addition of a stupid caption. r/comedyhomicide, maybe?

โ€” u/Galle_

/r/ComedyHomicide hits 10,000 Subscribers[edit | edit source]

On November 14th, 2017 the owner of the subreddit would release an announcement regarding the fact that the subreddit reached 10,000 subscribers.


I feel like the day I created this sub and it had 0 subs was yesterday, and now we are an active community! Thank you very much, you are epic!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

โ€” u/pititnatole

Partnership with /r/TranscribersOfReddit[edit | edit source]

On November 19th, 2019 u/pititnatole would announce a partnership with a subreddit known as /r/TranscribersOfReddit. A subreddit dedicated to organizing volunteers to write transcriptions of image, audio, and video posts to other subreddits. Our volunteers turn currently inaccessible content - content that canโ€™t be enjoyed by some portion of the population - into an accessible format in the comments of the post.


This means volunteers from r/Transcribersofreddit will transcribe posts from this sub into text comments, for people using text to speech software, or can't load the image, for instance.

See more about their awesome project here!

I'm looking forward to see what it is going to be like, and highly recommend you to check their sub, they are doing honorable work (you can be a part of it too, if you are motivated enough)!

โ€” u/pititnatole

Feedback Form[edit | edit source]

On November 22nd 2017 u/pititnatole would announce the creation of a feedback form for the subreddit, for users to send their feedback for the future and well being of /r/ComedyHomicide.

Launch of The Official /r/ComedyHomicide Discord Server[edit | edit source]

On November 9th, 2018 mod u/italyboll would announce the public launch of the official discord server for the /r/ComedyHomicide subreddit. The discord server was a collaborative effort by all the the moderators, with channels to get quick help from the moderators, chatting about memes and a feed for the subreddit. It still exists to this day.

Skyrim Meme Ban[edit | edit source]

An announcement would be made on April 12th, 2019 stating that memes with skyrim image captions, such as "Speech 100" would be temporarily banned, as many users were complaining about the overused Skyrim caption memes and the subreddit becoming somewhat stale, the amount of these posts was very overwhelming and redundant, new posts featuring Skyrim captions would from now on be removed by moderators.

80,000 Members Milestone[edit | edit source]

On the 3rd of March 2019 the subreddit would reach around 80,000 members.

Anti-Censorship Protest[edit | edit source]

On July 2nd 2020 the owner of the subreddit, u/pititnatole would announce that the subreddit was moving to an alternative "based on free-speech" also known as Ruqqus due to the admins of reddit deciding to mass ban some subreddits on the edgier side of the platform, such as r/BigChungus. Thus some saw this as an act of censorship. Ruqqus was a website quite similar to reddit, and was created as a replacement to protest what reddit was doing. (The website has been shutdown for a long, long time lol.) Understandably so many of the subreddit's users wouldn't take this too lightly, and a huge drama and long arguments in the comment section of the announcement would erupt, after this there wouldn't be many mod announcements for a long time until December 27th, 2022 and the subreddit would be slowly decaying overtime.

"Getting this Mess Together"[edit | edit source]

On December 27th, 2022 moderator u/Yeeeoink would post that "Looking through the moderators, it would seem I am the last who actively uses Reddit." Many of the /r/ComedyHomicide moderators would pretty much stop using the website and many posts that wouldn't fit into the formula of the subreddit would get into the new section. u/Yeeeoink would begin to try to revive the subreddit back to it's former glory, announcing mod applications and reading feedback from many of the users aswell as responding to it. All this would happen pretty much due to there not being moderator applications every now and then to replace the old inactive staff with the new one.

New Mods[edit | edit source]

A few days after the announcement (Still in the month of December 2022) there would be three new mods who would join the mod team at the subreddit.

List of Subreddit Moderators[edit | edit source]

  • pititnatole
  • sighburg
  • LANA_WHAT_DangerZone
  • italyboll
  • Tavia_Melody
  • Bobbyjets
  • Yeeeoink
  • adrenalineparty
  • turnnnn
  • BlueDuckYT
  • sdghag
  • ComedyBoticide
  • SSpookyTheOneTheOnly
  • CaIIsign_ace
  • unsolvedmisterree
  • Iamthevinegarmother
  • Cara-Is-A-Puppy

Banned Content[edit | edit source]


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