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/r/ComedyNecrophilia is a meme subreddit in which members take already pre existing bad memes which were supposed to be funny and make them even worse with different methods. It was created on February 20th 2017 by user u/youaremom.

Status Active
FoundedFebruary 20, 2017
DiscordComedyNecrophilia (Discord Server)

What Fits into The Subreddit[edit | edit source]

Fuck it to death, in other words you have to make it despacito enough. Take a bad meme and make it worse, which can be a bad and unfunny meme a cringe image, or a bad "deep" meme.

Top 5 Posts[edit | edit source]

The starter pack of r/ComedyNecrophilia, notice the slash on the flag of Israel.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • 1. Fuck the meme to "Death"
  • 2. Post Source/Origins in the comments. Make a top-level comment with a link to the source/origi (i.e. the meme that you ruined). Make sure everyone here can easily access the original image! Upload it to imgur or your butthole if necessary.
  • 3. Discriminator 2000 (Do not discriminate) Do not hate minorities and certainly not majorities.
  • 4. Mom knows best (No Banned Memes)
  • 5. Your are promoted to cstomer. Do not promote your stuff here. We are not a bulletin board where you can post stuff about how you want us to check your 3 subscriber youtube channel or your dumb "dark humour" discord.
  • 6. Don't be unwholsome 0 😤😤, nothing too edgy that would go against the reddit TOS. this includes but is not limited to posts glorifying/calling for violence and sexualization of minors (even when it's just used as a punchline to the joke). discrimination/ha

Subreddit History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

As stated before, the subreddit would be created by user u/youaremom on February 20th 2017, it was directly inspired by /r/ComedyCemetery.

Mod AMA[edit | edit source]

On January 25th, 2019 one of the moderators of the subreddit u/MC_Kloppedie would start an AMA for the users of the subreddit. Members asked many questions, below are all of the comments and responces from the mod who started the AMA. There would be mostly joke AMA questions but there would be a somewhat long thread starting from a question on if the rules aren't too strict.

New Flair Announcement[edit | edit source]

On January 25th, 2019 one of the moderators of the subreddit, u/Arif-Hash would announce the creation of a few new user and post flairs. They would ask the subscribers of the community for any other suggestions, for example one of the users would suggest a "monky" flair, which would be subsequently added into the subreddit.

Two Year Anniversary[edit | edit source]

On February 20th, 2019 the subreddit would have it's two year anniversary, with this the mods would allow a temporary time in which users could post anything for two days "a 2 days party extravaganza" there would be pretty much no rules for two days, as one of the mods stated, besides the reddit terms of service rules.

You can even post pics of your pet or the shitty bike you use to go to the train station every day. NO FUCKING RULES


I'm Stuff Meme Ban[edit | edit source]

The Meme in Question

On May 17th, 2019 the "I'm Stuff" meme would be banned off the subreddit, an announcement would be made regarding this, as after the weekend users would no longer be able to post memes with "I'm Stuff" as it would be a banned meme. Though just for a few weeks that is, as it was posted too often and was of a somewhat circlejerky nature.

Icon Contest[edit | edit source]

On June 20th, a "Super Contest" was announced, it would have to do with the icon of the subreddit, as subscribers were tasked to make a new icon for it. Then everyone would upvote or downvote submissions and the winner would be revealed. Below are some of the icons that users made. The Winner of this contest would actually be u/MC_Kloppedie. (But unfortunately enough the winning icon cannot be recovered as Imigur fucking sucks nuts)

100,000 Subscribers[edit | edit source]

On June 28th, the subreddit was almost at the 100,000 subscriber count. u/MC_Kloppedie would release an announcement together with a meme celebrating this achievement.

T-Shirt Contest[edit | edit source]

You're Banned.

On July 22nd, 2019 a contest on the subreddit was announced, subscribers of the subreddit would be tasked to take one of their original submissions from the subreddit and turn them into a T-shirt, an actual T-shirt. "You can order this or do this DIY it Yourself." You would also have to get your parent to take a picture with the shirt and a link to your original submission. The winner would get a reddit silver or gold award. In the end there wasn't actually any submissions. (Who would do this?)

Full Ban on I'm Stuff[edit | edit source]

On November 6th, 2019 mod u/Arif-Shaf would announce that the "I'm Stuff" meme would officially fully be banned off the subreddit. Though eventually it would be unbanned, it was a real tragedy for everyone.

Big Chungus meme Unban[edit | edit source]

On July 25th, 2020 Genocide and War Crime memes would be banned, but with this Big Chungus would be unbanned.

Great Oil Floats on Water Meme Ban and Unban[edit | edit source]

On December 1st, 2020 a huge meme ban and unban would be announced, mod u/MyNameIsUrMom would post that on the 5th of December 2020 all "Oil floats on Water" memes would be banned from the subreddit, due to them being very circlejerky and gimmicy in their nature. But there was also some other news, as N-word, war crime and genocide memes got unbanned, Know Your Meme links became strictly prohibited to being used as a link source for the 2nd subreddit rule, a new rule was implemented to stop promoting their own youtube channels aswell as discord servers. Though on January 21st, 2021 the meme would suddenly be unbanned by the mods if nothing happened.

New Banner[edit | edit source]

The Banner (Made by u/Sgp15)

On April 12th the subreddit would have a new banner made by u/Sgp15

Necro-Craft[edit | edit source]

On April 18th the moderators of the subreddit would announce a new minecraft server for it's subscribers, also known as "Necro-Craft." The announcement would be brought by the users with warm reception, receiving around 18 thousand upvotes and many comments. The server's ip was

I'm Stuff Unban[edit | edit source]

On May 24th, 2021 the "I'm Stuff" meme would once and for all be unbanned again.

August ComedyNecrophilia Contest[edit | edit source]

On August 1st, 2021 the moderator u/lets_clutch_this would announce a comedy necrophilia contest, it was a contest for standard posts that you would see on the subreddit, all submissions had to be flaired with the "Contest Submission" flair, users could not post more than one contest submission per day and they could also not break the rules for contest submissions. Submissions were judged by moderators based on creativity, originality and level of humor. Effort did not matter a lot but was still taken into consideration. The top eight best contest submissions would advance into the finalist brackets, the creators of the finalist posts would receive a special flair and a sticky on their post. After that there would be a bracket voting match to determine the top four, top two and finally the winner of the contest. The winning post would get pinned on the subreddit for one week. The contest would end on September 1st. Though actually the contest would be extended by one more month.

Final Brackets[edit | edit source]

On september 2nd the eight final contestants of the competition would be announced, with this there would also be a link within the announcement to the bracket voting and results.

Aight, aight, aight, the results are finally here.

First off, thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the total of 49 contest submissions we received. Although we didn't receive as many submissions as I had hoped for, this was definitely a fun experience that would be worth repeating in the future.

To our 8 finalists, congratulations on making it this far! You will all receive a special Finalist flair on your submissions, as well as a stickied comment notifying you of this achievement. To everyone, congratulations on participating even if you didn't make Finalist. I know that all of you (or most of you at least) still put in some amount of effort in your submissions.


The "Take your Time" submission would be the winner of the brackets, with 23 more votes than the opposing bracket meme, it beat it 29 to 6 votes. The creator of the meme and the winner of competition was user u/UndercoverGopnik.

Character Comic Meme ban[edit | edit source]

On October 5th, 2021 the moderators would announce a ban on yet another meme, this time the meme being character comics, the moderators were tired of Stuff, Chungus and Peter Griffin having conversations in the extra bottom panels of the meme every day. A week long grace period was given until the meme type was finally banned, though later the meme would be unbanned after the circlejerking ended. (They would once more be banned on December 1st, 2022 for heavy circlejerking and then unbanned again on January 5th 2023.)

Second ComedyNecrophilia Contest[edit | edit source]

On December 18th, mod u/lets_clutch_this would announce a second r/ComedyNecrophila necro contest, it would follow the same rules as the first contest. It would be extended until the end of February 2022 due to the small amount of submissions. The contest would receive around 80 submissions, a somewhat large step up from the 49 submissions in the last one, thus it was decided to have a 16 meme bracket instead of an 8 meme bracket. The winning entry would be Toothpaste Hair by user u/ImA_NormalPerson987. With the other entry coming in just 8 votes shy of 1st place. The top 4 would receive discord nitro gifts, the top 2 would receive a hall of fame mention and the winner would receive their post being featured in the subreddit sidebar for one week.

Mini Contest[edit | edit source]

On June 18th 2022 mod u/lets_clutch_this would announce a mini contest, unlike the first two contests this one was shorter and for each of the three rounds, participants were only allowed to "necrophile" a specific original meme, which would be decided by the mods. Each of the three rounds lasted for a week of time and each week had a different meme assigned to them. The contest would last until June 25th. Prizes would await until the end of the contest.

Finalists and OC Memes[edit | edit source]

The meme included with the announcement of the tournament

ComedyNecrophilia Character 2nd Elimination Tournament[edit | edit source]

On the 11th of July 2022 a ComedyNecrophilia character (Characters commonly associated with the memes of the subreddit) elimination tournament would begin, users would vote for which character was their favorite and which one should go.

PizzaCakeComics Ban[edit | edit source]

On March 12th 2023, a popular genre of memes on r/ComedyNecrophila (PizzaCakeComics) would be banned on the subreddit due to them being constantly posted and the subreddit becoming somewhat stale. The comic series would actually go viral thanks to the subreddit as many would use the artists' comics and exploit them to make something new out of them. The users of the subreddit wouldn't be very happy with this change, as the announcement would get constantly upvoted and be stuck at 0 votes. The PizzaCakeComics memes would finally be unbanned after someone solved a mod riddle that would once again unban the meme on the 27th of April.

List of Subreddit Moderators[edit | edit source]










Banned Content[edit | edit source]

These are only the CURRENTLY banned posts.

  • Music video edits
  • Luna the hellhound/wolf
  • PizzaCakeComic sexualization is banned except for on Fridays
  • Referencing CP in names of images (why did people do this in the first place?)
  • Low effort posts

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