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This a list of the roles of OkBhaiBudbak with some information about them.

Staff Roles[edit | edit source]

Server Sub Owner - The owner role. Only Sixtixx has it.

Co-Owner - For the Co-Owners of the server. It has Admin Perms. Only Agent 178 and Masakali have this.

Administrative buddies - For the server admins. It has Admin Perms.

Discord Mod (Fake) - For the server mods. It does not have Admin Perms. It also doesn't have Manage Channel perms because one mod deleted general in 2021.

Subreddit Mod - For the mods of the subreddit (r/OkBhaiBudbak).

Wiki Mod - For the person supposed to maintain and update the OkBhaiBudbak wiki, i.e. Indian Emperor. It has the same perms as Discord Mod.

Punishment Roles[edit | edit source]

"Azadi" - Automatically given to people muted using a bot. People with this role are only able to see #azadi-channel, the info channel, the announcements channel and the vip channel if they have the Budbak role.

Muted - Not used as the muted role but it still exists. It allows people with it to see every channel except general and lets them see #azadi-channel.

🅱️alitikal balatkari - Given to people being too political in general chat. People with it are not able to see general, the game discussion channel and the entertainment discussion channel.

no imagine perms :funwaa: - Removes image/embed perms.

No nickname perms :funwaa: - Removes the permission to change nickname.

Vanity Roles[edit | edit source]

विजय माल्या - Automatically given to people who boost the server.


illiterate kannad -

chess masterji -

BrokenAssami - For BrokenCamel, an admin of the server.

non_neutral (number 1 of server) - For Non_Neutral, the Assistant Owner of the server.

Bozo (himanshu role) - For Himanshu, a former mod of the server.

eclip sword role - For EclipseSword, a mod of the server.

Radiohead - For Josh, a mod of the server.

hamari maut nikshay hai - For Nikshay, a mod of the server.

Minister of Gaming - Gives permission to ping the gaming role.

Discord Mod (real) - A fake mod joke role.

Pajeet Femboy™ - Given to the femboys in the server.

goat porn addict - Given to people somewhat known in the server, people liked by mods, or ogs.

bhoot nath role -

☭naxal☭ - Given to communists of the server.

serial rapist - Just a funny role.


weezer blue -

hacker boy -

monkey -

scat porn bhej dm me -

fact checker -

McBhosdi -

famous stud lover boy kushal - For Kushal.

thug hunter -

HOOD NIGGAS 💯💯 - For OGs or known people.

IDM spy - For some people who joined OkBhaiBudbak from IDM and are active in IDM.

ROURKELA NIGGA CUZ HE KEEPS CHANGING - For Rourkela because he changes his name and pfp a lot.

AP jiggas - Originally for people giving AP exams.

Minecraft gaming -

Activity Roles[edit | edit source]

Budbak - Given automatically by Amaribot upon reaching level 30. Gives access to #nigga-internet-vip-club

Bhai - Given automatically by Amaribot upon reaching level 15.

Ok - Given automatically by Amaribot upon reaching level 5.

new fags - Given to every new user.

Custom Roles[edit | edit source]

kattar hindu 🔥🙏🙏 - Role for Hindus.

kattar musalman 🔥☪️☪️ - Role for Muslims.

Among us sussy imposter ping gaming PUBJEE MOBAIl !OK1okko 1ok1ko1 - Role for getting pinged for a multiplayer game match.

NOTIFICATIONS DABA DO - Role for getting pinged for less important announcements.

State/Ethnicity Roles[edit | edit source]

Andaman Nicobar Islands (🤔🤔) - For members from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Andhra Pradesh ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ (puspa😡😠) - - For members from Andhra Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh (china face🤣) - For members from Arunachal Pradesh.

Assam অসম (chal 2 plate momo laga😋) - For members from Assam.

Bihar बिहार (ek bihari sabpe bhaari) - For members from Bihar.

Chandigarh ਚੰਡੀਗੜ੍ਹ चंडीगढ़ (mini-delhi) - For members from Chandigarh.

Chhattisgarh छत्तीसगढ़ (looking for who asked) - For members from Chhattisgarh.

Daman Diu Dadra Nagar Hevli દમણ દીવ દાદરા નગર હવેલી - For members from Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

Delhi दिल्ली ਦਿੱਲੀ دلّی - For members from Delhi.

Goa गोआ (booze secks state🤮🤮) - For members from Goa.

Gujarat ગુજરાત (no alcohol funwa) - For members from Gujarat.

Haryana हरियाणा (female inf..(retracted)) - For members from Haryana.

Himachal Pradesh हिमाचल प्रदेश (mountain ppepe) - For members from Himachal Pradesh.

Jammu Kashmir جموں کشمیر जम्मू कश्मीर (apple and bomb) - For members from Jammu and Kashmir.

Jharkhand झारखंड جھارکھنڈ (child coal miner) - For members from Jharkhand.

Karnataka ಕನ್ನಡ (IT tec support🧑‍💻) - For members from Karnataka.

Kerala കേരളം (coconut🥥🤣) - For members from Kerala.

Ladakh ལ་དྭགས་སྐ - For members from Ladakh.

Lakshadweep ലക്കാഡിവിയൻ - For members from Lakshwadeep.

Madhya Pradesh मध्य प्रदेश (irrevelant) - For members from Madhya Pradesh.

Maharashtra महाराष्ट्र (lizard fucker) - For members from Maharashtra.

Manipur - For members from Manipur.

Meghalaya মেঘালয়া - For members from Meghalaya.

Mizoram মিজোরাম - For members from Mizoram.

Nagaland নাগাল্যান্ড - For members from Nagaland.

Odisha ଓଡ଼ିଶା - For members from Odisha.

Pondicherry புதுச்சேரி పుదుచ్చేరి പുതുച്ചേരി - For members from Puducherry.

Punjab ਪੰਜਾਬ ‌پنجاب - For members from Punjab.

Rajasthan राजस्थान - For members from Rajasthan.

Sikkim सिक्कि - For members from Sikkim.

Tamil Nadu தமிழ்நாடு - For members from Tamil Nadu.

Telangana తెలంగాణ تلنگانہ - For members from Telangana.

Tripura ত্রিপুরা - For members from Tripura.

Uttarakhand उत्तराखंड - For members from Uttarakhand.

Uttar Pradesh उत्तर प्रदेश اتر پردیش - For members from Uttar Pradesh.

West Bengal পশ্চিম বাংলা - For members from West Bengal.

Saurashtrian - For members who are Saurashtrian.

Bhilli બિલ્લી - For members who speak Bhilli.

Kodava ಕೊಡವ - For members who are Kodavas.

Saraiki سرائکی - For members who are Saraiki.

Dakhni دکنی ದಕ್ಕನಿ దక్కని - For members who are Dakhni.

Pahari पहाड़ी پہاڑی - For members who are Pahari.

Muhajir مہاجر - For members who are Mujahirs.

Doggar डोग्गर - For members who are Doggars.

Santhali ᱥᱟᱱᱛᱟᱲᱤ - For members who are Santhali.

Tulu ತುಳು ത‍ുള‍ു - For members who are Tulu.

Shina شینا - For members who are Shina.

Baltistan སྦལ་ཏི بلتی - For members who are from Baltistan.

Sinhala සිංහල - For members who are Sinhalese.

Gond గోండ్ - For members who are Gondi.

Pashtun پشتون - For members who are Pashtun.

Sindh سنڌ सिंध સિંધ - For members who are from Sindh.

Foreign Location Roles[edit | edit source]