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Status Banned
Subscribers~100,000+ (Before Ban)
Founded~2019 (?)
Perfect Description

/r/2Balkan4U was a meme subreddit oriented around ultranationalistic ironic memes Balkan people would agree with unironically. The subreddit had opened a gateway into tons of spin-off subreddits for different regions of the world, for example 2Visegrad4U, a subreddit oriented around ultranationalistic memes about countries in the Visegrad (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland.) The subreddit was unfortunately banned on February 1st, 2022, after long discussions by reddit administrators and the subreddit's moderators that were an attempt to save the subreddit from meeting a deadly fate.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Originally the subreddit was founded by a user known as "pea", whilst the actual owner of the subreddit was hlias, he was the person who made it grow so much in the first place, when he was the subreddit's owner he made the subreddit grow from 0 to around 100 thousand members during his time.

Banishment[edit | edit source]

Around two months before the subreddit's ban, a certain reddit administrator by the name of u/Chtorrr (This admin has a long history of annoying subreddit moderators and banning known subreddits for almost no reason at all.) would send a modmail relating to user flairs having "hateful content within them"

all of the userflairs were forcibly deleted by Chtorr, with the mods not releasing the reasons why to the public until very close to the subreddit's end date.

Hi everyone. It has come to our attention that your community has a huge number of user flairs that violate rule 1. This is not okay. I have removed user flairs from your subreddit entirely and you are not to add them back or any reason.


Most of these discussions with the administrators would achieve nothing, as a last resort the mods would choose to announce the truth and make the users of the subreddit spread the message everywhere.

Below are the first modmail discussion screenshots.

The second modmail, warning, or whatever one would use was also quite ridicilous, with the administrator clearly not knowing or being able to see through balkan irony, they would warn the mod team against "approving hateful content in the community." Aka; slightly dark and ironic balkan memes, who only users of the subreddit could manageably understand, or people with enough historical knowledge of balkan history and culture. As apart of a process reddit administrators go through in order to get a subreddit banned, Chtorr would constantly ignore and not cooperate with the moderation team. Leaving the mods powerless. After all these discussions Chtorrr would turn the spam filter to "all" meaning that she wanted the moderators to moderate every single post that came in the subreddit including all the automod deleted ones. The mods would also attempt to reach to the higher ups through a mod support subreddit, wanting to report Chtorrr for abuse of their powers. Unfortunately the other admin who'd respond would not do anything of use.

The subreddit was eventually banned due to being unmoderated, and breaking the site rules too often after having their content filter increased to everything. The subreddit was banned on February 1st, 2022. With tons of cries within pretty much almost every major meme subreddit, perhaps similar to that of /r/BigChungus' banishment. Before this, the regional subreddits for caucasian memes, middle eastern memes and asian memes had already been banned.

The subreddit also has an instagram and twitter account, both still relatively active to today, the instagram account having around 2000 followers, whilst the twitter account has around 150.

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