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Status Banned
FoundedFebruary 16th, 2019

r/Legoyoda was a subreddit created on February 16th, 2019 by users u/likapimp. It was dedicated to a 2002 lego figurine of Master Yoda from the Star Wars mimicking the character's Yodaspeak and putting ironically racist jokes onto the meme. Lego Yoda doing uncharacteristic and wacky ordeals, such as driving minorities over through with a 2001 Honda Civic or doing loads and loads of ketamine. As the subreddit began going more and more into edgy humor, reddit admins had enough and had decided to ban the subreddit off reddit "due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against posting violent content."

What was Posted?[edit | edit source]

LegoYoda had a slightly similar gimmick to Dogelore. Instead of Doge doing wacky and uncharacteristic things for a dog, it was master Yoda doing wacky and uncharacteristic things for a Jedi Master, killing minorities with a Honda Civic. This is also what perhaps got the subreddit banned, it's overly edgy nature, and the moderators even having flairs dedicated to posts for memes which included things related to killing minorities. The subreddit's humor was described very truthfully in an /r/OutOfTheLoop comment section. This was post the subreddit's banishment, and the question in the thread was "Why are lego yoda memes dissappearing."

In the case of the first, a lot of Lego Yoda memes began to focus heavily on Yoda's hatred of minorities, and it soon became a favorite for bigots who wanted to disguise their genuine hatred under Lego Yoda saying he will commit war crimes or kill specific groups. This got the main sub banned, and since then Lego Yoda has popped up in a few places "in exile". The second issue is that Lego Yoda is a meme based on two massive companies: LEGO and Disney. Disney in particular is very picky about people using any content from their media empire, and the aforementioned memes about a character of theirs being used in the foreground of memes calling for the extermination of gays and women in drug-fueled rage definitely could have been a PR problem for the company.

Redditor from /r/OutOfTheLoop
Total Truthnuke

Spread and Banishment[edit | edit source]

Following the launch of the subreddit, various Lego Yoda memes appeared in other subreddit. he subreddit would quickly grow and eventually reach around 80 Thousand users before being banned. It had seemed that there were some posts/comments that the admins of Reddit thought went over the line, and that the mod team of r/legoyoda failed to flag or remove these posts. There was no warning, instead it was a quick ban. Perhaps it is due to the whole trend being linked to Lego and Disney, two huge companies, PR disaster much? Many redditors didn't agree with the ban, stating that it was unfair and that "Legoyoda was one of the subs that actually took precautions to remain ironic" and also using other subreddits who had done far worse things before as proof that perhaps reddit admins are a tad bit corrupt.

Mod Theory[edit | edit source]

Some had said that the subreddit's ban was due to a salty moderator who had been demoted off the subreddit reporting it to the admins, stating that it had been supportive of "unironic hate speech." The admins being notoriously disconnected from the whole reddit community and post-irony thought this as being true (probably) and with them wishing to purge edgy communities to make advertisers happy the subreddit's end was inevitable.


/r/Dogelore Refugee Crisis[edit | edit source]

As stated before Dogelore had a very similar meme style to /r/LegoYoda, this meant that usually a user was subscribed to both of these communities at once, after the ban of /r/LegoYoda many migrated into Dogelore. With some not being to keen on accepting the refugees into the subreddit due to their history with the admins. However some support would be found, and most of /r/Dogelore's users were not supportive of LegoYoda's ban. Ironic how a subreddit making jokes about minorities became a minority themselves in the glorious Dogestan.

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