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Status Active
FoundedNovember 26, 2018
DiscordArabFunny (Discord Server)

/r/ArabFunny is a subreddit dedicated to poorly edited memes which parody memes sent by Arab users over the entirety of social media, the subreddit was created on November 26, 2018 by user u/xazera. The subreddit would quickly pick up steam and begin growing due to it's original humor style, borrowing some of OkBuddyRetard's finest irony and mixing it with some middle eastern 2010s punjabi free movie downloads. The purpose of the subreddit is to of course create ironic versions of these types of memes to such a degree that it becomes too obvious that the meme is ironic, excessive amounts of random arabic videos, soundbites and the quality of the video usually being awful, also let us not forget the clickbait arrows. ArabFunny somewhat resembled /r/ComedySeizure's, or /r/21stCenturyHumor's style of irony, but with a bit of Arab humor added onto it.

What Fits onto The Subreddit[edit | edit source]

r/arabfunny is a subreddit dedicated to surreal, ironic, impotent memes that are in arabic and/or southern asian languages. These memes can sometimes make no sense at all, giving them a "what factor" when you see them, making them humorous.

Subreddit's History[edit | edit source]

On November 26th, 2018 user u/xazera would launch the subreddit /r/ArabFunny. It took some influence from poorly made Arabic memes shared on the internet, primarly those found on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Discord Server[edit | edit source]

ArabFunny would have countless servers over it's long history, stretching through years and years. One server also was apart of the Hub project hosted by Judy. (Uthred) together with the servers of RussiaFunny, WorldFunnies, OkBR, Comedy Heaven and a few lesser important ones.

Creation of WorldFunnies and NG45 Drama[edit | edit source]

The reason of /r/WorldFunnies existence was that ArabFunny had a sort of "hostile takeover" and the former owner of the subreddit, Xayzera was banned on reddit. The person who had the highest moderation privileges on the list was a mod named "Nick_Gurr45" and after this a mod known as "AsshocolicAddict59." These three moderators mentioned before were in a sort of "clique." They were relatively on edge when it came to their humor and loved trolling. This was when the subreddit was in it's "Golden Ages" and only had around 30 thousand members.

Thus the owner of the subreddit was now u/Nick_Gurr45. The subreddit had a golden age of sorts, with many good and OC posts and also After a while the subreddit would begin getting a lot of 12 year old unfunny redditors who did not make good quality content like instagram OC creators. The moderators would attempt to try to organise rules and other ordeals to try to stop the quality of the subreddit from worsening.

Eventually all mods would vote to temporarily close down the subreddit for a week to control and stop the bad growth and influx of bad posts, everyone voted in favor besides NG45 (He was extremly inactive during that time.)

Then, Nick_Gurr45 would wake up from his eternal slumber and realise what all the mods did, as Ibradude stated he would get a tad bit "butthurt" about it. He started making demands, reopened the sub and started sabotaging what the mods were trying to do to keep the subreddit fresh. He had control of the subreddit, and noone could do anything about it. Thus /r/WorldFunnies was born, made by Ibradude on May 6th, 2019, a split subreddit from /r/ArabFunny. With pretty much the same ideas, but instead of the humor of ArabFunny being limited to just middle eastern circlejerking it now was possible to make memes that were related to the entirety of the world. Russia, Eastern Europe. Or anywhere in the world really, perhaps in some way WorldFunnies was proto /r/2Balkan4U Humor.

Eventually enough WorldFunnies would be shutdown by it's original owner Ibradude on the 18th of July 2022.

Fast forward, worldfunnies gained some popularity, the quality was kept relatively high, arabfunny went to shit to noone's surprise. But then Reddit in general turned to shit and I moved on from that site and making shitposts in general and so I decided to send the sub off with a bang, by making a collab, the thing that got scrapped from AF when I left the sub. And we did, after that I closed the sub, put a farewell webpage and a public archive of all the posts ever made and voila.

RIP WorldFunnies...

ArabFunny WorldFunnies Collab[edit | edit source]

Before the drama Ibradude would attempt to make a long ArabFunny collab together with the other mods of the subreddit, unfortunately due to Nick_Gurr45's insanity this collab was postponed. That is until /r/WorldFunnies became a thing. It was eventually published in the WorldFunnies Memorial page.

/R/ArabFunnyAnarchy[edit | edit source]

On March 18th, 2019 a subreddit known as /r/ArabFunnyAnarchy was created. It worked similarly to how /r/DFMAnarchy worked. ArabFunny but with relatively more loose rules.

Spinoffs[edit | edit source]

There were also spinoffs of /r/ArabFunny and /r/WorldFunnies, for example /r/RussiaFunny. Many subreddits that followed this similar concept were usually created by subreddit mods of already existing subreddits like AF or WF.

"Downfall"[edit | edit source]

Around late 2019 the subreddit would witness a large amount of sudden growth, this inevitably caused lots of drama aswell as lots of users not understanding what an ArabFunny meme was, posting unrelated content or riding already dead jokes, to combat this the mod team would attempt to ban some memes and try to keep the subreddit fresh.

Revival[edit | edit source]

On September 29th, 2022 user u/Wannabedankestmemer would become a moderator on the subreddit, after long years of total inactivity from the mod team of the subreddit he would attempt to establish new rules and change back the atmosphere of the subreddit to regain it's former glory.

List of Subreddit Mods[edit | edit source]

  • u/Wannabedankestmemer

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