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Discord tagwhiskers#1216
Discord ID528809041032511498
Command prefix>
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Whiskers was a discord bot designed to help govern servers, originally started as a bot for Bruhmoment, it would quickly garner popularity amongst users of both Irony Servers, but also regular servers as it had many useful and fun functions.

History[edit | edit source]

Whiskers would be created by Judy in the proto-stages of Bruhmoment, where it pretty much still was a small friend circle after she was banned from the first OkBuddyRetard server. Many users of Bruhmoment would originally be against the idea of having Whiskers in their server, as they were anti-bot. Whiskers would later be removed off Bruhmoment after some drama resulting in Judy being banned off Bruhmoment and her bot being removed in the process. The name of the bot would still actually not be Whiskers, it would be Othred. ("The other Uthred"), the bot would be eventually renamed. It would also be the bot that caused OkBR1's nuke.

Rise and Fall[edit | edit source]

Whiskers would quickly grow out of obscurity after having his actual bot page setup, the amount of Guilds and total Members would constantly grow, unfortunately enough this would also result in Whiskers being very hard to maintain, a Patreon would be setup to help with the hosting of the bot. It would have three tiers, "Chill Cat" for 1 Euro / Dollar, "Swag Cat" for 2 Euros / Dollars, and lastly "Chad Cat" for 3 Euros / Dollars. All the perks would be the same for these tiers. Whiskers would be in many servers, with the guild count being around 7000 before the bots shutdown, Whiskers would be mainly used in "Subreddit Servers" aswell as sometimes in "Roblox Servers". Unfortunately enough Judy would have to shut Whiskers off due to her being busy, paying through real life money to be barely able to host the bot, and also the bot breaking every few months. As of now, Whiskers has been completely shutdown. In some forms, Whiskers' functions are a bit similar to JosAI's.

Trolling[edit | edit source]

Whiskers would have a special trolling GUI only available to Judy herself, she would use it to talk through Whiskers to unsuspecting members of any server the bot would be in.

The first Herp, 2020.

Hub[edit | edit source]

Judy would also create "Hub", using the embassy features of Whiskers it would allow for the creation of a co-server speaking hub, example : User from the HUB server sending a "Hello" message into OkBR through the bot. The server would have 6 servers participating in the hub in total, including Comedy Heaven, OkBuddyRetard, WorldFunnies, Bruhmoment, RussiaFunny and WorldFunny which would all have their own channels as a way for users to send a message into a server they wanted. The Hub server is still accessible and somewhat active, with currently there being a user upkeeping a tradition of sending "Daily Herps" in the #general chat for around three years now, though it was started by someone else before and the position of who posted "Daily Herps" varied frequently.

Patreon Perks[edit | edit source]

For supporting Whiskers' hosting, payers would be able to receive some exclusive perks.

  • Access to a patron channel and patron roles in my support server
  • Support and troubleshooting priority
  • Feedback priority, get to shape the development of whiskers
  • Exclusive access to what's planned for new updates
  • Access to whiskers' little brother, Howie the chatbot
Howie, and Whiskers.

How to Use, Functions[edit | edit source]

As of now, Whiskers isn't really usable anymore. This is written just so there's an archive of what he actually did / to be used as a guide if he ever comes back.

Whiskers had a > command prefix, it let you do a lot for a server, like creating a petition system, doing image AI algorithms, and other fancy things.

Democracy[edit | edit source]

  • Send proposals to a voting channel
  • They can pass or fail based on custom thresholds
  • Suggestions in the feedback channel can progress as "petitions"
  • Configure a custom petition upvote threshold
  • Send polls to channels, which show a pie chart upon conclusion
  • Hold the mod team accountable!
Showcase of Whiskers' Democratic Features
Showcase of Whiskers' Verification Features

Verification & Lockdown[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-kick or auto-ban invaders and raiders
  • Enable autorole to quarantine suspicious accounts
  • Require new members to connect a configurable # of external accounts,
    And More...
    Set a custom minimum-account-age to circumvent raids

Moderation commands[edit | edit source]

  • Ban, kick, role, and timed mute commands
  • Purge messages with the purge command

Smart memes[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-generate memes with just an image using the inspire command
  • Caption images with any font
  • Generate mutant Pokemon, InspiroBot posters, and much more
  • Grab copypastas from /r/copypasta and ouijas from /r/askouija

Image analysis suite[edit | edit source]

  • Classify images, label them, and grab their text
  • Sniff out plagarism with the locate command
  • Do image-matching with the mirror/similar command
  • Automatically translate images of foreign-language text with imgtranslate

Useful tools[edit | edit source]

  • Summon the statistics to a Google search term, visualizing it by map/timeline
  • Easy-use commands for Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Answers, KnowYourMeme, and SCP Foundation
  • Translate between 100+ languages with a single command
  • Create a dossier of any Redditor using the SnoopSnoo >redditor command

Automod[edit | edit source]

  • React to an inappropriate message with enough :report: reactions, and Whiskers deletes it
  • Then he archives it in #report-log (with image retention)
  • Whiskers can also auto-mute reported users for a customizable amount of time
  • Auto-moderate channels, alongside metrics such as NSFW or toxicity (and many more)
  • He is constantly learning through Google's PerspectiveAPI

Interserver Channels[edit | edit source]

  • Whiskers can open embassies for you, which are like permanent wormholes/speakerphones.
  • Simple and intuitive to set up
  • Messages sent on either embassy will be sent to the other one.
  • Use it for diplomacy, inter-server events, or even just plain fun

And More[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-display the number of online users in a channel's name
  • Custom prefixes
  • Oh, and did I mention he's sentient? Try having him identify his own profile picture.

Covid Update[edit | edit source]

Whiskers would also receive an update during the height of the Covid Pandemic, giving him some features that would allow members of a server with Whiskers in it to search up the up to date statistics on Covid-19 cases, deaths, and other incidents related to the illness.

  • Generate graphs and statistics and tables with COVID-19 information
  • Search by country, province, state, county
  • Generate rankings by country with >covid countries or by U.S. states with >covid state

Profile Pictures of Whiskers[edit | edit source]

The Pictures of Othred / Whisker bots through the bots' beginnings until it's shutdown.