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User info
Discord tagmyszakszyszak
ironywiki (alt.)
Discord ID403585203060342794
908344275845144646 (alt.)
ServersAwesome Planet (formerly), Cats in a Tuxedo, Dogelore (formerly), Federal Troll Agency (formerly), Funny Jungle (formerly), I.C.U., Irony Hub (formerly), OkBuddyRetard, Whenthe
Reddit nameu/MyszPL
Also known asMyszak#2580
Irony Wiki ©#9146 (alt.)
Awesome Planet
StatusLeft server
Joined serverJuly 30, 2022
Left serverAugust 13, 2023
Cats in a Tuxedo
Roles Fancymon Mon astronaut Graduated mon Mon scientist Mon engineer Usermon
Joined serverMarch 8, 2021
Roles Trollface Gaming 🎮 Events Host poop doge 💬 mythical doge 💬 hungary game official winer 🏆 famous doge 💬 recognized doge 💬 active doge 💬 regular doge 💬 artist doge 🎨 cool doge 🐶 baby doge 🍼
Joined serverFebruary 9, 2020
Left serverSeptember 4, 2023
Federal Troll Agency
StatusLeft server
Left serverApril 23, 2023
Funny Jungle
StatusLeft server
Left server2021
Roles Low Risk Patient Artist
Joined serverMay 21, 2021
Irony Hub
StatusServer deleted
Roles Ironic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It? Artist 🎨 Advisor
Roles King Buddy Admin Mods Reddit Buddies Retard Buddy Ok r/
Roles SWAG MONEY competition winner competition runner up event winner impractical jokers weed squad artweird bluename pinkname whitename
Joined serverJanuary 30, 2021
IRL info
SteamMyszak [NGW]
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Myszak (Polish [mɨʂak]; English approximation /ˈmɪʃɑːk/) is the founder and co-owner of OkBuddyRetard 5, a former owner of the second Federal Troll Agency, holding the position for just three days, as well as an admin of the Irony Server Wiki, along with Saucy. He is also a subreddit moderator of /r/BoneHurtingJuice and /r/OkBuddyRetard and some other minor meme subreddits. He is also a very active user in Whenthe and formerly Dogelore, and has had a presence in many other irony servers since 2020.

History[edit | edit source]

Myszak created his Discord account on January 18, 2018, when he was "around 10".[3][4] Yikes. During his first years on Discord he would be an active member of the Polish Team Fortress 2 Youtuber community. He joined his first(?) irony server, Dogelore, on February 9, 2020. (If considered, Myszak joined Memecord in 2019.) Myszak created the Dogelore Lore and Appeals server on March 22, 2021, which became officially partnered with Dogelore on April 9. Later that year, it would become rebranded as the Irony Server Wiki Discord and the beginnings of the foundation of the Irony Wiki would begin with him eventually securing many partnerships with servers (+ subreddits) all across the irony community, such as Dogelore, Peternity or Whenthe. Myszak would create the Whenthe Lore Server on June 20th, 2021 and work on archiving Whenthe's history together with Goofy before eventually having it be partnered with the actual server.

He also became the head administrator of the second WTF Irony server before eventually nuking it on May 17, 2021. After The Deletion of Irony Hub and the creation of a safe refuge server by Roomba Myszak would become one of it's administrators. During Irony Hub's late age he was also selected to become an advisor by a mod vote.

In early April 2023, Myszak became a subreddit moderator of r/okbuddyretard. He and GrantVsZombies would open the fifth OkBR Discord server on April 22.

In the meantime, on April 20, Myszak became owner of the second Federal Troll Agency after Wry became burnt out from owning it. Within the following day or two, Myszak transformed the server to a more advertiser friendly server, going as far as to turn on the Discovery feature. He organized all the roles and channels very meticulously which made it seem like the server was destined for greatness. This was not the case at all, since the server would remain very inactive and maybe even less active somehow. On April 23, Otto criticized Myszak for changing the vanity from to In frustration, Myszak decided to quit, transferring ownership back to Wry and leaving the server.

On September 4, 2023, Myszak was banned from Dogelore due to being an "overall negative quality user" and "attempting to incite drama" between the main server and the Dogelore Refugee Ark.[5]

Outside of the Irony Hemisphere[edit | edit source]

Myszak has helped develop a few modifications for the game Hearts of Iron 4, including The New Order : A New Millenium[6] aswell as Pride and Fall. He is also trying to make a mod related to the irony hemisphere itself, known as Irony Dawn. Myszak also runs a Twitter art account where he sporadically posts artwork of his own. He also makes maps in the Hammer 2 editor for games using the source 2 engine. He also makes music beats with the FL studio progam, although still a relative newbie at such artform.

References[edit | edit source]

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