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Phantho is an infamous user who was one of the owners of Furry Irony, along with Systroph. He later owned a small server named Pony Irony for close to 3 months in 2023. Phantho was also an admin of the FTA.

On April 11th 2024, grooming allegations were made against him.

User info
Discord tagbuttjob
Discord ID450776523650105355
766565888278528001 (disabled)
1214903053845659658 (current)
ServersAwesome Planet (formerly), Dogelore (formerly), Federal Troll Agency (formerly), Funny Jungle (formerly), Furry Irony (formerly), Irony Hub (formerly), OkBuddyRetard (formerly), Whenthe (formerly) The Irony Hub
Also known asJasmine
Kitty on a puter#7580
Awesome Planet
Joined serverApril 6, 2022
Left serverJuly 12, 2022
Joined serverAugust 25, 2020
Left serverJuly 22, 2022
Federal Troll Agency
StatusLeft server
Roles Chirf Keef Mods Troll Agency
Left serverSeptember 10, 2023
Funny Jungle
Left serverApril 27, 2022
Furry Irony
StatusLeft server
Irony Hub
Left serverJuly 22, 2021
Left serverApril 23, 2023
Left serverJuly 22, 2021
The Irony Hub
Left serverApril 11, 2024
IRL info
GenderMale (ambiguous)

History[edit | edit source]

He was banned from Irony Hub on July 22, 2021 for being a "zoophile and a degenerate" and "having a gallery of cub porn", being placed on the NUL 8 days later. On the same day he was banned from Irony Hub, he was banned from Whenthe for the same reason, and has since been banned from every major irony server he's been active in. Phantho himself claims that the "gallery of cub porn" mentioned in his ban log was actually 100 deleted images of furry porn, one of which being of Ralsei, a character from Deltarune who is speculated to be around 13 or 14 years of age (however, none of this has been officially stated). Supposedly, this made the admins think it was a gallery full of cub porn.

On April 23, 2023, a 6-2 mod vote on OkBuddyRetard 5 resulted in him being banned just 21 hours after joining, for the reasons of being "obsessed with mlp to the point of pure degeneracy" and wanting to go to prom with a 14 year, 362 day old as a 17 year old who wouldn't be 18 for another 9 months. His main account was disabled on July 6, 2023 due to “hate speech or something”.

On September 10, 2023, the “Javali Intelligence Agency”, mainly comprised of users from Importercord, attempted to dox Phantho and obtained a fake address. A few of their users joined Phantho’s server, Pony Irony, and began spamming it. In response, Phantho began deleting every channel on the server since all of the users were blocked and he could not see what was being sent. He then decided to simply delete the server entirely, and also left the FTA and other servers minutes later.

Phantho was demodded and banned from The Irony Hub on April 11th due to a Google Drive folder being released by a user after the drama earlier that day compiling screenshots proving he groomed a 13 year old at 17, associated with known pedophiles and cp traders, and admitting he was (formerly) a zoophile.