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Originally called "New Server", The Poop Galaxy was the replacement to both FTA Records and Greatest Server Ever Made. The Poop Galaxy was the final attempt carry on what the Federal Troll Agency left off until the eventual creation of the new FTA by Gabecord on November 13th, 2022.

The Poop Galaxy
Server info
Status Inactive
FoundedJune 28th, 2022
DefunctSeptember 27th, 2022

History (June 28th, 2022 - September 27th, 2022)[edit | edit source]

The server was pretty active from the start. What mainly made the server so active in the beggining was how Wry, Zokluke, Bloono, pettyWrath, Zeszty, and more would get together to play Roblox quite often. Within the first few days of its existence, the server obtained level 3 boosting and took the gg/tylerthecreator vanity. Out of luck, Wry would notice that the gg/poop was available. They took it and now had the same vanity they have had for the past three servers. However, this vanity would come with a price. The first few days that the vanity was theirs all seemed peaceful. This was until mutliple mysterious accounts started joining the server claiming that something horrible would happen if they didn't give up the vanity. The admins brushed it off at the time which would be a terrible mistake. On July 5th, 2022, it would be revealed to the admins of the server that the vanity was previously owned by someone named Bleepo.

One of Bleepo's friends sharing Bleepo's messages to TPG admins.

Bleepo is a Minecraft hacked client developer with deep ties in multiple communities such as the 2b2t community. He apparently has ties with some of the most prestigious members of said community such as SalC1 and The Duper Trooper. Bleepo was very distraught over his vanity being stolen and sent over 3,000 bots to raid the server. He would go on to threaten to swat the admin team which didn't happen. TPG admins would mess with them for a while until eventually cutting all ties and finding bots to to ban all the botted members.

On the first day of the servers opening, - J a y - was instructed to invite all of his friends to add some members to the server. Most of these wouldn't be very active at all. This was excluding Breadloaf, the most active member in TPG history. This was problematic as most people didn't like Breadloaf at all. He couldn't be banned because of just how active he was so he was decided to be kept as a necessary evil. A lot of internal drama would occur when Breadloaf was promoted to mod. Many believed it was a horrible idea and what eventually led to the fall of the server.

Around the month of August, the server would go into an extended period of inactivity. Even the admins wouldn't use the server almost at all. A bot raid similar to the one conducted by Bleepo would occur but almost no one would care. The server seemed to be on its last leg and was finally ended on August 28th. The server was turned into an Obama type server with only one channel with the word "poop" in it and another chat exclusive to the boosters of the server. Boosters could also promote themselves in another channel.

Bangshakalaka's promise.

Many thought this was the end of the server and all of FTA servers in general. This would be true until the very next day when Bangshakalaka would return to Discord for the first time in over a year. Him and Wry would call for a few hours and eventually turn the server back into The Federal Troll Agency. Many original members of the FTA pretended to be excited such as Soup Time and Isaac Team Diaz but would go back to being active in their own server known as Cadrega City a few days after. When Bang left he promised the members of the server that something great would take place during 1 AM EST, 12/12/22. The server would be extremely active during these couple of days during and after Bang's return. A major drama that would occur was on September 3rd, 2022, when an original member of the FTA, Averi or more commonly reffered to as Tiger Shark, is exposed for doing some horrible things in her past. She is messed with a little until eventually being banned causing a lot of celebration in the server. This momentum wouldn't last long however as just a few days later, the server went back to being very inactive. The server very frequently would go to brink of losing level 3 boosting which forced Bloono to buy up to 11 boosts.

On September 18th, 2022, the server was turned back into The Poop Galaxy as no one cared about the FTA anymore. A few hours after this change, Zokluke would be locked out of the account that owned the server and would go on to commit very rash decisions. He nuked in a joking way by being in chat and pinging everyone with funny messages. He would do this around 100 times. This would start a trend where almost everyday everyone would be pinged many times for no reason. This suprisingly made the server slightly more active but not nearly enough to save it. The server would also lose around 200 members from this. The server would recieve a true final blow on September 26th, 2022 when Breadloaf left the server, symbolizing that the end of the server was imminent.

On September 27th, 2022, a multi month long fued between Wry and Jake101 would finally be amended. Jake101 joined a secret music server and VCed with Wry, Bloono, Zokluke, and Shorp. During this VC, many of the participents got annoyed with Bloono and a secret groupchat was made where she was not allowed. This made Bloono feel very left out leading her to nuke The Poop Galaxy marking the true end to the server. This was about to be the case until Bloono accidentally payed for all those boosts keeping The Poop Galaxy afloat for another month. Zokluke and Bloono decided that the best course of action was to not let the vanity go to waste and moved all of Bloono's boosts to that secret music server and buy a few more to be able to reach level 3. The server was remodedled the next day into Blaba Server.

Blaba Server
Server info
Status Inactive
FoundedSeptember 16th, 2022
DefunctOctober 4th, 2022

Blaba Server (September 27th, 2022 - October 4th, 2022)[edit | edit source]

Only created to make use of the absurd amount of boosts purchased by Bloono, Blaba Server would not last for very long. Usually when a new FTA server is created, members of the previous server are told to

migrate there to continue the legacy that the FTA had left behind. However, the creation of this server was kept a secret.

New members started joining through the vanity. The most important of these was a member named SwagSoup. He joined through a new era of gifs which promised that rapper Babytron was in the server and was looking for features for his new album. SwagSoup joined VC and stated that he wanted to buy the vanity for 50$ but the price was eventually raised up 700,000$. At the end of it everyone involved had a good laugh. This was the only memorable occurance to happen in the server and after this it continued to be semi-active with the admins not caring too much about it.

On October 4th, 2022, Wry recieved an urgent message from Bloono stating that she transferred the vanity to a new server she made called The Diverse Server. Her reasoning was unclear but no one really seemed to care. Blaba Server would keep level 3 for a few days and would have the pee vanity during that time. After that the server would die and some would move to The Diverse Server.

The Diverse Server
Server info
Status Inactive
FoundedOctober 4th, 2022
DefunctDecember 11th, 2022

The Diverse Server (October 4th, 2022 - December 11th, 2022)[edit | edit source]

The Diverse Server was extremely active on its first day. This was mainly due to new members such as Wented and Pooper. However, the server would never

reach this level of activity again since all people really did in the server now was wave at new members. The server was closed down on October 15th, 2022, when Bloono decided to delete every channel and make it so only boosters can talk. Since she was the only booster this completely stopped the server. The server was said to open once again when it reached 1000 members. However, Bloono decided to open the server a little before that on October 22nd, 2022.

New members began to join and the server was active once again. The server was promoted on Bloono’s TikTok and various raptokers began to join. The most important of these being Lunar who was the most active member of The Diverse Server history. The poop vanity was also helping in keep the server afloat which worked at least somewhat well. Despite all this activity, the server promises to close once again in 2025. This would happen a little sooner on December 11th, 2022 when drama caused Bloono to cut ties with Zokluke, Wry, and a few others which really killed the server for good.

Ammends were made later on and the poop vanity was transferred to the new FTA.