The Day of Reckoning

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The Day Of Reckoning was a brief period in the history of Dogelore where unknown reports from unknown individuals led to the server receiving a warning from Discord and its future was uncertain.

The Day Of Reckoning[edit | edit source]

A distinct lack of the 9th general in the archives.

After the Dogelore staff team received a warning from the official discord TOS team that threatened the server's future mass panic amongst the userbase started, many known members of the community also started leaving. The staff team decided that it would be for the best to delete the current general channel [1]and punish extreme toxicity more often.[2] Fortunately enough the discord server was not deleted, and things returned to be relatively peaceful.

The Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The aftermath of the Day of Reckoning brought many resignations and demotions in the staff team, on another note there was also a moderator application which brought a few new faces to the staff team.

September 10th 2020 Cynk is demoted from the server for breaking moderation rules, lots of filter evasions, and rule breaks.
September 11th 2020 Emissary resigns from the staff team.[3]
September 15th 2020 New mods are chosen from the applications, this includes Home Depot Hot Dogs, I Think Crocs Are Cool, Sul and Wavey Davey.[4]

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