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The Trollface Times was an account owned by presumably Mets, many speculate that it's owner was also Penguin.

The Trollface Times was an account owned by presumably Mets, though it is unconfirmed. This account posted news related to the dogelore discord until it's eventual bankrupcy.

TTT's Start[edit | edit source]

The initial start of The Trollface Times begin on the 15th of January 2020, the account had not yet been given an actual channel but already started writing articles, on the same day the account wrote it's first article in the #trollface-gaming channel, this article described Abraham's temporary absence from the dogelore discord, presumably being once again banned by the server's staff,

The TTT was beginning to gain more and more attention from both the users of the server and it's staff, on the 19th of January it finally received it's own special channel, called #The-trollface-times.

The Trollface Times

Sunday 19th of January


After almost a week the server moderators have finally created a very own channel for The Trollface Times, after its petition got approved by the moderation team. From now on The Trollface Times will have it easier to reach its audience, and the entire Trollface Times headquarter is throwing a huge party as we speak. Prepare for what will come next, dear reader. The Trollface Times want to show huge gratitude to the dogelore discord server, and its members who have made this very special opportunity possible, thank you all so much.

A Trollface Times post was made seemingly every day, and the account's popularity was expanding daily.

TTT's Downfall[edit | edit source]

In an act of elite trolling, The Trollface Times pinged @everyone two times after the moderators forgot to turn off a certain permission in the TTT channel, this upset the server's moderation by a lot, it was the beginning of TTT's downfall, in short The Trollface Times wrote their last article on r/Dogelore stating that their stocks have been going down for multiple months, and that their CEO had been convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The account left the server for a month, having a short appearance in April pinging @everyone once again and banning The Dogelore Broadcasting Network[1]

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